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Follow us to South America and land of samba football: Brazil! During Copa America 2021 we att Betting.com will give you updates about all the attending teams. How's the situation with injuries, sickness, and the form of the teams? This and much more will be on the table with our news feed for Copa America. From the 13th of June until the final on the 11th of July you will get the latest from Brazil and Copa America with us!

7th of July

06:14: Argentina through to Copa final after penalties - dream final awaits

The Argentinian goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, became the hero for his nation in the semi-final against Colombia. This, after saving three penalties to bring Argentina to a penalty shootout victory. Messi and co. took the lead early in the match through a goal scored by Lautaro Martinez in the 7th minute. Colombia would however come back with an equalizer in the 61st minute as Kuis Diaz found an "impossible" angle to get the ball in the net. Copa America does not have extra time in case of a draw, and as such the match moved on to a penalty shootout. Argentina draw the longest straw and now a dream final awaits against the hosts, Brazil. The final of Copa America 2021 is played on the 10th of July (11th for Europe), Several bookmakers show the match live, for example Unibet and Bet365.

6th of July

04:02: Brazil secures spot in the Copa America 2021 final

The host nation, Brazil, defeated Peru 1-0 in the semi-final in Rio de Janeiro - and it was the superstar Neymar who was behind the goal. After about half an hour of play he fooled what felt like the whole Peruvian defence and eventually assisted Lucas Paqueta who made no mistake in scoring 1-0. The goal would become the only one in the match, and that means that Brazil have qualified for the Copa America final, their second in a row. In 2019 they beat Peru in the final, 4-0, to bring the ninth Copa title to the samba nation. Next up they will face the winner from meeting between Colombia and Argentina.

23rd of June

05:40: Messi goalless as Argentina wins against Paraguay

Before the tournament started it was no surprise that Lionel Messi was one of the favourites to become top scorer in Copa America 2021, but it's not been all that easy for the Barcelona star thus far. After three played matches, Messi stand at one goal and the question is if the magician from Rosario can reach the top of the standings before it's over? In Argentina's latest match against Paraguay, another player from La Liga stepped up to settle the game. After 10 minutes of play, Angel Di Maria assisted Alejandro Gomez (Sevilla), who easily scored the important goal. 1-0 for Argentina means that they top Group A of Copa America, and in the last match of the group stage they will face Bolivia. The match is played on the 29th of June, and a victory there would lead to a group win for Argentina, as most have expected. In the knockout phase they would in case of a first place finish face the fourth placed team from Group B, which right now looks to be Peru, Ecuador or Venezuela.

18th of June

04:11: Hosts Brazil crushes Peru in re-match of previous final

Brazil had no issue to show who's boss in their second group stage match of Copa America 2021. The match itself was a re-match of the final from Copa America 2019, where Brazil won against Peru clearly by 3-0. This year's edition ended in a similar fashion, but even a bit better - 4-0. Alex Sandro gave the host nation a 1-0 lead already in the 12th minute, and while that would be the half time score, the scoring was not over. Brazil raised up the tempo in the second half which led to goals by Neymar, Ribeiro and Richarlison.

After two played games, Brazil stands at 6 points and 7-0 in goal differential. For the third round, Brazil will get to rest, while Peru moves on and plays Colombia. Colombia will enter the match with revenge on their mind, as they just played a 0-0 draw with Venezuela in a match that should have netted them all the points.

01:56: Venezuela steals a point against Colombia despite Covid-19 chaos

Ahead of Colombia's match against Venezuela they were massive favourites, but despite a long list of players missing in Venezuela due to positive Covid-19 tests, the match ended with shared points. Venezuela were missing eight players in total, which weakened the team significantly. The fact that the match ended with a 0-0 draw was more or less a miracle seen to how the match evolved. Colombia had 23 goal scoring chances compared to just 2 for Venezuela. In pure frustration we also saw Luis Dias draw a red card as he delivered an ugly tackle on Eber Aquino.

The Colombian head coach, Reinaldo Rueda, praised their opponents after the match - "I want to congratulate our rivals for their amazing performance", said Rueda at a press conference after the match. He was more critical towards his own team however - "We have to get better in our finishes", he added.

Colombia won against Ecuador in their opening match, so it's not all doom and gloom despite the misses against Venezuela. The next match for Colombia is against Peru, while Ecuador faces Venezuela. A win for these teams there will more or less secure a playoff berth.

17th of June

09:02: Player criticised tournament, investigated by CONMEBOL

According to a source to Reuters, the South American confederation CONMEBOL, has asked Bolivia's Marcelo Martins Moreno to prepare a defence after having published a post on social media that was criticising Copa America taking place in Brazil. The post has since been removed and what the aftermath has in store remains to be seen.

The 33-year old Martins missed Bolivia's opening match due to a positive Covid-19 test, and he is just one of many players who has openly criticised the decision to go through with the tournament.

08:25: Spanish referee trio historic in Copa America

Ahead of Copa America and EURO 2020 a collaboration between CONMEBOL and UEFA was struck between referees. This has led to an Argentinian referee team traveling to Europe, and a Spanish team to South America. In EURO 2020 it has been confirmed that Andres Rapallini, Juan Pablo Belatti and Diego Yamil Bonfa will take care of Ukraine-North Macedonia, and when Chile plays Bolivia in Copa America the Spanish team will be refereeing. Jesús Gil Manzano and his assistant referees will become historic as the first Europeans to referee a match in Copa America. The matcg between Chile and Bolivia will be played on Friday 18th of June at Arena Pantanal.

01:52: The criticism against Copa America grows after more Covid-19 cases

Already before this year's Copa America got started, most of the talk revolved around Covid-19. The big spread in Argentina led to the country stepping out and no longer host the event. Brazil took over as host despite massive criticism over the decision. Even the biggest supporters in the country thought it was an outrageous decision. And now, a week after the first match was played, more people are stepping in to question if hosting the tournament was a smart decision, as Brazil is one of the nations most affected by Covid-19 in all of South America.

Even if Brazil is a country that loves their football more than maybe life itself, they have turned Copa America their back, and most people agree the tournament should have never been played at all. Over 500,000 people in Brazil have lost their life during the pandemic, second most out of all countries in the world - the outrage is without a doubt justified.

16th of June

10:01: Romero alone as top scorer of Copa America

Uruguay and Peru has not entered Copa America yet, but the remaining eight teams have now played one match each. Paraguay, Colombia and Brazil are the teams who have gathered three points, and if we look at the goalscorers we surprisingly find Angel Romero alone at the top. The Paraguay striker has bagged two goals, but that he would continue that pace and become the top scorer of Copa America 2021 is still unlikely. Argentina's Lionel Messi and Brazil's Neymar are still the main favourites at the bookmakers despite the hot start by Romero. Check out the latest odds right here!

06:12: 31 positive Covid-19 tests in Copa America

According to the global news agency, Reuters, there has been 31 positive Covid-19 tests among the teams in Copa America. On the first game day all players and coaching staff were tested, and the result is not pretty. The worker's at the hotels in Brasilia, where the teams reside, were also tested on Sunday. The result? 10 more positive cases.

The criticism for the tournament taking place in Brazil once again got further fire, as the country is one of the most affected in South America. The question was even handled by the Brazilian supreme court before a decision was made that play would take place. According to them the tournament would not constitute "an unacceptable health risk".

15th of June

05:38: Amazing tribute to Maradona ahead of Argentina's opening match in Copa America 2021

When Argentina entered the pitch to warm up ahead of the opening match against Chile on Monday evening, the speakers in the arena were blasting out "Life is Life". At the same time video clips of Diego Armando Maradona were played on the screens. "His goals and dribbles will forever be a heritage of South American football", says a statement from Conmebol.

The football legend, by many regarded as one of the best to ever play, passed away in November of 2020.

04:13: Chaos when Paraguay beat Bolivia in Group A

In Copa America and Group A, we got the see quite the chaos as Paraguay beat Bolivia 3-1. In the first half six (!) yellow cards were awarded, out of which one was converted into a red. The half took almost an hour to finish and included both a VAR-awarded penalty, and another one which got reversed after VAR. Bolivia scored the penalty awarded to them, but at the end of the half Jaume Cuellar got sent off after this second yellow card. The sending of would prove itself to be punishing as Bolivia lost their 1-0 lead after the first half. Two goals by Romero and one through Kaku settled the score. Paraguay now will go on a break until the 22nd when they will play Argentina, while Bolivia will play Chile next in a crucial match, as the team is already in big danger of ending up last in the group.

01:22: Messi's Argentina only managed a 1-1 draw against Chile

Argentina with their superstar Lionel Messi only managed to secure one point against Chile in their first match of Copa America. The Barcelona genius scored on a free kick to give Argentina the lead, but when it was all said and done it would only be enough for one point. Despite a big advantage in possession, Messi and co could not finish the game with a victory.

"We had six or seven great chances to score, but missed, and Chile got themselves a good result. The chances we produced today should have been enough to win with four or five goals", as the Aston Villa goalkeeper, Martinez, after the match.

For Argentina they have to regroup and go for three points against Uruguay on the 19th, while Chile will play Bolivia on the 18th. Fair to say Chile will be happy with one point taken away from their meeting with the group favourite.

14th of June

09:01: Messi hopes to finally win a title with Argentina

The best football player in the world, Lionel Messi, has won everything you can dream of with his Barcelona. The story for his national team has however been a different one, and the superstar still lacks a major title. Ahead of their debut in Copa America 2021, Messi hopes to go all way with his Argentina, who has not won the championship since 1993. Four finals have been reached since, but the taste of gold is lacking. "I am always available for my national team. My biggest dream is to win a title in this short", Messi said on a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, the day before their opening match against Chile. "I have been close several times without succeeding, but I will keep on trying. I will always fight for this dream". Argentina's match against Chile is played tonight at 22.00 GMT. Check out our match analysis here!.

06:12: Unlimited subtitutes in Copa America 2021

Due to the massive Covid-19 spread in South America the rules for substitutions have been changed. In CONMEBOL announced that Copa America will have unlimited changes available for all teams and matches. Instead of the six changed allowed in EURO 2020 for example, CONMEBOL has taken it a step further with no limitations. However, for the question if the tournament would be cancelled altogether, that was never an option: "CONMEBOL is aware of the situation the continent has gone through during the pandemic, but we are also aware how important football is in South America", they write in an announcement.

03:23: Colombia won 1-0 after VAR-decision

After a dominant 3-0 victory by Brazil against Venezuela, the fans got to witness a much closer match between Colombia and Ecuador in Copa America. Eventually it was Colombia who managed to bag the three points. The only goal of the game was eventually given after a decision made through VAR. In the 41st minute Edwin Cardona got away and scored 1-0, but the referee was fast with ruling it offside, which would be confirmed incorrect with the help of video analysis. Ecuador fought hard to find an equalizer at the end of the game, but to no avail. For Colombia their next match awaits in three days against Venezuela, while Ecuador will get some rest, and play their next game on the 20th - interestingly enough also they against Venezuela.

01:02: Brazil crushes a wounded Venezuela in the opening match

A star studded Brazil had no issues to get passed Venezuela, who's struggling with a Covid-19 outbreak in their squad. 1-0 came in the 23rd minute through the PSG star Marquinhos. While the second goal took some time, Brazil had a massive grip of the match, and finally in the 60th minute the home team extended the lead through Neymar on a penalty. 3-0 fell at the end of the game through Gabrial Barbosa. The victory was never in question and if Brazil was more accurate it could have been much bigger too. 18-3 in scoring chances tells an accurate story of how dominant Brazil was against a much weakened Venezuela.

For the home nation, and tournament favourite, Brazil, the next match is against Peru on the 18th of June, while Venezuela are hoping to see players returning for their match against Colombia on the 17th.

13th of June

12:42: Alexis Sanchez will miss the group stage due to an injury

The Inter star, Alexis Sanchez, will not be available for play in the group stage of Copa America 2021. The 32-year old has been one of Chile's key players during the last decade and he is the top scorer for the nation. During Saturday he got injured, and by the outlook it seems Chile will have to deal without their star for all four group stage matches. A big negative for Chile who starts their Copa America journey on Monday against Argentina. Read our match preview right here!

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