Australian Grand Prix 2023 - Overview & Betting Tips


Australian Grand Prix betting tips have already been around for some time. Sure, the race at Albert Park isn’t the first on the F1 calendar anymore, but many fans consider it to be the true beginning of the season. And with new regulations already proving to be a smash hit, it’s an excellent opportunity to find some smashing Australian Grand Prix odds.

F1 Australian Grand Prix 2022 Race Preview

To help you be in the best position possible, the team decided to prepare an exclusive preview. Using our tipsters’ analysis and experts’ insight, we broke down Australian Grand Prix betting tips. We’ll take a look at what happened during the first two races, as well as some stats, pointers and things to watch out for. Bookmaker bonuses are included, too!

If you want to find the best Australian Grand Prix odds for 2022 or look at how the pros take punts, join It’s free, and you’re bound to learn something new. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what might take place on the streets of Melbourne this year.

Best Bookmakers to Bet on 2022 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

When you think about it, many places allow you to bet on Max Verstappen to win the Australian Grand Prix. However, not every bookie is the same. Because F1 predictions are so popular nowadays, many fraudulent sites are looking to capitalise on punters’ eagerness.

What makes a good bookmaker, anyways? Well, that’s a good question. Obviously, good Australian Grand Prix odds are mandatory. You can crunch stats and numbers like the pros, but it’s all in vain if you’re leaving profit on the table. Never settle for just about any deal.

On the other hand, using Australian Grand Prix betting tips is much more than just chasing profits. The whole thing is supposed to be fun and educational. No matter how profitable your F1 slips are, you’ll still be miserable if the site doesn’t have other features covered.

We’re talking about things such as betting options, bonus offers, bet builders, and more. So what sites fit this description? Since Australian Grand Prix odds are highly sought-after, there’s a lot to choose from. However, Betfred and William Hill have surprised us with their selections.

If we’re talking about the best betting sites for Australian Grand Prix betting tips, we also have to mention SportNation and Paddy Power. But don’t forget about Ladbrokes either. They’ve upped their game significantly, at least in terms of F1.

You can also try our other recommended betting sites. Check out the Bookmakers section for all the juicy info you’ll never need!

Past Winners & Fastest Laps

Australian Grand Prix betting tips may be a recent thing, but the event itself sure isn’t. The Land Down Under became a permanent fixture in the F1 calendar in 1985. Since then, it has been gifting us with lots of exciting season openers and odds-busters.

Even before ‘85, Australia hosted F1 races, but it could never earn a spot in too many consecutive years. To solve this issue and boost the status of motorsports in the country, many infrastructure improvements were approved by the State Governments

For the most part, Adelaide was the home to the Aussie GP. In 1996, however, it was decided that the race should be held at Albert Park in Melbourne. Even though it’s mostly comprised of actual streets, this track also features some added turns and chicanes. That’s why Australian Grand Prix odds are great to look into. You’re not just betting on an average street circuit. It’s much more exciting than Monaco and Baku, that’s for sure.

Historically, Michael Schumacher has been the most successful driver. Australian Grand Prix betting tips always had him as the favourite, and he won 1st place on four different occasions.

Interestingly, this is the first time we’re racing in Melbourne since 2019. The global pandemic caused a lot of changes in F1’s calendar, so this race had to wait. In the last rendition, Valtteri Bottas climbed the top step on the podium and drove the fastest lap at 1:25.580.

There have also been significant changes to the track, which should affect Australian Grand Prix betting tips. Apparently, turns 9 and 10 were completely redesigned. Now, this area won’t cause cars to slow down, since the dreaded chicane was removed.

This allows for a much smoother transition into turns 11 and 12. In addition, turn 13 is much wider now. Changes in this traditionally slow sector will bring more exciting racing, so you’d best get those Australian Grand Prix betting tips ready before Sunday!

Who are the Favourites?

Most of the Australian Grand Prix odds we’ve seen favour either Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc. It makes sense, as both drivers are talented enough to bring home the World Drivers’ Championship. However, the battle at Albert Park will come down to who has the better car.

Even though some Australian Grand Prix betting tips suggest that Red Bull might have another disastrous weekend, it’s not so simple. While the Honda-powered side went for the glass cannon approach – all power, no reliability, there’s no point in jumping to conclusions this early on. Performance upgrades are banned until 2026, but reliability-related ones are not.

It has also been confirmed that the new E10 fuel does make things a bit different in the engine. If this turns out to be the main culprit behind both Alpha Tauri and Red Bull getting DNFs, Max might catch up in Albert Park.

According to the most popular Australian Grand Prix betting tips, Checo Perez and Carlos Sainz can get at least a podium finish. But keep in mind that Red Bull is better on faster tracks this season. Given the changes in turns 9 through 13, there’s a possibility that Ferrari struggles a bit.

Australian Grand Prix Betting Tips and Predictions

Everything you see at is based on tangible information, not hunches or random predictions. The tipsters that supply you with Australian Grand Prix betting tips have publicly accessible track records, as well as a hit rate right next to their profile pic.

You can also use our Odds Comparison tool, which helps you find the best Australian Grand Prix odds. When you find a tip you like, click on it to see what’s the bookies’ offer. A good move would be to create multiple accounts in advance. That way, you can hop from one to the other until you find the highest payout.

Best Markets for Betting on the F1 Australian Grand Prix

One of the best things about this site is that you can get Australian Grand Prix betting tips on almost every aspect of the race.

Here are the most popular markets to look out for in this upcoming event:

  • Race winner: As simple as possible, right? You just pick who wins the race. There are also each way bets, just like in horse racing. These let you pick who will be on the podium but not in a particular order. Sometimes, they are combined with the race winner market.
  • Fastest lap: Don’t think that Mattia Binotto won’t instruct Carlos Sainz to pit for a set of fresh softs and try and snatch a point off of Max in the later laps. Perez will also be instructed to do the same if Red Bull are not in front.
  • Podium finish: This just means you’re picking the top three. It can be in order or not, but it depends on each particular bookie.
  • Points finish: Australian Grand Prix odds for points finishers only involve ten drivers. The midfield teams, plus Williams, are excellent picks for this particular bet type.
  • Cars to finish the race: A faster Albert Park might be a sign of DNFs to come. After turn 9, who knows what can happen, especially if Leclerc and Verstappen are involved in wheel-to-wheel racing.

Our Verdict

This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting Aussie GPs in a long time. We finally have a real but still fair battle for both the WDC and the WCC.

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are obvious favourites (bet365), with Perez and Sainz both eyeing a podium finish as well.

Changes to the track will undoubtedly bring the best in everyone, that’s for sure.

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