Inside a pro punters mind #4

Pro Punters is a series of interviews with professional sports punters based in London. We've asked them a set of questions to learn more about their lives and betting behaviour, so read on to learn how they make informed betting decisions to increase their profits. For anonymity reasons, their names are not used.

Did you know that the state-owned company Norsk Tipping is the only company allowed to legally offer sports betting in Norway? So, it comes as no surprise that this punter decided to move away from the fjords and allocate himself in London.

What do you think about online sports betting?

Fantastic! Gives an extra dimension to the matches. The excitement just gets enhanced. There is no boring game, because you’ve got something on the line.

Why do you bet?

For fun and making a profit, mostly. It's always nice with a big win. Normally, to get the big win, you need to stake quite a lot. I just enjoy keeping the same level.

Are you tracking your bets?

Absolutely! I think the turnover is getting pretty high. I place a lot of bets and I track my deposits and withdrawals. I don't have the time to track every single bet. As long as I have an overview, that I haven't chucked in and wasted thousands of pounds, it's beneficial.

How are you tracking your bets? Are you using any software?

At the moment, just an excel spreadsheet. Every time I deposit and withdraw, I put it in and analyse at the end of the month if it’s positive or not.

Tell us what's good about your current approach and what isn't?

The good thing is that all the time you can see if you have a healthy bank balance. The negative thing is that I don't track which bets I do well on and which types I don't, for example event, markets and live betting. So, with my approach, analysis is not possible. I place 3-4 bets a day and most of them are via mobile. Then you go to the excel sheet and have to enter all the information. I just think it’s very hard to keep track of it in that way.

What is the frequency and staking of your betting?

The frequency really depends on events. During the Euros 2016, I placed a bet on every match. It’s nice to have the extra edge, and as long as you’re tracking, you’re good. If I were to lose 10 bets in a row, I would’ve probably stopped betting on the Euros. In regards to staking, it depends on the perceived value. If I see a value in a game, I can place several bets with an increased stake. My stakes vary from £40 to £100.

Please tell our users about a few tips you use to improve your betting?

For all my bets, I do a little bit of research. There’s not a lot of gut feeling behind it, so obviously it takes a lot of time to do it. For the Euros 2016, I’ve been doing a lot of stats betting. That takes a lot of time – you literally need to go into every match that’s been played and check the stats for different players. It can easily take 1,5 hours to do so, and maybe you don't even want to place the bet in the end. So, do your research and don't be afraid to throw away bets, as there are hundreds to choose from every week.

From where do you get your betting information?

Some football and stat websites give you an overview, but to be specific and detailed it’s really difficult, as you need to dig it up yourself and look in multiple places. It would be nice to get some reasoning for stats betting without having to look for it for 1,5 hours. So, if something can do that for me, that would be great!

What do you think could be beneficial for your betting profits?

I would like if I could see the reasoning and get a wider overview for stats betting. I don't like being told 'bet that'. I just prefer going there, seeing for myself and making the betting decision.

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