EURO 2020/2021 Ranking - All Teams Ranked

The European Football Championship is this summer's major sporting event together with the Copa America and the Summer Games in Tokyo. How does your team compare with the other strong nations in the European Football Championship 2021? Do your favourite team team have any realistic chance of going all the way and winning European Championship gold? If everything goes well and all the pieces fall into place, then even the smaller football nations has a pretty decent chance of going far in the tournament, but getting all the way to the final and winning the tournament is extremely difficult.

The closer we get to the start of the European Championships, the more questions have arisen here on One of these is about the ranking of the teams in the European Championships. Which team is actually best ranked and what does your team ranking look like in relation to the other teams? So why not take a closer look at this!

EURO rankings:

This is what the EURO ranking looks like before the group stage, based on FIFA's world ranking on the 27th of May:

*World ranking in parentheses:

  1. Belgium, (1)
  2. France, (2)
  3. England, (4)
  4. Portugal, (5)
  5. Spain, (6)
  6. Italy, (7)
  7. Denmark, (10)
  8. Germany, (12)
  9. Switzerland, (13)
  10. Croatia, (14)
  11. Netherlands, (16)
  12. Wales, (17)
  13. Sweden, (18)
  14. Poland, (21)
  15. Austria, (23)
  16. Ukraine, (24)
  17. Turkey, (29)
  18. Slovakia, (36)
  19. Hungary, (37)
  20. Russia, (38)
  21. Czech Republic, (40)
  22. Scotland, (44)
  23. Finland, (54)
  24. North Macedonia, (62)
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Belgium top-ranked in the 2021 European Football Championship

The Belgian football team has a number of big stars at its disposal and this has not least been reflected in their achievements in recent years. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup however, Belgium did not reach all the way and in the end they had to settle for a bronze medal after winning the third prize match against England. In the EURO qualification, Belgium had no major problems reaching the playoffs.

Together with Italy, Belgium was in fact the only nation to take full points in the qualifiers. In 10 matches, Belgium collected 30 points and wiped the floor with Russia, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and San Marino. The goal difference landed at an impressive 40-3, which was by far the best in the entire European Championship qualifier. The success has made Belgium climb to first place on FIFA's world rankings, which also makes them the best ranked team in the entire European Football Championship.

But being top-ranked does not automatically mean that you will win the gold medal. Before EURO 2016, Belgium was also top-ranked, but then the European Championship adventure ended in the quarter-finals after a surprising loss against Wales with 3-1.

Finland and North Macedonia - the worst ranked teams in the European Championships

It comes as no surprise that the EURO debutants, Finland and North Macedonia, are the two worst ranked nations in the European Championship. North Macedonia is the worst ranked team in the entire championship at 62nd place on FIFA's world ranking list while the Finns are the second worst at place number 54. North Macedonia has been as best 54th in the world (2006) while Finland's best ranking is a 36th place from 2007. The EURO ranking is also reflected in the odds to the tournament. And these two nations are priced the highest when it comes to winning odds.

EURO ranking - group by group

Which group in the European Football Championship 2021 is the best if you look at FIFA's world ranking? Which teams together have the highest ranking if you combine all the teams in the group? This is what the ranking looks like group by group:

Group A:

Total: 44

In Group A, Italy is the highest ranked team ahead of Switzerland and Wales. Turkey is in last place with a rank at number 17. Even though Turkey is last in the ranking, we give them a good chance of causing an upset as they have stood for a lot of good results lately. However, Wales have looked quite sharp and the question is whether they will be able to advance in the European Championship finals in 2021? In the last European Championship, Wales surprisingly made it all the way to the semi-finals. There will hardly be a similar success this year.

Group B:

Total: 51

World and European number one Belgium is the big favourite in Group B and should finish at first place in the group. The second highest ranked team in group B is Denmark at seventh place in Europe and 10th place in the world. At the bottom we find Russia and Finland, teams that are quite far from a top 10 ranking in the European Championships.

Group C:

Total: 66

Group C is by far the weakest in the European Championships if you look at the ranking. Here we do not find a single team that is ranked in the top 10. The highest ranked are the Netherlands in 11th place, followed by Austria and Poland in 15th and 16th place. In group C we also find the EUROS worst ranked team in North Macedonia.

Group D:

Total: 56

On to group D where we find the number four in the World England and the Worlds number second Croatia. In advance, the group victory seems to be between these two teams, but at the same time we must remember that Croatia has lost a bit in strength since the World Cup. That can open up for both the Czech Republic and Scotland, which are by far the worst ranked teams in the group.

Group E:

Total amount: 50

Spain´s group ends up in third place if you look at the team's overall ranking in the European Championships. Spain is the highest ranked team at a fifth place before Sweden in 13th and Poland in 14th. Behind Spain, it looks like it will be a hard and tough battle for the playoff spots. This can be a real thriller!

Group F:

Total: 33

Last but not least, we have group F, which also goes under the name "The group of death". On paper, this is by far the toughest group with three teams ranked top 10 in Europe. Here are both the reigning World Champions and European Champions: France and Portugal, as well as the great nation Germany who won the World Cup as late as 2014. That little Hungary could stand up against these teams is difficult to see and the risk is quite imminent that the group's worst ranked team ends last in group F.

How are the ranking points calculated?

FIFA's world ranking is based on the countries' achievements in various contexts. All countries that are included in the ranking are included in the FIFA organization. The countries' points are based on the results of the last four years. To make the ranking as current as possible, the latest results weigh heavier than the older ones that are from 3-4 years ago. In addition, matches in championships weigh heavier than for example friendly internationals. The points system for FIFA's world rankings has changed a couple of times since it was introduced in 1992. Previously, the ranking system was criticized for allowing countries to raise their rankings by playing a number of friendly matches against inferior opponents, something that cannot be done to the same extent today. Another change is that they have changed from eight to four years, which makes the current world ranking list more relevant than before.

The points in FIFA's world rankings are calculated using the following formula:

  • Match result = R
  • Match Status = S
  • Opponent's strength = M
  • Regional strength = C
  • Result points = R × S × M × C × 100

In the event of a match result, the team receives: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for loss. Winning after penalties gives the team 2 points, while the losing team after penalties receives 1 point.

In terms of match status, a match can have different meanings. A match in a World Cup final has a higher match status than a regular friendly international match. This is what the point distribution looks like in various match status:

  • International matches: 1.0
  • World Cup qualifiers and European Championship qualifiers: 2.5
  • European Football Championship and Continental Cup: 3.0
  • World Cup: 4.0

The next step in the calculation of ranking points is the opponent's strength. A win against a highly ranked opponent gives more points than a win against a worse opponent. To calculate the opponent's strength:

200 - ranking position / 100, with the exception that the best ranked team gets the factor 2, and teams that are ranked 150 and lower get the lowest factor 0.5. A team that is ranked 8th thus gets a score of 1.92 (200 - 8/100).

The last things to take into account when calculating ranking points is the region's strength. Here, UEFA is at 0.99, which is just below CONMEBOL (South America) which is at 1.00.

Finally, as we were on the date of the match, it is important, the later the matches are played the more points they give in ranking contexts. This is the distribution:

  • In the last 12 months: × 1.0
  • 12-24 months ago: × 0.5
  • 24-36 months ago: × 0.3
  • 36-48 months ago: × 0.2

What did the EURO ranking look like before the EURO finals in 2016?

A total of 24 teams participated in EURO 2016.

Then the EURO ranking looked like this:

  1. Belgium
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
  4. Portugal
  5. Austria
  6. England
  7. Italy
  8. Netherlands
  9. Switzerland
  10. France
  11. Turkey
  12. Ukraine
  13. Hungary
  14. Romania
  15. Slovakia
  16. Northern Ireland
  17. Wales
  18. Croatia
  19. Poland
  20. Russia
  21. Czech Republic
  22. Ireland
  23. Iceland
  24. Sweden

Notable in the European Football Championship 2016, was that Sweden was the worst ranked team of all 24 nations. European Championship gold medal winners Portugal were ranked 4th before the European Championship start, while finalists France were only at 10th place. For the three best ranked nations Belgium, Germany and Spain, Germany performed the best and progressed to the semi-finals where they were beaten by France with 2-0. Spain was kicked out already in the round of 16 against Italy while Belgium was defeated by Wales in the quarterfinals with 3-1.

Does ranking matter when you are betting?

Can you use the EURO ranking when you are about to make a bet? Not really. The ranking is largely based on previous results and therefore you should be careful of making too much out of it. It is rare that the first in the EURO ranking goes on to win the entire championship. So a first place on a ranking list does not automatically provide any benefits when it is time for a match. But of course it happens from time to time that the team that is number one in the ranking prior to a championship wins the tournament.

The last time this happened was in the European Championships in 2012 when top-ranked Spain won before Italy. So the Belgians should not despair before the start of the European Championships. Being at the top still gives a far greater advantage than being at the bottom of a ranking list. For the teams that are among the 10-12 worst in the EURO rankings, there is not much that points to any EURO gold for their sake. But who knows, maybe there will be a major upset in the European Championship 2021, similar to the one when Greece went all the way and won in 2004.

Betting tips and odds on the European Football Championship 2021

Looking for the latest odds and betting tips for EURO 2020/2021? At, we have created a great EURO guide filled with information about the championship. Check out betting tips, odds and a lot of other goodies that can be of help to you if you want to bet on the European Football Championship!

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