Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury – Fight Overview Odds and Betting Tips

There’s no doubt that boxing has created its fair share of golden moments over the years, as the likes of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier brought the heavyweight division into millions of homes all over the world.

While in doing so, these two great fighters created an incredible legacy for the sweet science and one that lives on today. Especially, as fans of yesteryear still discuss their infamous Thriller In Manilla from 1975.

However, when it comes to boxing’s greatest moment, perhaps it’s yet to be cultivated and maybe the most incredible bout any man or woman will ever lay their eyes on, is just around the corner and if that is to be the case, then Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are set to make history.

Because you can forget The Rumble In The Jungle between Ali and his other heavyweight rival George Foreman, you can dismiss anything that Floyd Mayweather has ever done and you can nullify all the wins in Mike Tyson’s career, because on December 18th the boxing world will change forever.

With these two men already meeting as recently as August, there is a feeling of unfinished business in the air and with their previous fight ending in a split decision victory for Paul, it is fair to say that Woodley will be looking to exact some revenge.

Revenge that looked unlikely just a few days ago, as Tommy Fury was initially lined up as the next opponent for Jake Paul and with the half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson pulling out through illness, it meant that plan b had to be activated.

Which means two men at the peak of their physical powers will square off in Tampa, Florida and with the eyes of social and traditional media upon them, this will surely be the greatest fight that boxing will ever produce and those who view this spectacle, do not know how lucky they are.

Who Is Favourite To Win

With just a few weeks before the war to settle the score, the bookmakers currently have Jake Paul as the favourite to win and if that is to be the case, then the Ohio-based fighter will extend his career record to 5-0.

At the same time, we should not get ahead of ourselves and with Tyron Woodley looking to earn a first career victory in the sport of boxing, he will look to learn from the lessons he was dealt just a few months ago.

Which means when these two combustible elements are placed in the same sporting arena, sparks are set to fly and with money to be made on the outcome of the fight, only the best betting tips will be good enough.

Jake Paul – Fight History And Current Form

When it comes to the legacy that Jake Paul has already cultivated within the world of boxing, it’s fair to say that is a big one and with the YouTuber now turning clicks into hits, he’s made light work of four unfortunate foes.

A quartet of men who have felt the wrath of the 24-year-old and with raw power being stored within the fists of Logan’s younger brother, he’s displayed a level of boxing acumen way beyond his years.

Not only that, but the man in question is a promotional juggernaut and with him being both someone you love to hate and hate to love, the sight of him suffering a knockout is one that many are hoping for.

Then again, the Ohio-born warrior also has his own legion of supporters and with him being responsible for placing more eyes on the sport as a whole, the purists may have to offer a begrudging level of thanks.

Thanks that comes courtesy of making boxing relevant again and although this is not necessarily how things were done in the past, this is certainly how things will be done both now and throughout boxing’s future.

What was nothing more than a joke at the start of his career, is now very real and if Paul can add a fifth career victory to his record, then the naysayers are going to have to stand up and take notice of someone who has already amassed over 20 million YouTube subscribers.

While the fourth of his four current career wins was recorded back in August and after getting the better of fellow American Tyron Woodley by virtue of split decision, it has now set the stage for season’s beatings before Christmas.

In terms of a fight history, Tyron Woodley’s story is a rather short one up until now and with only one professional fight to his name, defeat to Jake Paul is now the first entry in his boxing career ledger.

A defeat that came at the end of eight intense rounds of action and after losing the fight by virtue of a split decision, there is no doubt that the 39-year-old gave a good account of himself against younger opposition.

Then again, one must not forget that Woodley is no slouch when it comes to combat and although he does not have much in the way of a boxing history to fall back, he has plenty of experience when it comes to the world of MMA.

The Missouri-born fighter is arguably better known within the confines of the Octagon and as a former UFC Welterweight champion, there are plenty of transferrable skills that can be carried over to the boxing ring.

While although his recent run of form within the world of MMA has offered little to write home about, one should not forget the four successful defences he made of the UFC Welterweight crown between 2016 and 2018.

Which means although he may not be as sharp as he once was, the offer to go back into the ring with Jake Paul at short notice is too good to turn down and if he can inflict a first career defeat on the social media mogul, then Woodley will undoubtedly create a legion of new fans for himself.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley – Odds By Bookmakers

With the Paul vs Woodley overview out of the way, it is now time to focus on what is important to sports bettors around the world and that is the odds for the fight which will take place on Saturday, December 18th.

At the time of writing the pre-fight odds are as follows:

  • Jake Paul 4/11
  • Tyron Woodley 9/4
  • Draw 16/1

Which sees YouTuber turned Boxer Jake Paul as the favourite and although that may be the case, he will need to remember his opponent has a fighter’s chance of victory and it would only need one big punch from Tyron Woodley to upset the formbook.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley – Venue, Tickets and Live Stream Information

With this undoubtedly being boxing’s biggest ever fight, there was always going to be a question as to which venue would be large enough to host it and although many buildings offered their services, it is the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida which has won this particular raffle.

Which means with a maximum capacity of 20,000, those who have a ticket in their possession are going to be incredibly fortunate and for those who are still aiming to watch this fight in person, there are still a number of tickets left.

Admittedly they may be in the gods, but when you are watching two boxing gods move heaven and earth, why would you not want to fork out $45 for such a privilege. While for those who want a better seat in the house, the secondary market will always be good for a ticket or two.

Then again, not everyone has money to spare once flights and accommodation is factored in and therefore, many fans around the world will have to settle for a stream of the fight and this can be found via BT Sport Box Office for those who are staying up late in the United Kingdom.

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