Collecting Betfair starting price automatically for you, more bookmakers added to odds comparison and more - 05.02.19

Tuesday 5th of February just a day before one of the most important events in the iGaming industry starts in London we are releasing another updated version of

We will be visiting the ICE conference so if there is anyone who wants to meet with us please contact us at [email protected] . odds comparison updates!

As you may already now odds comparison is a feature which is designed to provide the punter with the most up to date odds. It allows punters to always place their bets with the highest odds so they can maximise their betting profits.

Following the recent update with which we automatically add to bet tracker all bets placed via the odds comparison we are happy to announce that we added three more bookmakers.

You can now compare odds from Betfair sports book, William Hill and Paddy Power with which the total amount of supported bookmakers by odds comparison increases to 8.

View from the updated Bettingemtrics odds comparison

Furthermore we have introduced an improved version of matching algorithm. algorithm is 100% proprietary developed and it is the bread and butter of odds comparison. With the new improved version of our algorithm we are now able to show and compare odds for a lot more events. In particular it did have significant impact on the amount of tennis events we can compare odds for as well as football from lower leagues.

In the foreseeable future we will be focusing on adding more bookmakers, sports, market and full integration with bookmakers which effectively will enable you to place bets straight from odds comparison. You can do that with Betfair exchange as of now.

Introducing junior subscription plan

We realise different punters have different needs. This is why we have created an additional subscription plan (Junior)that costs only £4.90 per month and will provide you with full access to

The only difference from Pro subscription plan is that you can only track up to 80 bets a month.

The junior plan is perfectly suitable for people who are just starting with their sports betting activities. They are having small betting portfolios with a few tipsters included but are willing to learn and treat their sports betting as an investment.

Updated Pro membership prices

Buying junior subscription plan will only cost £0.16p a day and will certainly help you manage your betting activities like a professional and will increase your chances of making money from sports betting. analytics analytics is one of our key features that we want to make as functional as possible.

We have recently added the ability to analyse your strategies and tipster by drawdown. What is drawdown – Drawdown is the difference between the highest and lowest point reached within a given time framework. For example a tipster who is 50 points in profit goes on a negative run and decreases its profits down to 30 points. The draw down would be a 20 points drawdown. It is crucially important metric that you have to analyse when optimising your sports betting portfolio.

We now added the ability to analyse the drawdown per sport. That can be extremely helpful metric to follow when testing new strategies and defining your betting bank for them.

Following users requests we added the ability to set different time ranges when using the statistics table in analytics. It will help you to analyse specific time ranges of your performance and get better overview of your betting portfolio results. bet tracker – automatically tracking Betfair starting price

We have some very exciting news to share. We have been requested on numerous occasions to create a feature that will automatically track the Betfair starting price (BSP). Well we did.

For all bets tracked by bet tracker we will automatically track the BSP for you. In addition even if you track events that are already finished we will collect the starting price for you.

What you only have to do is to make sure that you are consistently beating the starting price and you are placing value bets.

In order to identify whether you are beating the starting price use analytics that will graphically show how often you maned to place your bets with better odds compared to the starting price!

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