NBA Playoffs 2023 - Betting Tips, Predictions & Analysis

NBA Playoffs betting tips are a key ingredient in every good basketball strategy. Sure, you can quench your thirst by taking punts on the Euroleague or the FIBA Champions League, but everyone knows what the main event is. The whole basketball world stops when April comes, and NBA Playoffs predictions come to life.

NBA Playoffs 2022 – Insights and Review

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this tournament is that it takes a lot of effort to reach it. Teams have to go through a gruelling regular season schedule and boost the squad through trades if they want to have a chance. And that’s not even talking about how the game changes when the playoffs begin.

If you want to take punts on the best of the best, we have the ultimate guide on NBA Playoffs predictions just for you. In it, we’ll break down techniques, strategies, and explain how the format works.

Once you’re done reading, you’ll know how to utilise NBA Playoffs betting tips and enjoy two months of S-tier basketball. Ready to lace ‘em up and take the court with us? Great, let’s go.

How to bet on the NBA Playoffs

Betting with NBA Playoffs predictions is unlike your ordinary niche. For other basketball tournaments, you get to watch a round-robin league or a minor finals clash. As such, these competitions don’t require too much preparation. However, playoffs in the National Basketball Association are a different beast.

To be able to properly assess what’s going on and avoid any costly mistakes, you need to follow the regular season. We’re not saying you have to watch all 2,000+ games, but strong general knowledge is mandatory. Whether it’s injuries, key trades or even late-season signings off the waiver wire, it’s essential to be in the know.

This is because NBA teams don’t invest too much effort into the regular season. Coaches often use “easy” games to experiment with tactics and give bench players extra time. If you watch a few highlights or read a comprehensive report, you’ll know what to expect. Also, a good idea would be to observe regular season stats and mark outlier games.

Why are these outliers important? Well, for using NBA Playoffs betting tips, it’s easier to know what a player is capable of. Knowing that, for instance, AJ Caruso won’t score 20 points every night, can save you from a bad bet. At the end of the day, the key is to have a big enough sample size to make conclusions.

In the Playoffs, rotations get shortened and there is no place for experimenting. Unless you’re former BBL Champion and current Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse, that is. Jokes aside, knowledge from the regular season can increase the effectiveness of your NBA Playoffs predictions.

But before you put that knowledge to good use, we should take a look at another important ingredient. We’re talking about bookmakers for NBA Playoffs betting tips. Not every site can provide the markets, content and offers punters deserve. Let’s see which bookies passed our test!

Best Bookmakers for Betting on the 2022 NBA Playoffs

Sure, good bookmakers for other sports tend to have a decent grasp of NBA Playoffs markets. However, you need a very specific set of features and perks to get the full experience. The first thing we look for is stats libraries. In order to prepare your research material, you need a good way to look at stats. and Basketball-Reference are good resources, but why should you go to another site? The best bookies for NBA Playoffs betting tips have a specific section for NBA stats. Whether it’s FG%, 3P5, or even some more advanced stats, like PER or PIPM, the top sites have them.

Next is, of course, market variety. If the Suns are matched up against the Clippers, you don’t want to spend seven games betting on basic markets. Instead, an ideal bookmaker for NBA Playoffs predictions should offer many different bet types. Whether it’s fouls, blocks, steals, or even random props, shortages aren’t an option.

That’s why the team monitors markets and NBA odds on the best betting sites before releasing a final review. Consistency is important, more so than most punters realise. If a bookie proves they can handle the regular season, they will most likely be able to provide content when the Playoffs come around.

Of course, there are also things like banking methods and customer support. While they may not be connected to NBA Playoffs predictions, they sure shape your experience at the end of the day. That’s why it’s important to pick a bookie that accepts your favourite deposit method.

With all of this out of the way, who would we say are the best bookmakers for NBA Playoffs betting tips? After much research, we believe Ladbrokes and Betfair know a thing or two about the NBA. Both bookies are better known for the footy offers, but they’ve recently started taking NBA Playoffs predictions seriously.

We also can’t forget about William Hill, too. Alongside Paddy Power, they’ve reimagined what British bookies can do with NBA markets. Whether it’s high odds or exciting props on star players, they have what it takes. Don’t forget about BetVictor, too. They’re our dark horse candidate in the race. It’s the bonuses that set them apart.

Regardless of reviews at, you should always prioritise your own preferences. Our suggestions are helpful, but no one knows how you like to use NBA Playoffs betting tips better than you. Check out each of our top bookies and see if they fit your goals. Good luck!

NBA Playoffs 2022 – What you Need to Know

NBA Playoffs betting tips refer to the most exciting period of the season. Teams each play 82 regular-season games. There are 30 teams in the league, which are divided into 2 conferences – Eastern and Western, and 6 divisions, with three in each conference. Depending on where a team is placed, they play each of their 29 opponents two, three or four times over those 82 games.

But when the final sounds at the end of game no. 82, gloves come off, and it’s time for the real show to begin. Regular-season tactics, experiments and records all become irrelevant. It’s all about who can withstand the pressure and win 16 games first. To be able to use NBA Playoffs predictions properly, and feel the excitement, let’s see how the whole thing works.

When do the NBA Playoffs start?

The 2022 NBA Playoffs begin on April 16 and are scheduled to end on May 30. This doesn’t include the Play-In tournament, which the league doesn’t consider part of the Playoffs. Our tipsters will be locked and loaded before the first tip-off, so you can already expect to see some NBA Playoffs betting tips.

And you can be confident that the info you’re getting is checked out a hundred times over. Experts and analysts have followed all teams closely, so they have a pretty good idea of what might happen.

The Play-In Tournament Explained

The introduction of the Play-In Tournament somewhat shook up NBA Playoffs predictions. While the change didn’t affect teams above the 5th or 6th seed, the bottom half of each Conference suddenly got a new incentive. Instead of tanking for a top pick, even 10th seeds have a theoretical chance of making the playoffs.

And in the last two seasons, NBA Playoffs betting tips have gotten more exciting. Because teams have an actual goal, they’ve rested their top players less, in addition to actually putting on a show. Not only is this good for the league’s bottom line, but it also gives us punters something to enjoy.

So, how does the NBA Play-In Tournament work? Well, the formula is simple. We’ve broken it down for you in just a few bullet points:

  1. In the old format, NBA Playoffs predictions only started at the beginning of Round 1. However, the Play-In format changes things a bit. From the 2020 Bubble in Orlando, punters can now start placing bets before the playoff picture is finalised.
  2. Before, the 8th seed was to face the 1st seed in the conference automatically. The only criteria were teams’ records and head-to-head results if the records were the same. Now, the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th seeds all compete in a mini-tournament.
  3. Once all 82 games have been played, the 7th seed hosts the 8th seed. This is called a Seven-Eight game. The winner of the game is automatically the 7th seed and they don’t have to play any more games.
  4. The losers of the Seven-Eight game get to face the winner of the matchup between the 9th and 10th seeds. This is considered the final match, and the winner gets the 8th seed.
  5. As always, there are several tie-breakers to determine which team is which seed. Sometimes, a slight H2H difference can change the whole playoff picture. That’s why it’s essential to prepare for NBA Playoffs predictions during the regular season. Consider it an easy way to be in the know about tactics and potential red flags.

If you haven’t used NBA Playoffs betting tips for this part of the season, don’t worry. You can start learning the ropes right now and analyse all the parameters. Make sure you watch out for proven playoff performers, injuries, and any kind of news that might alter an otherwise surefire matchup. That’s how you catch the bookies sleeping.

2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Recap

NBA Playoffs betting tips were at an all-time high this year, and it’s all because of another exciting Play-In Tournament. Instead of teams tanking for the last quarter of the season, we had a couple of matchups for the ages. A good mix of young up-and-coming teams and stumbling juggernauts brought us the following games:


  • Brooklyn Nets (7th seed) v Cleveland Cavaliers (8)
  • Atlanta Hawks (9) v Charlotte Hornets (10)


  • Minnesota Timberwolves (7) v Los Angeles Clippers (8)
  • New Orleans Pelicans (9) v San Antonio Spurs (10)

In the Eastern Conference, we had a great duel from the get-go. Due to Kyrie Irving being absent most of the season, and Kevin Durant suffering injuries, the Nets were flirting with the lottery most of the season. Thankfully, the mercurial talent of Irving shone just bright enough to give the team a chance in the Play-In.

As the Brooklyn Nets faced the young Cleveland Cavaliers, there was a glimmer of hope that the young Cavs will be able to clinch their first playoff berth post-LeBron. Unfortunately, Kyrie’s 34 points on 12/15 shooting was too much for anyone to handle, as the Nets prevailed 114-108.

The Charlotte Hornets had a tough opponent in the Atlanta Hawks. All things considered, it was a Jekyll-and-Hyde type of season for the Hornets. Miles Bridges was outstanding, as was LaMelo Ball. However, the team’s putrid defense far outweighed their offensive firepower. This was on full display in the Play-In, as a balanced Hawks attack routed the Hornets 132-103. Trae Young shone with 24 poins, with Danilo Gallinari and De’Andre Hunter chipping in with 18 and 16, respectively.

When it was time for Hawks vs Cavaliers, NBA Playoffs predictions had both teams as potential winners. However, Trae Young’s 38 and 9 bested young Darius Garland and his 27 points and 9 assists. The Hawks peeked out a 107-101 win to clinch the 8th seed and book a meeting with the Miami Heat.

Out in the Western Conference, it was going to be a dogfight as well. The Clippers may be title favourites on paper, but injuries to both Kawhi and PG lead to a disappointing season. A trade with the Blazers saw Robert Covington and Norman Powell joining the fold, but Powell also got injured. This lead to an exciting duel with a team that hasn’t seen the playoffs a lot in recent years.

To clinch just their second playoff appearance in 15 years, the Minnesota Timberwolves upset the Los Angeles Clippers. Karl-Anthony Towns may have been invisible, but D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards carried the team to a 109-104 win over their rivals. Emotional leader Patrick Beverly also played a big role.

Did you know that the New Orleans Pelicans started the season just 1-12? And look where they are now. They were set to face off the struggling San Antonio Spurs, but Pop’s gang of misfits had a couple of tricks up their sleeves at the end of the season. Nevertheless, CJ McCollum played with his food, en route to a 32-point performance in a 113-103. DeJounte Murray’s defence was far from shambolic – CJ was simply in the zone.

This matchup between the Pelicans and the Clippers is precisely what the NBA is all about – amazing stories. Struggling with injuries and a new coach, all without Zion Williamson, the soaring Pelicans wanted to make a statement. Trailing by as much as 20, they clawed their way into an 8th seed with a 105-101 win. This was all accomplished on the wings of Brandon Ingram, CJ McCollum, and the pesky defence of undrafted phenome Jose Alvarado.

Now it’s time for the real fun. Get your NBA Playoffs predictions at and don’t lose out on perhaps the most balanced postseason tournament in a long time. Will be the Celtics, the Heat, the Suns, or someone else winning it all? Take punts with our insight and make the most of it!

How do the NBA Playoffs work?

From a beginner’s standpoint, NBA Playoffs predictions might seem complicated. But don’t worry. The whole playoff system is simple and rather effective in weeding out the bad teams. Here’s how it works:

  • The playoffs are the end-of-season tournament for the National Basketball Association. In October, all teams start from zero and try to get as many wins as possible. The more wins a team has, the higher their playoff seed will be. This allows them to face a weaker opponent, which is a right they’ve earned by playing great.
  • There are 82 games in the regular season. In 2016, the Golden State Warriors broke the 1996 Chicago Bulls’ record of 72-10 with a spectacular 73-9 win-loss ratio. However, they epicly collapsed in the Finals, which shows that the Playoffs are a different beast.
  • After the Play-In Tournament is concluded, 8 teams from each conference enter the Playoffs. NBA Playoffs predictions at are posted even before Round 1, so be prepared.
  • Depending on their regular-season record, teams are assigned seeds 1 through 8. The matchup format is always the following: 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6 and 4 v 5. That way, teams earn an opponent according to their previous output. There have been only a few 1 v 8 upsets, whereas 4 v 5 matchups can go either way.
  • All series are played in a best-of-7 format, in which the first team to 4 wins advances. For most of NBA history, the First Round was a best-of-5 series. This current format gives punters more than enough opportunities to capitalise on NBA Playoffs betting tips. Always consider the circumstances before you place a bet. A team that’s cornered or facing a sweep can bounce back very quickly, especially in front of their home crowd.
  • The winner of the 1 v 8 series plays the winner of the 4 v 5 series in the first Conference Semifinals. 2 v 7 and 3 v 6 winners face in the second Conference Semifinals.
  • Afterwards, the winners of both matchups in both Conferences square off in the Conference Finals. After that, winners from both Conferences meet in the NBA Finals.

Remember that experience means a lot. When choosing NBA Playoffs predictions, always keep an eye on seasoned veterans. Take Joe Johnson as an example. Even though he was well beyond his prime in the 2010s, he was still in the league because of his clutch gene and scoring ability. Simply put, the man has been tested in the Playoffs time and time again. Guys like him know how to win, and this can sometimes trump other factors.

How many teams make the NBA Playoffs?

Compared to other American sports leagues and basketball competitions, it’s easy to get a spot in the post-season. NBA Playoffs betting tips are therefore abundant. There are 15 teams in each conference, and 16 in total reach the playoffs. That means every team has a 53% chance to make it at the beginning of the regular season.

This might seem like teams can just waltz in and win as underdogs, but it doesn’t happen. Team chemistry, depth, rotations and coaching all play a significant role in determining success. Sometimes, you get seeds 3-7 all bunched up. In such cases, “fraudulent” teams get easily exposed. Our tipsters post NBA Playoffs predictions about this quite frequently.

How many games are in the NBA Playoffs?

Like we’ve already said, each Playoff series is played in a best-of-7 format. The quicker you reach those 4 wins, the more rest you get for the next round. In lopsided series, such as 1 v 8 and 2 v 7, teams will try to keep their foot on the gas and go for a sweep.

This is especially important if they have older or injury-prone players who need rest. Always take a look at players’ injury histories to gauge how they’ll handle a gruelling postseason run.

JJ Reddick, albeit a stellar shooter, had many nagging injuries in his last few years. This decreased his effectiveness and caused him to miss several Playoff games. Watch out for cases like this. The regular season may not be telling if a player is to face an injury. Since all games don’t matter equally, coaches can rest players and tinker with their lineups a bit. But in the Playoffs, you can either play 30+ or you’re out of the picture.

That’s why the most important advice for using NBA Playoffs betting tips is to calculate rest days. Let’s say the Celtics have beaten the Bulls in 4 games, and they are to face the Nets, who needed 7 games to fend off the Hawks. Even if the Nets are objectively a deeper and overall better team, a week of rest will certainly give the Celts a slight advantage.

But this is just one part of building a strategy for NBA Playoffs predictions. To fully embrace a newly-minted analytical approach, you need to cover all bases. Our team thought of this, and the most experienced NBA punters at all chimed in with their own advice. Naturally, this doesn’t mean you can sit back and just copy betting slips. Maintain your work ethic, and results should be imminent.

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategy and Examples

Everyone has their own goals when it comes to NBA Playoffs betting tips. Despite this, there are a few principles and general bits of wisdom that can help anyone. Compiling this short cheat sheet didn’t take us that long, but we had difficulty determining which pieces of advice are the most important.

In the end, we wanted to provide universal advice on NBA Playoffs predictions. Whether you’re a rookie or a vet, it doesn’t matter. Our tipsters will supply you with the goodies, and all you have to do is work hard and be persistent with your efforts.

Take these into consideration:

  1. Watch out for contract seasons and flukes. In 2020-21, Julius Randle won the Most Improved Player award with a 24/10/6 statline across 71 games. Suddenly, people were praising his incoming extension as the Knicks finally made some progress. Lo and behold, Randle shrunk in 2022. His stats are down across the board, and it’s looking like a disaster for the next four years. For all parties involved, that is. Be wary of sudden improvements like this.
  2. Defence wins championships. Great offence may win games when it matters, but what’s there to fall on when the shots aren’t falling? That’s why defence is critical for NBA Playoffs betting tips. If a team can adequately utilise their length and athleticism, they can shut down and demoralise the opponent.
  3. Third-stringers do matter. In most cases, NBA teams fill out the end of their bench with washed-up veterans or meme players. This is all fine and dandy if they only see the floor during garbage time. However, if a key starter or rotation player is injured, they’ll have to step up in the Playoffs. And that’s how legends are made. Players with no business being there get to be the hero. If there are some prospects buried on a team’s bench, watch out for them.
  4. Coaching overcomes obstacles. The difference between good coaches and genuinely great ones lies in the talent of adaptation. You’ve seen Erik Spoelstra or Brad Stevens outsmart their adversaries with random switching and 2-3 zone sets. Sudden changes like this can confuse everyone and lead to a decisive series win. Even if the team is down, a good coach can dig them out of the whole. The exception are superteams, of course, but we don’t see Frank Vogel or Steve Nash even sniffing the Finals this year.


NBA Playoffs betting tips are a wonderful way to enjoy basketball and develop a strategy at the same time. At, you’ll gain access to dozens of experienced punters. Instead of hoarding their winnings, they gladly share their insights with our community. It’s us against the bookies, and sharing info like this is the best weapon available.

The 2022 NBA Playoffs are shaping up to be the most exciting in a decade, except maybe the 2016 ones. If you want to join us in seeing how it all goes through, awaits you. Create an account and start soaking up the info. Have fun!

Schedule & Results

1/8 Finals Results:

  • Miami Heat – Atlanta Hawks – 4:1
  • Philadelphia 76 – Toronto Raptors – 3:2
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Chicago Bulls – 3:1
  • Boston Celtics – Brooklyn Nets – 4:0
  • Phoenix Suns – New Orleans Pelicans – 3:2
  • Dallas Mavericks – Utah Jazz – 3:2
  • Golden State Warriors – Denver Nuggets – 3-1
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Minnesota Timberwolves – 3-2

1/4 Finals Results:

  • Miami Heat – Philadelphia 76 – 1:0
  • Boston Celtics – Milwaukee Bucks – 0:1
  • Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks – 1:0
  • Memphis Grizzlies – Golden State Warriors – 0:1
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