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Analyzing All the Benefits of the Betsson Welcome Bonus

Keep in mind that from 21.10 Betsson no longer accepts players from Great Britain. Still, the brand is presented in many other countries, so if you are coming from another country in which Betsson operates, you can enjoy its services and bonuses.

Bookmakers from around the globe base their entire business models on having a functional, yet lucrative welcome bonus system. Swedish gaming giant Betsson is no exception.

Ever since they’ve launched their website, customers have been flocking mainly due to the multitude of advantages a welcome bonus gives them.

If you’re not sure about whether Betsson is the right fit for you, look no further than this guide. In the following sections, we’ll delve into the intricacies of betting with a welcome bonus.

What Do I Need to Activate My Betsson Welcome Bonus?

To claim your Betsson welcome bonus, you don’t need any preparatory measures whatsoever. The process is extremely swift and even beginners can complete everything there is to do in a matter of minutes. Follow these steps to get your hands on that welcome bonus:

  1. Head over to

  2. Click on the Create Account box - it’s located in the top right corner and highlighted in green. You can’t miss it!

  3. Fill out the registration form with your personal information. Be meticulous when making sure that all the data is correct, as your account will be subject to a verification process.

  4. Confirm your account via email verification.

  5. Log in and select a payment option that fits and deposit the minimum amount required for the welcome bonus of your choice. Keep in mind that some e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller render you ineligible for the bonus. Bank transfers and debit cards are the way to go.

There’s one other thing to consider - additional requirements. We know that this sounds scary, but there’s no need to worry. Every Betsson welcome bonus is different from the others. Some involve placing a bet or certain wagering requirements. That’s why we would advise you to carefully read the terms and conditions of every individual welcome bonus so that you can be sufficiently prepared to activate it in just a few minutes.

What Do I Gain by Claiming a Betsson Welcome Bonus?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that having a welcome bonus allows you to explore Betsson’s bookmaker portfolio in its entirety. Most punters are wary when it comes to giving bookies a chance with their own money, so a welcome bonus is definitely helpful in this case. You will basically have house money to have fun with and see if Betsson is really the right choice for you. The only way to know for sure is to explore all the site’s features and that’s accomplished by taking a punt or two.

Have you ever watched a game with your mates and engaged in some friendly trash talk? If so, a welcome bonus is definitely the factor needed to spice up your gaming experience. With disposable money in your account, you can back up your banter with some exciting and outrageous bets. Think it’s possible that Messi will win the European Golden Shoe? Put your money where your mouth is, then!

And last but not least, we have the somewhat forgotten psychological benefits of playing with a welcome bonus. In many situations, we’re crippled by the stress of losing too much money. This impacts the way feel when we bet on sports. While it doesn’t seem like a detrimental thing, the stress builds over time and sours your favorite activity. Get a welcome bonus and relieve yourself of all the troubling, but still justified thoughts.

Can I Mix My Betsson Welcome Bonus with Other Promotions?

You most certainly can. Every Betsson welcome bonus is received in the form of real money which you can use to place bets or play games. There is no reason why you can’t combine multiple offers. Once you’ve claimed your welcome bonus, it would be wise to always look for the best promotions.

In addition to regular offers, you can also use tools like odds comparison. It’s precisely these details that allow you to take your gaming experience to a never-before-seen level. Excitement and pizzazz await you.

Okay, But How Do I Know Which Betsson Welcome Bonus to Get?

Choosing the right Betsson welcome bonus depends solely on what you want to do on the website. Whether you’re a sportsbook fan or a casino games aficionado, there’s a welcome bonus waiting for you. To help you with the selection process, we’ve highlighted two of the best offers available:

Betsson Welcome Bonus for Sports - 50% Match

You can receive up to £250 in bonus money with this welcome bonus. There is a 10x wagering requirement, with odds of 1.50 and higher being eligible for redeeming your rewards.

Betsson Welcome Bonus for Casino - £100

With this offer, you get a 100% match on your first deposit. The wagering requirement is 35x and you can use the bonus money on scratch cards too.

Betsson - DEPOSIT BONUS 2020
Everything You Need to Know About the Betsson Deposit Bonus

Betsson is probably the pinnacle of reputability when talking about both European and global bookmakers. Founded in 1963 in Sweden, the company became a true behemoth by acquiring several gaming brands over the years.

Aside from their takeover of the market, they’re also renowned for their deposit bonus system.

It’s been the single most important factor in Betsson’s success and we’re about to elaborate on everything there is to be known about the said deposit bonus.

You’ll learn how to observe gaming from a very different perspective and enjoy it like never before.

Can I Combine The Betsson Deposit Bonus with Other Offers, Too?

Yes, you can! Since there are only minimal requirements in terms of wagering, you will receive your deposit bonus in the form of real money once you fulfill the criteria. Thus, the reward will be added to your account balance, which means that you can combine your deposit bonus with another available offer.

Betsson is known for changing its deposit bonus system on a bi-monthly basis, so don’t hesitate to take a look around and use the opportunity to capitalize a bit. You can also combine your Betsson deposit bonus with the latest odds from if you wish to spice up the game a little bit. Having a deposit bonus is all about freedom and experimenting.

What Do I Get from Playing with a Betsson Deposit Bonus?

The most important and, at the same time, the most underrated benefit of the Betsson deposit bonus is actually psychological. In most cases, punters get used to stressing out over their spending and they think feeling anxiety while taking punts is normal. It’s not normal, contrary to what someone might have told you. Sports betting is a wonderful, fun activity and having a deposit bonus reverts it to its natural form.

View having a deposit bonus as being handed house money to play with. You’re at no risk of going bankrupt, while you still have ample opportunities to have fun. Soon, you’ll be able to bask in the feeling of taking punts without being concerned with the end result. This newly found freedom will embolden you greatly, too.

Lest we forget - sports betting is best as a social activity. It reaches the peak of its enjoyability when you’re exchanging friendly banter with your mates. Using a Betsson deposit bonus, you can have fun together with the lads and back up your trash talk with some interesting prop bets. Are you sure that Marcus Rashford will be the Premier League’s top scorer? Put some house money on it!

How Do I Claim My Betsson Deposit Bonus, Then?

Very swiftly, without even a hint of hassle. That’s the beauty of Betsson, as they’ve had over five decades to perfect a business model based on usability and simplicity. Claiming the deposit bonus is no different, as you only have to follow these steps to redeem it:

Go to through the button below

Click on the green Create Account box in the top right corner.

You’ll be asked to fill out a simple, two-page information sheet. Pay close attention while you type, as you need the correct information in order to activate your Betsson deposit bonus.

The last thing on your checklist is heading to the Deposit section. Pick your payment option of choice and, once you fulfill all the additional requirements, the money from the deposit bonus should appear in your account immediately. Good luck!

What are these “additional requirements” that we’ve mentioned? No need to be worried - they’re just simple criteria, like wagering a certain amount a few times or accessing a certain game. These extra things to do don’t affect your experience with the Betsson deposit bonus, as they are crisply explained in the Promotions section on

What is the Best Betsson Deposit Bonus for Me?

A great question, we have to say. Choosing a Betsson deposit bonus is a simple process - it just depends on what you like. If you’re an avid sports bettor, then you should look at a sportsbook-oriented offer. More of a casino games guy/gal? Then the Casino section is where you should head to. We’ve picked the two best deposit bonus options, just to help you make a pick:

Betsson Deposit Bonus for Sports Betting - 50% Match

You will get 50% of your first deposit in the form of money to use in the sportsbook section of the site. 10x wagering requirement, with the minimum odds being 1.50.

Betsson Deposit Bonus for Casino - 100% Match

Betsson will give you a deposit bonus equal to your initial deposit, up to £100. Must be wagered 35 times and you can use the money on either casino games or scratch cards.

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