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Hyväksytty talletus tulee olla minimissään 10€. Maksimissaan voit saada bonuksen tallettamalla 50€. Lyödäksesi vetoa bonuksellasi, pelaa ensin kerran läpi tallettamasi summa. Sinun tulee pelata läpi tallettamasi summa ja bonus 3 kertaa ennen kuin voit kotiuttaa varoja pelitililtäsi. Tarjouskoodi täytyy lisätä 30 päivän sisällä ensitalletuksesi jälkeen ja ennen kuin voit pelata bonuksen ja ennen kuin voit kotiuttaa. Tarjous koskee vain uusia asiakkaita. 18+. T&C Apply. Säännöt ja ehdot voimassa | Pelaa vastuullisesti | | BML Group Ltd. on MGA:n lisensoima: MGA/CRP/108/2004.

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Cross the Finish Line with a Racebets Bonus Code

Racebets is one of the most interesting bookmakers you’ll probably ever encounter. Even amongst niche bookies, they are still unique. Founded in 2005 in Germany, this bookie quickly adopted the bonus code approach. While most brands offered an array of different sports, Racebets stayed true to their horse racing and greyhound racing roots.

Despite offering bets on only two sports, they have an impressive bonus code roster. It’s a set of amazing deals that’s worth having an in-depth look at. In this guide, we’ll attempt to find out what’s the best Racebets bonus code and how it helps your betting. If you’re a fan of racing, you should definitely take the plunge.

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What Would You Say Is the Best Racebets Bonus Code?

When thinking of niche bookmakers, an all-encompassing bonus code roster is not what comes to mind first, right? Various brands have limited themselves by thinking that not offering 20+ sports prevents their bonus code offers from being attractive to punters. While the skepticism is warranted, it’s easy to forget that any bookmaker can succeed by mixing both depth and variety. Racebets proved this was indeed true.

Their racing portfolio is next to none, as they often feature even on less-coveted events. Despite not covering a wide variety of sports, they made up for that by creating a number of bonus code offers. This overwhelming variety can be confusing, so we’ve taken upon ourselves to help you choose the best bonus code. We’ve completed extensive amounts of research and testing and come up with one bonus code to rule them all. Here it is:

Racebets Bonus Code for New Customers


The moment you enter the Racebets website, you’re struck by the relative order and simplicity that exemplifies the page. They’ve applied the same principles to their bonus code, too. This particular offer involves a hefty bonus on your first deposit. If you add more than £10 to your account, you will receive a £5 for betting on horse races. Usually, this type of bonus code results in a £10 free bet. However, Racebets is not your average bookie, so you get £5, but also you will have free access to the game Racebets Millions, which has a maximum prize of £1Milion! Thus, you will get a free bet and a free entry for a very lucrative game, we admit it sounds advantageous!

While we’re usually proponents of the notion that it’s not that important for a bonus code to be lucrative, this is a special promotion. £5 is not an outstanding amount, but in combination with Racebets Millions' free entry, the things get much better. A bonus code should also be a source of entertainment, which means that complicated requirements are a big no-no. Most bookies don’t realize this, but Racebets impressed us with the fact that you have to wager the bonus & the deposit amount just 1 time. We’re used to seeing 7-10x wagering requirements which include the both amounts. This bonus code is easy on the wallet and even easier to use.

Keep in mind that only one bonus code is available per each IP address. If you’ve used any other Racebets bonus code offer, you might not be able to claim it. We also like the lenient time limits. You can wait 30 days before making your first deposit, and after that, you have 45 days to use up the rewards from your bonus code.

Can I Combine the Racebets Bonus Code with Any Other Promotions?

Unfortunately, you can’t. However, there is a possibility of combining it with other tools. bet tracker, for example, can help you get the latest scoops on what might happen. With just a little bit of extra knowledge, you’ll be able to spice the game up.

What Exactly Do I Gain from Playing with a Racebets Bonus Code?

If you’re new to racing, a Racebets bonus code is like a set of training wheels. You most certainly wouldn’t be willing to shell out all your money on a sport you’re not experienced in. Once you start watching races and reading up about the history and the rules, it would be logical to capitalize on that knowledge. Thus, a Racebets bonus code lets you experiment and take punts with house money.

Even if you’re a pro punter who wants to blow off some steam, a great experience awaits you. Aside from the educational role of the bonus code approach, we also need to acknowledge the benefits to your mental health. When you’re risking your own money, sports betting as a whole becomes a prominent source of stress for you. If you bet often, that negativity will wear you down. By using a bonus code, you can focus on the races themselves and not worry about jeopardizing your bankroll management.

When you decide to go and see a race for yourself, using this Racebets offer kind of brings you closer to the action. You will have a reason to cheer and that is, if you ask us, the essence of any sport.

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Figuring Out RaceBets' Welcome Bonus

Keep in mind that from 21.10 Racebets no longer accepts players from Great Britain. Still, the brand is presented in many other markets, so if you are coming from another country in which Racebets operates, you can enjoy its services and bonuses.

Bookmakers have found it increasingly difficult to stay relevant in recent years. This is partly because of the ever-growing competitiveness on the market, as well as attractive incentives such as the welcome bonus. Nowadays, almost every bookie has a proper welcome bonus roster. While it serves as a great form of advertising, it’s also a great way for punters to get acquainted with a brand. Few execute welcome bonus offers better than RaceBets.

This German sports betting website has become a hotspot for all niche sports aficionados. Whether it’s horse racing or greyhound racing you’re interested in, you will enjoy the overall experience greatly. To help you have even more fun, we’ve analyzed the entire RaceBets welcome bonus roster to see what’s the best offer. We’ll also take a look at how to combine a welcome bonus with additional tools.

Picking the Best RaceBets Welcome Bonus

To choose the best available welcome bonus for you, it’s essential to think about what you really like. There are always different types of offers available. From a matched welcome bonus to free bets, bookmakers have no shortage of tools that can improve the way you bet. Therefore, just relax and think about what kind of welcome bonus you want. It does seem surprising that RaceBets went all-in with their promotions, but it’s all part of a clever plan.

Usually, bookmakers are graded in two distinct categories - depth and variety. Regular websites have no problem covering the variety part as they often offer upwards of 30 different sports. Niche bookies like RaceBets make up for this by offering a myriad of welcome bonus offers. They rotate on a regular basis, so the excitement factor won’t subside in the near future.

As for depth, they are at the top of the game when it comes to racing coverage so there’s no reason to worry. To help you immerse yourself in the RaceBets experience, we’ve embarked on a quest to find the best welcome bonus.

Racebets Welcome Bonus

Unlike the average welcome bonuses around, there are no complications involved. You just need to create an account through the button below, read through the guidelines, and you’re pretty much ready to have fun. Just like everything on Racebets, this welcome bonus is easy to use and doesn’t involve anything that a punter might deem unpleasant. By depositing £10 or more, you will get £5 added to your account for betting horse races. In addition, you will get free entry for the game Racebets Millions, which include a maximum prize of £1Milion, sounds tempting, doesn't it?

In most cases, you’re forced to choose between a lucrative welcome bonus and a non-restrictive one. With Racebets, you get both, which guarantees a smooth experience. We especially love the non-restrictive wagering requirements. You just have to wager the bonus and the deposit amount just 1 time, which is easy to be achieved. This Racebets welcome bonus is a fair deal for every horse racing lover, with ease of use and generosity exemplifying it.

If you’ve had the chance to claim a different welcome bonus or another promotion, you won’t be able to use it since only one welcome bonus is allowed per IP address. You have 30 days to make your first deposit, while the welcome bonus can be used in a time period of 45 days. Nice, lenient conditions are another reason why this is an offer you just can’t refuse.

Is It Possible to Combine this Welcome Bonus with Other Tools?

It depends on what you mean by tools. The terms and conditions of each welcome bonus state that you can’t combine multiple promotions or use them at the same time. Racebets is allowed to void and deduce any bonus amount if players try to pull off some shenanigans.

As for other tools, there are plenty that can help you. For instance, you can boost your knowledge with university area and go into every race prepared to win and learn something new.


The Racebets Deposit Bonus - What's In It for You?

Picking a good deposit bonus is no easy task. Despite laws existing to prevent false advertising and misleading statements when launching a promotion, bookmakers always seem to find loopholes. Attractive banners with signs such as “200% MATCH ON YOUR FIRST THREE DEPOSITS” can often turn into head-scratchers when you see that said deposit bonus involves some mind-boggling requirements.

Thus, it’s refreshing to see bookmakers like Racebets operate honestly and in the interest of their punters. Their entire deposit bonus roster is a perfect reflection of this approach and, as a result, every promotion is used by a plethora of punters. In this guide, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of the best Racebets deposit bonus and asses its advantages over bookies’ promotions. Your punts will be much more fun after using it.

How to Know If a Racebets Deposit Bonus Will Benefit Me?

When picking a deposit bonus, the first thing that you should think about are your goals. If you’re a rookie punter, you will probably want to learn the ins and outs of the game and perfect your existing skills. Since Racebets offers only horse racing and greyhound racing, it takes time for each person to see what’s all the fuss about. This is best accomplished with a matched deposit bonus, as it provides bettors with ample room to explore different markets and become more adept ant noticing platforms.

For pro bettors, such an approach works too as it gives them a quick look at the features of Racebets. To help you find the best deposit bonus, we’ve scoured this bookie’s entire portfolio and came up with one of the most surprising deposit bonus offers we’ve seen in a long time. Let’s take a look at what makes it so unique:

Racebets Deposit Bonus

The modern punter is more focused on the numbers when looking for the ideal deposit bonus. It’s easy to be attracted by glowing letters, bolded fonts and enticing animations. However, there is much more to a deposit bonus than mere money. Usability and accessibility are also major factors. For this reason, we weren’t expecting anything special at Racebets. This promotion blew us away and the bonus amount is somewhat of a “gateway drug” for becoming interesting in this deposit bonus.

All you need is a first deposit of £10 or more, and you will get a £5 for betting on Horse Racings. Now, the industry standard is £10-30 when it comes to maximum limits for a deposit bonus. In this case, we’ve encountered that the amount is £5, but it also includes free entry for a Racebets Millions. A fair deal for taking a few punts and getting to know sports you weren’t previously acquainted with! If you thought that was impressive, check this out.

The wagering requirements are perhaps the best part of this deposit bonus. You only have to wager the bonus and the deposit amounts one times. It’s incredibly easy to claim the winnings and enjoy the fruits of your punts. No need for hurrying up - you can activate the deposit bonus any time in the first 30 days, while you can use rewards for a cool 45 days. Honestly, this is the Holy Grail of all matched deposit bonus offers.

Is It Possible to Mix the Racebets Deposit Bonus with Other Offers?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do this. Racebets explicitly states, in their terms & conditions, that a deposit bonus cannot be combined with other promotions. There is also a rule that forbids one IP address from using multiple offers. If you get caught meddling in things like this, Racebets won’t hesitate to void your account and strip you of any winnings stemming from the deposit bonus.

Fortunately, it’s possible to combine it with all educational articles on This will give you an excellent opportunity to back up your bets with verified information and increase your chances of winning. Staying up to date with what’s happening in a sport goes a long way.

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Keep in mind that from 21.10 Racebets no longer accepts players from Great Britain. Still, the brand is presented in many other markets, so if you are coming from another country in which Racebets operates, you can enjoy its services and bonuses. is the platform that combines all your betting activities in one place. Our bookmakers' reviews is one of the helpful areas on our site, and once you start reading, you can take advantage of plenty of useful betting information. As is well known, the data is very important these days, so more information means better betting decisions and future profit. If you are looking for an honest opinion, valuable content, and examples of how to use the bookmakers' website, you're just a click away - feel free to check each of our reviews, which are with free access to everyone.

Today we are ready to present you a bookmaker, which is directed to the fans of horse racing. Its name is RaceBets, and it is definitely well recognised when we are talking about horse betting. Below, you can take advantage of details about RaceBets' registration process, its welcome offer, all website's pros and cons, odds, and other valuable information.

About RaceBets

RaceBets was launched in 2005 in Germany and very soon became one of the leaders in horse racing betting. With horse races from 40+ countries, the website is among the favourite places for the fans of this sport.

Since 2012 the company operates in Great Britain, as it holds licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, the Irish National Excise License Office, and the Regional Council of Darmstadt in Germany.

RaceBets first impression

RaceBets' website welcomes you with a big number of odds for today's races from which you can take immediate advantage. On your left, you have a comprehensive menu with popular countries and events such as those in the UK, France, Australia, and others. Besides, you have one more tab menu with the Ante-Post events. At the top, you can navigate through different areas like races, live streaming, offers, huge statistics area, and betting tips. Honestly, the website navigation is straightforward, so you will have any troubles finding anything you need. The white background is a bit too much, but it is not something that could be annoying while you place bets.

How to register on RaceBets?

If you click on the button below the paragraph, you will be directed to RaceBets' website, and its welcome offer will be shown.

There is no way to miss the green button Register Here on the centre, which will allow you to make your new account. Once you click on it, you will be required to fill some account details such as email address, country of residence, username, and password.

When you are ready with those details, you have one more step until the full registration. In it, you have to fill your personal information such as names, address, and date of birth. Ready? Just click on the button ''Secure register'', and you are done with the process, and you can take the full advantages of RaceBets' website.

RaceBets welcome offer

Let's all admit that everyone who is about to open a new account with a bookmaker is looking for its welcome offer. RaceBets provides for its new customers offer named ''Bet £10 Get £5 Free Bet''. When you decide to take RaceBets' offer, make sure you add the special bonus code WMILLION, which will secure that you will receive the full offer benefits.

The welcome offer has some usual requirements such as you have to be 18+, to make min.deposit of £10, and to place it on fixed-odds/each-way bet within 45 days of your registration. Keep in mind that you have only seven days to place your free bets once they are received, so don't wait too long as you can lose them. Racebets adds additional value to its new welcome offer as it gives you free entry for Racebets Million. The game is with a maximum prize of 1 million, which sounds exceptional. With your free entry, you will be able to take part and try to win the excellent prizes. Do you wonder how you can play?

According to the game's rules, Racebets gives you a pot of 1 million and 20 questions to answer. On each question, you should split your pot or put all of your pot on one answer.

Once a question has been answered correctly, you will move to the next question. You have to repeat the process 20 times and make 20 correct answers. The money that remains after the last questions are yours!

Our honest opinion about the offer is that it is not the most generous one we have met. However, still, the bonus can be very usefull for the horse racing fans as you will receive £5 extra cash for your betting bank, free entry for Racebets Million, and you have to wager the bonus only one time.

Other restrictions described on RaceBets' website:

  • This offer is for new customers residing in UK, Ireland, Finland, Gibraltar, Guernsey, India, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta, Mauritius, Norway and is available once per household.

  • Accounts funded by Paypal, Skrill, Paysafecard, pre-paid cards and Neteller do not qualify for this promotion.

Other promotions

The bookmaker supports its existing customers during their journey with a significant number of offers and promotions. So that means if you are a RaceBets' member, you will receive a decent amount of bonuses, which can boost your betting experience and profits. At the day, which we have examined the website, we found plenty of interesting promotions such as:

  • Money back all losers - Get money back on all losers as a £/€10 free bet if the SP Fav wins the Musselburgh 15:00 GMT
  • First fence fallers - Place your bets with us and If your horse falls at the first fence, we'll refund your stake with a bonus, up to £25!
  • 5% USA Bonus - Offered through the night on select USA races giving you 5% extra on top of your stake!
  • Indian win bonus - We're offering a 10% winnings bonus on all Indian races. This means you'll get 10% more on top of your winnings in all Indian Races!

RaceBets sports coverage and extras

If you decide to become a member of RaceBets, it is clear that you are a horse racing punter. You can place bets on races in 40+ countries plus you can watch live dozens of events during the day. RaceBets provide to its customers a big amount of markets for betting such as: Win Bet; Place Bet; Show Bet; Win/Place/Show Bet; Each-Way Bet; Ita Bet; Trita Bet; Forecast Bet; Quinella Bet; Tricast Bet; Trio Bet; Swinger Bet; Superfecta Bet; Pick Bets.

If you are a horse racing newbie, you can find all the details about each market on RaceBets' Help Center, so that you can learn everything about it. In addition, RaceBets has Greyhounds races on its portfolio, which is another plus for the members of the website.

The bookmaker provides enough extras for its customers such as a mobile app, which is very important in these days betting. Another useful feature is the rich statistics page, where you can check the jockeys' performance, horses form, and trainers’ history, facts, which are very important during horse racing betting.

Payment methods and limits

RaceBets offers a good number of payment methods so you can deposit or withdraw your money no matter with a card, an e-wallet, or something else. We will list below the payment ways for your convenience:

MasterCard; Visa Debit Card; Paysafecard; PayPal; Online bank transfer; Neteller; Skrill Moneybookers; Maestro; Diners Club; Bank transfer; Solo; Nordea Sweden; eNets; Przelewy 24; iDEAL; Carta Si; Postepay; Laser; Sofortbanking; Nordea Finland; netpay; Poli.

Keep in mind that you will not be charged to pay any fees for your deposits. If you want to withdraw your money from the website, make sure you verify your account first in order to put away the withdrawals limits. The minimum deposit with most of the options is £10. There is no minimum withdrawal, but if you take away less than £5, you have to pay up to £1.50 fee.

Customer support

RaceBets provides to its customers' several ways to resolve any troubles, questions, or whatever the customer needs. Contacting via Live chat is the fastest way and takes around 30 seconds for a response. Alternatively, the operator takes emails (30-60 min for answer), and phone calls. However, if you have any issue, it will be resolved very fast.

FAQ area is also available, where the most asked questions are detailed.

RaceBets summary

In conclusion, we want to mention that RaceBets provides many opportunities for horse racing betting. Definitely, the website catches punters' attention and is among the best horse racing websites. Honestly, we have to admit that we are impressed by the vast selection of races, live streaming from all over the world, the rich statistics, and the variety of payment options.

Besides, if you try the website, you can bet on Greyhounds, which is an excellent option to diversify your betting. Don't forget that if you want to take RaceBets' welcome bonus, you have to write the special bonus code WMILLION during your first deposit. Undoubtedly, if you decide to be a member of RaceBets, you will have a great betting experience, enough offers and bonuses, and plenty of excellent opportunities for betting profits.