Inside a pro punters mind #2

This week we interviewed a 29-year-old punter from the UK who has a flair for horse racing

Why do you bet?

(Laughs) Why do I bet?

  • A: I get a buzz out of it.
  • B: because it?s nice to feel good about something, if I am honest, and
  • C: extra income on a monthly basis. I bet other people will give you other reasons.

Can you please elaborate on the frequency and behaviour of your betting?

I probably bet daily. Mainly on horse racing, occasionally on football, cricket and golf. Probably two to three bets a day. I do a bit of research in the morning and if I see something I like, I back it.

What kind of research do you do?

If it's horses, you are trying to find an angle for the day like scaring prices or horse track information. Research for football is easier as there is a lot more information out there. Again, I will be trying to find an angle - e.g. the bookies got something wrong.

Are you tracking your bets?

Yes, I have an excel spreadsheet that has been going on for about four years now.

What's good about your current approach and what isn't?

What I like about my betting tracker is that every bet I place is in there, what price I took and what price it got paid out at, which is quite important in horse racing because of the variables in place. I add any notes that I find necessary. For instance, a horse lost the race but he ran quite well. Occasionally in football, you place a bet that is just unlucky. I try to add information so when I go back I can look at trends. E.g. I can see in which bookmakers I am winning more and what sorts of bets I am placing. What's winning more often? Is it outrights or over/under? So, over time you can build a pattern and if you keep evaluating that, you get rid of the bets you are not good at. For instance, on goalscorer markets I was making a loss, so I stopped betting that and moved towards something that I'm more confident with.

What are the downsides of your spreadsheet?

All this is very manual. You have to go in every time you place a bet. If I place a bet in the weekend I might not have the spreadsheet with me so I have to go through it on Monday morning and update it. It takes time but its necessary part of trying to make money from betting.

Do you think you're better at betting on horses than football?

Yes. Look at Premier League for example, they (bookmakers) know everything about the teams, likely line-ups, the conditions they will be playing at. It?s tougher to find an angle. On the other hand, if you're betting on horse-racing in York on a Wednesday afternoon, there is bound to be some information that is not out there. So I think horse racing is slightly easier. The difference between the two is that a lot of football betting is around the even's market (odds around 2.00), where in horse racing you might back 10 horses at 10 times the money, so you only need two of those to win to make a profit. Occasionally, you?re going to have some losses as it tends to be more accumulative. So, overall yes, I am definitely better at horse racing.

Please tell us a bit more about how your analysis improves your betting?

I'm trying to find my own trends, analyse where I'm strong. I try to find areas that I'm good at with the intention of maximizing that and placing more of those types of bets. For instance, there might be a bet type that I'm making a 12 % margin and on another one 2 % margin, but my stakes are the same. So, I would probably increase the stake plan on the bet type I'm doing better and maybe reduce the one that I'm not doing so well until I'm more confident with the lower one. It's about finding those tiny little margins which overall will increase the amount of money you're making. If you keep improving and improving and get into a nice routine where you know what you're good and bad at, it's a lot easier to make money consistently over time.

What do you think in particular can increase one's betting profits?

I think it all comes together. If you're tracking your bets and you're disciplined, actually treating sports betting as an income rather than enjoyment. Having betting goals is essential as well as the goals are different for different people. I think it's great that someone is willing to have a limit of £10 a week and that's what they would gamble. If they win or lose they don't care. It's all about entertainment. That's a really good way of looking at it. If you want to be serious you need the tools, you need discipline and pace, as sometimes it doesn't go right. You might lose £600 now and then, and you need to understand that this is part of the variance.

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