Five strategies to help you make money from betting on football

Betting on football is notoriously difficult because the margin for error amongst footballers and football teams is so thin that it takes just a slight dip in player performance for a team to let you down.

But how can you keep the odds in your favour, while also negating the prospect of teams letting you down? In this blog, we take a look at five strategies that we think will help you make money from betting on football.

1)’ data-driven predictions

On the whole, statistics don’t lie. You can, of course, have the occasional anomaly, but when it comes to betting on football, stats are your best friend. At, we have developed a highly sophisticated data-driven prediction model that delivers premium football betting tips based entirely on statistics and data.


The model digests a huge amount of data on a daily basis, and our self-learning win-expectancy algorithm makes betting on football a breeze. In addition to providing our win-expectancy calculator, we also keep you up-to-date with value betting opportunities. In short, this means if you are betting on football and think that the odds offered by a bookmaker are better than the odds you would’ve made them, then that is a potential “value bet”.' software is fully driven by data, meaning that are a value bet opportunities are derived from facts and figures, and not gut feelings.

2) Tracking your bets

This may seem like an obvious one to many of you, but at we are never surprised to hear about punters that have been betting on football for years and haven’t kept track of a single bet.

Why should you track your bets? Well, first and foremost, it makes it incredibly easy to manage your bankroll, which can soon get out of control when you are betting on football in different countries and markets. In addition to bankroll management, it is absolutely essential that you are tracking your bets in order to optimize your performance when betting on football. Where are you yielding the most success? Have you developed an eye for profit when betting on football in the Spanish Primera Liga? Are you a dab hand at picking out games with a large amount of cards or corners? The only way to know the answers to those questions is by tracking your bets so that you can identify those all-important winning trends when betting on football.

At we can take care of all of that for you with our Betting Tracker If you are an Excel-phobe or worried about the time-intensive process of logging bets in a notepad document or on pen & paper, you have come to the right place. The bet tracker requires absolutely no technical knowledge of Excel’s fiddly mathematic equations and formulas, and our Betfair integration means that betting on football and tracking your bets goes hand in hand.

3) Betting on football with the best odds

When you’re betting on football, it can be easy to stick by the same bookmaker you have been punting with for years, but a reluctance to diversify means you could be missing out on a lot of money by neglecting to shop around for the best odds. Over the course of hundreds of winning bets, you are missing out on thousands if you are betting on football without making sure you are doing so via the bookies offering the best prices.

Once more, this is where comes in. We offer a state-of-the-art betting comparison tool that refreshes more often than the other leading competitors, which means you have an extra edge when betting on football before the game starts and also during the match itself via our live in-play feed.

Our odds comparison tool is also fully integrated with the bet tracker, which means that betting selections made as a result of consulting with the odds comparison tool are automatically logged into your account, saving you even more time.

4) Find your niche

If you have a particular area of betting on football that you enjoy, then you should invest as much time as you possibly can into it. Money cannot buy passion, so instead of looking for a quick buck by betting on football in countries or markets, you lack knowledge in, stick to what you know and become an expert.

There are a number of ways in which becoming an expert in a particular field of betting on football can really bear fruit. First of all, your conversion rate will improve as a result of spending more time researching and watching that one specific sector of football games. From there, you can identify the trends in teams’ play, as well as other handy pieces of information that the bookmaker will simply not account for, giving you those all-important marginal gains that will go a long way to helping you be profitable while betting on football.

In addition to the above, another potentially interesting scenario that could come about as a result of you becoming an expert in a particular football betting niche is via our tip marketplace, where tipsters can buy and sell betting selections for a fixed monetary cost (or even for free!)

If you are able to demonstrate a strong track record of success over a sustained period of time, you will soon develop a reputation as the go-to guy for that market. You can then monetise that reputation by selling subscriptions for your services. If you are then at the stage where you have paid subscribers for your tips, this will drive you on to be even more thorough and detailed with your research, which will serve to drive up your conversion rate even further, leading to more subscribers and profit.

Check out the marketplace here, and compare your stats against the tipsters that have already established a healthy revenue stream. Could you compete with them?

5) Use a staking system

The way in which you stake money when betting on football is probably the one thing that punters forget about when placing their bets. There are so many different strategies out there that people don’t know about, and picking the right one could be the difference between thin margins and huge profits.

An example of a tactic you can try is the classic Kelly criterion, Kelly strategy, Kelly formula, or Kelly bet is a well-known mathematical equation determining the optimal size in a long series of bets. It takes into account your bankroll, the winning probability of the outcome you are betting, and the odds on that bet. A simplified definition would describe this method as decreasing the wager when losing and increasing it when winning. Note that the Kelly criterion can be practically used only for single outcome bets and it isn’t suitable for accumulator bets.

This is just one of many staking plans which punters can use when betting on football in order to maximize your profits. Here at, we have put together a handy blog that discusses various methods of staking, and you can make your own decision on which one you think aligns best with your betting philosophy. All of your activity is intertwined, so when you are trialling different staking methods while betting on football, you can track the success of each plan via our bet tracking software.


As the above points demonstrate, betting on football and the strategies for doing so are so closely linked that you need to be very well organized in order to make your betting machine run smoothly. provide all the tools you need to be able to try out various strategies seamlessly, all while tracking your profit and loss via each method.

In short, our top tips when it comes to betting on football with the added strategy are:

  • Make sure you use the odds comparison software to ensure maximum profits when betting on football
  • Try out various staking methods. Inconsistent staking could be damaging your profits
  • Utilise as much data as you can
  • Become an expert in a field you enjoy and gradually establish new revenue streams

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