Miami Grand Prix 2023 - Overview & Betting Tips


Miami Grand Prix odds have been all over the place ever since the race was confirmed. While F1 fans may be somewhat tired of city circuits, the International Autodrome seems fit to hold an exciting race.

F1 Miami Grand Prix 2022 Race Preview

As we’re witnessing Ferrari’s rise from the ashes, it begs the question – can they dominate on a new circuit, too?

Well, there are a lot of factors that impact that, and is determined to explore them all. To help you prepare successful bets for the race, we made this guide for you. It contains details about the track, the favourites, and instructions on using Miami Grand Prix betting tips.

Ready for the land of beaches, amazing culture, and Tony Montana? Great, let’s begin!

Best Bookmakers to Bet on 2022 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

The best bookmakers for Miami Grand Prix betting tips have to be Betfred and William Hill. Almost no one can match their prowess in market depth and odds quality. But if we had to choose a couple of contenders. Ladbrokes and Coral are also great choices. Even Bet-UK is making some impressive strides. Take your pick and start playing!

Past Winners & Fastest Laps

Obviously, there aren’t any past winners for this race, since it’s the first time it’s been organised. There were indications that we’ll see it in 2020 or 2021, but the F1 brass opted for a street race in Jeddah instead. However, it was finally confirmed that Florida would join the calendar in 2022. They’ve already signed a 10-year contract, so expect to enjoy Miami Grand Prix odds for a decade more.

So far, the only driver who had a personal taste of the new circuit is Sergio Perez. He took on the newest race on the calendar in an older car. Even before the first Miami Grand Prix betting tips were out, iRacing footage showcased the circuit’s smoothness.

Usually, we look for data from other racing series, but the Miami International Autodrome will be fresh for the GP. Because of this, we can only track Miami Grand Prix odds and use existing performance data. But that’s more than enough to predict the top of the grid, and here’s why…

Who are the Favourites?

Three DRS zones are not something you see on every track nowadays. That’s why most Miami Grand Prix betting tips have the two Max Verstappen and Checo Perez as favourites. But on the other hand, each of them is also among the top picks for a DNF. The same goes for Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly.

We know Honda made performance improvements, but it seems the power unit has issues with the new E10 fuel. It has a greater ethanol-to-gasoline ratio than last season’s fuel. Hence, it evaporates at a different temperature, altering how the engine works. So far, no team official has indicated they’ve found a solution.

For this reason, Miami Grand Prix odds favour Charles Leclerc. And it’s a no brainer since there’s nobody more consistent in the paddock. Mattia Binotto fulfilled his promise of creating a rocket. Charles just has to take it over the finish line. We’d also say Carlos Sainz has a chance, but only if Leclerc messes up the qualy or has a DNF.

George Russell may have an outside shot, according to our Miami Grand Prix betting tips. Sure, both he and Hamilton have been subpar, but it’s not their fault. Mercedes have always been a bit weak in the strategy department, plus the car is disappointing, too.

However, we wouldn’t put it past Hamilton or Russell to win the whole thing. Mercedes is just too serious of a team to let an entire season slide and not introduce upgrades. They’re still in third place in the Constructors’ Championship, so calling them a dark horse is not outlandish.

In conclusion, our experts believe that Red Bull has an advantage due to the three DRS zones.’s Miami Grand Prix betting tips also have them as DNS favourites. The glass cannon approach may not work, but it will be spectacular if it does.

Miami Grand Prix Betting Tips and Predictions

  • It’s been an unusual season, to say the least. Haas was taking a big gamble by tanking 2020 and 2021, which seems to have paid off. Another stellar move they made was dumping Mazepin and the Uralkali sponsorship. They opened the door for Kevin Magnussen, whose arrival significantly shook up midfield Miami Grand Prix odds.
  • And it also seems that the new season brought parity back to the fold. Aside from Aston Martin’s woeful performances, no team looks genuinely hopeless. Even Williams scored a point already, thanks to a Herculean effort by Alex Albon in Australia.
  • Whether or not things will stay the same remains to be seen. Our tipsters have already released Miami Grand Prix betting tips, so check out what they have to say about the upcoming GP.

Best Markets for Betting on the F1 Miami Grand Prix

Contrary to popular belief, Miami Grand Prix odds aren’t just aimed at the winners. The best F1 betting sites provide an array of different bet types. Everyone has their favourite, but advises you to mix it up. You never know what can go wrong, so why not have plans B and C?

These are the markets you’ll find Miami Grand Prix tips for:

  • Race winner: The ol’ reliable. Sure, you can profit off a cheeky win by Lando or an outsider, but there’s not much wiggle room here. Some bookies offer this in the form of an “each-way bet”. The goal is to pick any three drivers to end up on the podium, regardless of the order.
  • Fastest lap: In F1, the fastest lap of the race nets the driver an additional point, but only if he’s already in the points. Usually, one of the top three takes home the honours. However, someone might ace it in the end due to a fresh pair of slicks. There’s no correct way to predict this one – and that’s why it’s so fun.
  • Points finish: Max Verstappen may not care about anything other than a win, but even a single point can mean a lot to some drivers. That’s why betting on backmarkers to surprise the paddock with a top 10 finish can be endearing. And thanks to the new car regulations, overtaking is easier, and cars can actually keep up in dirty air.
  • Number of cars to finish the race: In the 80s and 90s, you could expect at least half the grid to DNF. Nowadays, cars are much more reliable. Nevertheless, you will still see at least 1-2 DNFs each race. That’s why we love taking punts on this market. Red Bull are the favourite for this category but don’t discount the sheer incompetence of Aston Martin, too.

Betting Strategy For The Miami Grand Prix

What is the best strategy for using Miami Grand Prix betting tips?

Well, the first step is to watch practice sessions and the qualy. Usually, we would recommend watching previous races at the circuit, but we can’t do this now since it’s a brand new one.

Also, be sure to follow the news and rumours. Team officials might spill the beans to reporters every now and then, sending Miami Grand Prix odds into turmoil. Who knows, Red Bull’s Christian Horner might give a hint that the fuel pump issue is solved. That’s why following news should be an integral part of your strategy.

The next step is to mix it up. We provide Miami Grand Prix betting tips for all kinds of markets. You’ll never be restrained to just podium places or race winner bets! is all about removing as many limits as possible, and that’s why we offer the best coverage of the Miami GP.

Our Verdict

The first year with new regulations is always fun, and this time it’s no exception. Charles Leclerc is the obvious favourite, but Red Bull’s car is much faster on the straights. However, it’s also massively unreliable and prone to DNFs. So, it will all be down to who learns the new track the fastest and if Red Bull can muster a race to the end.

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