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Pro Punters is a series of interviews with professional sports punters based in London. We've asked them a set of questions to learn more about their lives and betting behaviour, so read on to learn how they make informed betting decisions to increase their profits. For anonymity reasons, their names are not used.

This interview is with a 30 year old Englishman who knows how to gain an edge over bookmakers with match statistics.

What do you think about online sports betting?

For me personally? I bet every day, mostly and predominantly on football. Large bets with stakes from £250 to a few thousand pounds a day. It becomes meaningless, stakes don't mean a lot to me, but it's relatively large to the everyday punter. My main motivation is to make money rather than being entertained. It's a supplement to my income, and it has given me a nice income over the last year. The problem is, it becomes harder and harder to make that income as I am restricted everywhere.

Are you tracking your bets?

I have a spreadsheet that I track at deposit and withdrawal level, and it's updated daily. It includes Amount, Daily Balance, Ongoing Balance, etc. I place so many bets, not just volume, that I can turnover £10,000 a day with a small margin.

Can you please tell us what's good about your current betting approach and what isn't?

A lot of people ask me that. I don't think I'm wise guy, I don't take early bets and I will never bet on Ronaldo to be the goal scorer. I will bet on very sure prices as I rather bet £1000 to win £100 than £100 to win £1000. I never do accumulators, only singles. I focus a lot on stats betting and I use bookies that have good stats bets. Kambi has really good stats bets, and Bet365 is not too bad. A lot of the big guys are going towards it, and the markets are becoming stats related. Kambi is great for that, and if I find value, the bet will be placed. For example, if Ibrahimovic to get over one offside has a really good price, I will take it and place it on a number of operators. For me, stats betting tends to be more pre-game. Also, if I think the pre-match favourite is too sure and there's value on the handicap for the away team, I will take it. Handicap betting tends to be more in-play for me.

Is your decision-making process taking a lot of statistical data into consideration?

Yes, and lot of times I've found massive value where I've seen errors in bookmakers. A good example is the corners market. There were a couple of games where I made massive amounts of money. The bookmakers don't take that into account quickly enough as they can't monitor all their games. For example, the home team has gone down to 10 men with a goal behind. They have a huge motivation to come back. The corner market is 'over 1 more corner' with 15 minutes to play. That’s it… I look for those opportunities all the time.

Do you perform better in particular leagues and markets?

The thing is, that’s where a lot of people go wrong. I never focus on one league and one particular team. The approach of sticking to one particular sport and one particular team doesn’t concern people making money from betting. They will look for value in anything. I don’t just bet in Premiership or my favorite team. I would bet on Vietnamese female football if there is value.

What do you think can be beneficial for your sports betting profits?

My biggest problem is the ability to put bets on, because of restrictions. I was restricted two days ago from Mr Green. So if I don't get limited, that would be great. It's interesting, as up to a year ago I was probably losing money. But then I completely changed my mentality. The best thing I ever did was to learn how to do bankroll management. Anyone can put a bet and win a bet, but the bankroll management was my biggest opener in terms of making money. So staking plans and not just lumping 100 % of your bankroll on a bet just because you definitely think you're going to win. The average punter on the street will bet on Germany to win, regardless of the price. Germany will probably win and even if they do, at a price 1,30, one can't put that bet with 100 % of the bank. Bank management is the hardest thing to teach someone. Also discipline, I guess.

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