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Today I will be reviewing software that helps punters to make more money from their sport betting activities. As most of you will most likely agree with me sports betting is an interesting and challenging endeavour. Sports bettors have utilised variety of different betting strategies with one single goal - make more money. Certainly, there are many tools available online that aim to help punters to increase their betting profits. However, thanks to the technologies and market inefficiencies many people have decided to eliminate the risk that naturally comes with sports betting and chooses a less risky strategy that allows them to ensure small profits on each bet they place. This specific type of betting is known as arbitrage and it is getting very popular among new generations as the odds competitions between different bookmakers is getting more furious as well as there are plenty of software that facilitates and automate the most of the arbing process.

The software I tested is called OddsStorm with which we have made an affiliate deal. What does that mean? That means if you like the product and click any of the links provided in this article and purchase some of their monthly subscriptions we will receive a tiny commission from each sell we manage to make. However, I absolutely guarantee that I will not be trying to mislead you and upsell you the product.

What is OddStrom?

OddStorm is arbitrage software that scans the webspace and identifies arbitrage opportunities. It is available as a cloud app that you can use on their website, as well as you can download their software and run it from your desktop.

In case you do not know yet what arbitrage means, I will very briefly explain it to you. It is a betting strategy where you place a bet at one bookmaker and place the opposite bet in another bookmaker in order to ensure a profit regardless of the results. The most popular arbitrage opportunities are 2 way and 3-way betting, which effectively means that you have to place2 or 3 bets in order to lock in profits.

Worth underlining the fact that the odds which make the arbitrage opportunities do not last very long and you have to act really fast to take advantage of the market inefficiencies.

OddStorm aims to tackle exactly the odds changing problem. They claim they are the fastest at live-updating odds to users of their service, updating in-play odds every 1-3 seconds and pre-match odds every 15 seconds.

What sports and markets does OddStorm cover?

OddStorm has is a niche product and only provides information for one single sport and this is of course football as being the most popular betting sport among all punters. There are some rumours online suggesting that they will start adding more sports in a near future where I think they may start with tennis. However, that is anticipated to happen at some point in 2018. Although many people will consider that OddStorm only covers one sport as a disadvantage I personally see it as a positive thing. The company dedicated all of their efforts and resource into developing comprehensive software which is more optimised and it is the fastest in updating the odds compared to the competition. OddStorm also scans the bookmakers for pre-game and in play odds. As already mentioned OddStorm provides pre-game and in-play sure as well as middles and polish middles. The software covers a wide range of betting markets, I have listed all the markets cored below:

  • 1X2
  • 1X2 Corners
  • Double Chance
  • Over/Under
  • Over/Under Home
  • Over/Under Away
  • Over/Under Corners
  • Over/Under Home Corners
  • Over/Under Away Corners
  • GG/NG
  • Odd/Even
  • Odd/Even Corners
  • Odd/Even Home
  • Odd/Even Away
  • Correct Score (as Under Goals)
  • AH (including DNB)
  • AH Corners

Thoughts on the Design, functionality and customisation!

Given the fact that everything which I read online about OddStorm was either positive or very positive, I was expecting something absolutely amazing. However, my very first touch with the software left me a bit disappointed. The design is a bit outdated and if you are an absolute newbie to the sport betting and in particular to arbitrage betting you will feel a bit lost. Furthermore, the navigation is not extremely user-friendly. It clearly emphasise that the goal of the OddStorm guys was not to be the best looking software but to be the most useful one. Nevertheless, if you are a bit more experienced and used other arbitrage softwares you will feel fairly confident with the navigation menu.

As with all other software you can apply a variety of filters in order to see only the arbs from the bookmakers you want to be in. Further, you can set percentage limits for the arbs, filter by odds you want to bet on and of course set up alerts that will notify you when an arb with a pre-defined percentage of profit appears. You can also choose between two view modes compact and standard. While testing the software I only used the standard one and felt okay with it. I found the compact one way to limiting and would recommend you to stick to the standard view format.

I preferred the online-based version of OddStorm although it does not defer that much of the desktop one. I particularly like that there is live chat available on their site which enabled me to ask questions and end up with immediate answers. Something which I am absolutely sure all newbies will love. Furthermore, on the site you have a free calculator you can use to benefit from, as well as useful articles and information that will help you educate yourself and feel way more confident while executing arbitrage bets.

Another thing that I noticed and enjoyed is that the settings of my desktop version were saved and automatically applied on the website version which saved me some time and nerves.


The OddStorm subscriptions entitles you with full access to all features including the ability to identifies middles and polish middles. It seems like the guys behind the product do know their audience well and allow the users to purchase a subscription for Pre-match and In-play separately if they want, however, they can buy a subscription for both versions which of-course is cheaper. People who want to buy the software can choose from different time frameworks.



OddStorm is definitely a tool I would recommend to anyone who wants to take advantage of the inefficient betting markets and place arbitrage bets. What I like the most of the software is the extremely quick update of the odds. The odds update is absolutely crucial for your success and OddStorm are defiantly the best software when it comes down to updating the odds. Another thing which I shall say is that their customer support is absolutely outstanding or at least my experience with them was remarkable. In addition, the in-play section is very useful as well as the middles and polish middles. Many advanced arbitrage bettors will be happy with these three functionalities.

On the other hand, the design is slightly outdated and the navigation may be a bit difficult for newbies. The cost of the software is a bit higher compared to the competitors. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that the guys are targeting more professional arbers, hence the cost.

I hope you enjoyed reading the review. As transparency is fundamentally important at I want to underline once again that we have an affiliate deal with OddsStorm, regardless that I have been as honest as I can be.If you decide to trust me you can visit their website and try the one day subscription that costs only 7 Euros. In case you have decide to start arbing you will need a reliable way of tracking your bets, hence I will certainly recommend you

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