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Mississippi is a region that’s heralded for its accommodating approach to entertainment and human expression, which is confirmed by its nickname of the Hospitality State, while it’s also the birthplace of blues music and celebrated for its significance to American literature.

There’s a lot to love about a state that has often championed a liberal approach to key social matters, which has even seen it become the state with the highest percentage of African American residents. Right now, the area of sports betting is one of the hot topics across the United States.

Here’s all you need to know about sports betting in Mississippi at online and offline casinos across the region.

Is Sports Betting Legal In Mississippi?

Sports betting on American soil was outlawed for a long, long time. However, the tides have turned in recent times with several states starting to accept betting in certain venues and under specific rulings. Mississippi is one that fought long and hard for laws to be overturned.

It shouldn’t come as a major surprise given the state’s influence on the gambling industry – after all, the versions of poker that we know and love today were first devised and played along the regions surrounding the Mississippi River. So, it’s hardly surprising that the Hospitality State was among the pioneers in the legalization of sports betting, which was achieved in 2018 after the 26-year federal ban under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992 ended.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision in 2017, several states have been able to open their doors to sports betting in 2018. Mississippi officially launched its legalized sports betting on August 1, 2018, having provisionally passed the legislation on the condition that the PASPA would indeed be overturned. This follows the 2017 introduction of betting on fantasy sports leagues.

In short, then, sports betting is legal in the state of Mississippi. Like many of the territories that have legalized the activity, though, there are a number of additional factors that punters need to know.

How Does Sports Betting Work In Mississippi?

Sports betting in Mississippi isn’t open to everyone, and it is only available in certain locations. The situation is regulated by the Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC), who stipulate that wagers can only be placed by citizens aged 21 years or older – this ruling extends to visitors, even when they are from countries where the legal age is lower. Players will also be asked to verify their details through I.D cards or passports.

Wagering on sports events can only take place inside legal casinos by license holders that have applied for sports betting credentials. The brick and mortar casinos can be based on land or at sea. The MGC officially confirmed its regulation in June 2018, ahead of the August 1 launch, in a 22-page document that explained every aspect of the gaming operations. This included legal rulings on payouts as well as the tax obligations. Casinos are bound by a 12% tax on all sports betting revenue.

As far as players are concerned, though, placing a bet on a sporting event means heading to the nearest permitted casino and sitting down to look at the events and potential markets. Each casino has its own philosophies on which sports, events, and lines are covered. Likewise, some focus solely on pre-event wagering while others allow for in-play betting on certain events. Punters will find that the variance of betting opportunities, along with the level of comfort offered by the surroundings will influence their preference greatly.

In essence, though, the sports betting process is a fairly straightforward one. Punters aged 21 and above simply need to enter their casino, find a line at the odds they like, and place their stake. Betting slips are provided as a record of the wager and winning bets can be cashed in once the event has ended or the market has been settled. Stake limits are down to the discretion of the individual casino, meaning wagers can be rejected. Once placed, though, the casino has entered a legal contract in which they must pay any winnings.

Which Casinos In Mississippi Allow Sports Betting?

Not all casinos in the Magnolia State are allowed to accept bets on single events. However, the fact that 27 are permitted to offer these services to punters makes Mississippi one of the biggest gambling states outside of Nevada – and that includes the three states (Delaware, Montana, Oregon) that were exempt from the old federal laws.

Knowing that you can bet on sports events in Mississippi is one thing, but the next question is ‘where can I bet on sports in Mississippi?’. As of the start of 2019, the following establishments all allow sports betting;

  • Ameristar Casino Hotel

  • Beau Rivage

  • Boomtown Casino Biloxi

  • Fitzgerald’s Tunica

  • Gold Strike Tunica
  • Golden Nugget Biloxi

  • Hard Rock Casino Biloxi

  • Harlow’s Casino Resort

  • Harrah’s Gulf Coast

  • Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast
  • Hollywood Casino Tunica
  • IP Casino Biloxi
  • Island View Casino
  • Isle of Capri
  • Lady Luck Casino
  • Magnolia Bluffs Casino
  • Palace Casino
  • Resorts Casino Tunica
  • Riverwalk Casino Hotel

  • Sam’s Town Tunica

  • Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
  • Silver Slipper Casino
  • Treasure Bay Casino
  • Trop Casino Greenville
  • Tunica Roadhouse Casino

  • WaterView Casino and Hotel

  • 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica

Punters will still need to satisfy the gambling laws as laid out by the state’s gambling commission. However, those that do, have many options when seeking a venue to place their wagers. In truth, the list of establishments is likely to keep growing over the coming months and years, especially as any gaming license holder can apply to add sports betting to its repertoire.

What About Online Sports Betting In Mississippi ?

While offline sports betting in Mississippi has enjoyed a major shift in recent times, the situation surrounding online betting and mobile wagering still has a long way to go. There are no laws that explicitly ban online betting in the state. However, no legislation regarding the permission to use online sportsbooks has been passed either.

The one exception to this comes from placing bets while on site at the casino. While the opportunities to do this will put punters in a stronger position as they look to get the best odds, it does make the concept of online betting almost obsolete. When compared to the situation in parts of Europe, the online sports betting possibilities are one area in which Mississippi is lacking.

On a brighter note, most industry experts expect this situation to change in the not-too-distant future. In truth, achieving progress in this environment has to be the priority for the next chapter of Mississippi’s gambling story. Meanwhile, it is hoped that a national passing on online betting will soon come into play too.

Which Sporting Events Can People Bet On In Mississippi ?

Since August, 2018, punters in any of Mississippi’s casinos are allowed to bet on virtually any sporting event that’s taking place in America in addition to many that are happening around the world. Some of the events include;

  • NBA

  • NFL

  • NHL

  • MLS

  • Tennis Grand Slams

  • Horse racing

  • College fixtures

  • Global sporting events

As mentioned, casinos aren’t obligated to offer markets on every event and can set wagering limits too. So, it is down to the individual player to conduct the necessary research to ensure that their chosen casino is up to the task.

Which Payment Types Can Be Used To Place Sports Bets In Mississippi ?

Once again, this comes down to the discretion of individual casinos. However, the MGC has no exemptions on which payment types are allowed. Cash payments and debit card payments are the most common across the state. Then again, credit cards, cheques, and modern facilities like Apple Pay can be utilized too. It is worth noting that some vendors will charge a small fee for using certain payment types, which instantly reduces the likelihood of winning. As far as sport betting tips are concerned, choosing a payment type that gets you the best value is rule #1.

All payments will be taxed, but that is something for the gambling operators to handle rather than the punters themselves. If punters have an account with the casino, the funds for sports betting can also be used for lotteries, poker, and casino games.

Which U.S Territories Permit Sports Betting ?

Mississippi is one the most prominent sports betting states outside of Nevada, but it isn’t the only region that now accepts wagers on sporting events as a part of their offering to punters. The following states all offer sports betting as of the start of 2019;

  • Delaware

  • Nevada

  • New Jersey

  • New Mexico

  • Pennsylvania

  • Rhode Island

  • West Virginia

Gambling commissions across a number of other states are in the process of finalizing their regulations while handling applications from prospective operators. Those states are still in this situation because they failed to pre-empt the changes regarding PASPA.


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