Charge for your betting tips, free monthly tipster competition, demo account added - 21.01.2019

It has been a while since we last wrote about product updates. It is not because we have been working but rather we have been super busy to add new functionalities.

Charge for your betting tips

Following our recent release of market place where punters can connect with tipsters and exchange information we added the functionality to charge for your tips. We have been contacted by tipster who love and they requested on numerous occasions to develop a feature that will enable them to sell their tips. Well we have good news for everyone who can prove that he is skill full enough to help punters to increase their chances to make money from sport betting - you can now charge for your services. will charge you the lowest market rate available online.

However, in order to charge for your service you have to first add 20 free tips in As a tipster you are required to do that in order to comply with minimum quality standards. We request all tipsters to comply with them so we can ensure a reliable market place where punters will have the capabilities to make informed decisions who to follow.

As of now you can charge for your tipping service via PayPal only. We will soon be adding more payment methods to enhance the overall experience. We only offer tipster to charge for at least one month as we think this the very minimum time a tipster needs in order to prove whether he is has the skills to adopt value betting strategy. free monthly tipster competition

Here at we are always looking for a way to help punters and tipsters increase their chances of making money from sports betting while improving the overall experience of sports betting as an entertaining activity. This way we have just launched our monthly free tipster competition with a financial reward of £500 in cash.

The major goal is reward people who are somehow not yet sure in their betting skills. By joining the free monthly tipster competition you can win some good cash with 0 risk. Further, you will have the opportunity to gain new followers exchange information, improve your betting skills and when you feel ready you will be able to set up your own tipping service with

You can also use the challenge to test new betting strategy or have some extra fun with the opportunity to win some cash. demo account

We are sure that can save you lots of time and significantly improve your chances of making profits from sports betting. We realise that to see the full potential of you have to generate some data. It depends on your betting behaviour it can take a while to do so. This is why we created a demo account that can be used by literally anyone. demo account is loaded whit test data so you see the full potential of You now have the opportunity to see how powerful analytics are play around with the bet tracker and the bankroll management tools with literally one click.

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