EURO 2020 - Ultimate Betting Guide, Insights and Stats

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EURO 2020 Covid - 19 Update is a platform that provides transparent and reliable information from only verified sources to all users. We trust that everyone should be able to find accurate news, and this is why we have updated our complete Euro 2020 betting guide. We have waited to get our fingers on the official schedule published by UEFA and then share it with you.

Generally, the majority of the changes affecting EURO 2020 are only about the year it is now going to take place in 2021 and the dates on which the games will be played. All host cities and stadiums will be the same as initially confirmed, everyone's tickets will be valid, so hopefully, we will enjoy a magnificent tournament next summer.

The play-offs that should name the rest 4 EURO 2020's participants also were postponed, but they will take place in October & November this year.

Below, we have updated all the dates for the play-offs and the group stage games that were confirmed by UEFA. Further to the updates, we added in our EURO 2020 guide we have also renewed with the latest information all EURO 2020 game previews available on the site.

EURO 2020

Besides giving you the best bookmakers’ odds, market place with a big number of free tips, and portfolio management software which helps you to maximise your betting profits, is an educational betting platform. Once you become a member of our website, you can take advantage of a significant number of informative articles. We are very dedicated to our customers and their betting activities. With the fast-approaching end of 2019, we are already looking ahead and preparing for the biggest football event of 2020, namely EURO 2020. (due to Covid - 19 pandemic, the tournament was scheduled for June 2021)

Today we decided to share with you an extensive guide for EURO 2020, which includes everything you should know about the upcoming tournament.

We are very excited about this massive competition, and honestly, we can’t wait for its start. EURO 2020 promises to be unique. Not only because it will be played in 12 different countries and 12 stadiums, but because probably it will be the last European championship for stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, and Manuel Neuer.

We write this guide having in mind a few major goals. First things first, we really want to help you to learn more about this future event as good prior information is what stands behind a good bettor’s success. Besides, we want to make sure that you know the history of European finals, and last but not least to give you an early advantage over the bookmakers, advise you where the high odds will be and how to make the most of our future valuable EURO 2020 predictions.

Read our EURO 2020 betting guide and feel free to benefit from all tips and predictions. Share your personal opinion via email and don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

History of the European Football Championship

Without a doubt, the European Football Championship is the most prestigious competition for men's national teams of the members of UEFA. The tournament was founded back in 1960 and originally was named the European Nations' Cup. The idea of creating the competition came from Henry Delaunay in 1927 but was completed more than 30 years later, in 1958, 3 years after Delaunay’s death. In honour of Delaunay, the trophy for the champions is named on him. In 1968 the competition changed its name to the European Football Championship. One interesting fact is that the tournament has been won only by ten different teams. Germany and Spain took the trophy three times, France has won two cups, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Denmark, the Soviet Union, Greece, and Portugal ranked first one time each.

The tournament runs once in every four years. The format of the competition changes frequently, and almost each time the included teams and rules vary.

EURO 2016

We will bring you back in the previous European finals, which took place in France. Then the host had a strong motivation to win the trophy at home. In this competition for the very first time the teams were not 16, but 24. The groups were 6 with four teams in each group. The national team of Spain was trying to defend its first place as it was a winner two consecutive times - in 2008 and 2012. However, La Roja did not have enough luck and couldn't make it even to ¼ finals as it was beaten by Italy at 1/8 finals.

The final game took place at Stade de France and the host France played against Portugal, which was led by the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Unluckily for the Portuguese, he was injured after just 25 minutes game time and left the field. However, the Portuguese players kept their confidence without their captain and won the trophy after playing extra time. The substitution player Eder scored for 0-1 and made his national team a European champion for the first time. The hosts led by stars like Pogba, Evra, and Griezmann failed to achieve their goal and make France a champion for the third time.

Qualifications for EURO 2020

The format of qualifications include two stages - groups and playoffs. They take place between March 2019 and March 2020, and 55 national teams in total are part of the qualifying process. The group tournament starts in March 2019 and ends in November 2019, and 20 teams from it qualify for EURO 2020, the first two countries in each group.

The playoffs will be played in October&November 2020, and they are related to the new tournament organised by UEFA - UEFA National league. These playoffs determine the last four national teams, which qualify for EURO 2020, and they give a second chance to the countries to be eligible for the competition.

None of the host countries will automatically qualify for EURO 2020, so every team from the 55 members of UEFA, have to play at these qualifications in order to its chance to be a part of the European finals.

Why EURO 2020 is a special tournament?

Here is the time to start talking about EURO 2020. This extraordinary event attracts the attention not only of Europeans but of football fans from all over the world. Million keen football supporters will be watching this show, have a favourite team, and hope for it to win the trophy and very likely place a bet on them to spice up the game.

The tournament has a symbolic number - 12. Not only because it will be played between June 12 and July 12, (due to the Covid - 19 pandemic, the tournament is rescheduled for June 11 - July 11 2021) but because it will be held in 12 different countries and 12 different stadiums. If any of the national teams of the host countries qualify for the tournament, automatically it will play its Group stage games in its home field. For example, if England qualifies, it will definitely play its first group games at Webley stadium, this is an approach that has never been adopted so far.

This competition will be the 16th scheduled European finals since 1960, and the 24 teams that will take part in it promise to bring a high level of enjoyment, high quality of football skills, and excellent experience for the fans accompanied by great betting opportunities.

EURO 2020 host countries and stadiums

The unique rule taken by UEFA to make 12 countries hosts of EURO 2020, guarantees a first-time experience for everyone related to football. In the next lines, we will list the host countries and stadiums, and how many games will be played in each venue. Take a look below, and if you can visit some of the game, make sure to do it, we guarantee that it will be a lifetime experience.

As huge football fans we have already booked our tickets and team members will be visiting some of the EURO 2020 games.

England - London - Wembley Stadium - capacity 90,000 - The iconic stadium will host seven games, including the semifinals and The Final

EURO 2020 betting guide - Wembley stadium

Italy - Rome - Stadio Olimpico - capacity 73,000 - The stadium opened in 1953 will host five games, including the opening match in group A and one quarter-final.

Germany - Munich - Allianz Arena - capacity 75,000 – 4 games, including one quarter-final, will be played at the home field of Bayern Munich.

Scotland - Glasgow - Hampden Park - capacity - 52,000 - The home of the national team of Scotland will host four games of EURO 2020.

Ireland - Dublin - Aviva stadium - capacity 50,000 - 4 games are scheduled at the opened in 2010 stadium in Dublin.

Netherlands - Amsterdam - Johan Cruijff Arena - capacity 54,000 - 4 games will be played at the biggest stadium in the Netherlands.

Spain - Bilbao - Estadio San Mames - capacity 53,000 - ''The Cathedral'' will host four games, one 1/6 final, and three games from group E.

Russia - Saint Petersburg - Saint Petersburg stadium - capacity 68,000 – 4 games will be played at the stadium which is built for the World cup 2018 in Russia.

Denmark - Copenhagen - Parken - capacity 38,000 - the smallest stadium at EURO2020 will host one 1/16 final game and three games from group B.

Romania - Bucharest - Arena Nationala - capacity 56,000 - The largest stadium in Romania, which was opened in 2011, will host one 1/16 final game, and three games from group C.

Hungary - Budapest - Puskas Ferenc Stadion - capacity 68,000 - The stadium, which is still under construction will host four games - 3 from group F and one - 1/16 final match.

Azerbaijan - Baku - Baku Olympic Stadium - capacity 69,000 - At the home of Azerbaijan national team are scheduled three games from group A and one quarter-final game.

Who Qualifies for the Tournament

Twenty-four teams will play at EURO 2020. As for now, we have 20 qualified teams, and we are waiting for four other teams to qualify through the playoffs, which will be played in October 2020. Below we listed the teams, that already guaranteed their places on the tournament plus the games, which will determine the last four teams playing on EURO 2020.


England, Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia, Holland, Ukraine, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, France, Germany.

EURO 2020 PLAYOFFS - They will be played between 8 October and 12 November 2020. The teams were qualified for the playoffs based on their performance on 2018-2019 Nations League. Each playoff will be played in a single-leg knockout which guarantees plenty of excitement and betting opportunities for the once fancy a punt.

Playoff A:

8 October

Bulgaria - Hungary - Betting tips and game preview

Iceland -Romania - Betting tips and game preview

Playoff B:

8 October

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Northern Ireland - Betting tips and game preview

Slovakia - Republic of Ireland - Betting tips and game preview

Playoff C:

8 October

Norway - Serbia - Betting tips and game preview

Scotland - Israel - Betting tips and game preview

Playoff D:

8 October

Georgia - Belarus - Betting tips and game preview

North Macedonia - Kosovo - Betting tips and game preview

The winners of the games in Playoff A, B, C and D will be played between each other on 12th November in a final game. The winners of the final games will qualify for EURO 2020. Each team will be motivated to win the game and we expect to see plenty of goals scored. In our personal opinion, it will be slightly more difficult for the bookmakers to priced the betting markets with the right odds so for the once looking for value bets 12th of November could be a lucrative day.

12.11.2020 UPDATE - The four national teams that qualified for the European finals after the playoffs are: North Macedonia, Scotland, Hungary, and Slovakia!

Groups and games

We are happy to announce the EURO 2020 groups and the match schedule! The draw took place in Bucharest on 30 November and determined the participants on all six groups. Following the group draw, we are sure that the EURO 2020 will provide its spectators with that high-quality football, plenty of breathtaking goals and last but not least a lot of betting opportunities.

As in all major championships, we have a ''Group of death'' (Group F), that gathers in one place extremely good national teams and guarantees extraordinary football moments. Nonetheless, each group promises unforgettable games and great football clashes. If you have the opportunity to get tickets, don't miss it, this tournament will be unique.

Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland

The first game of EURO 2020 will be between one of the hosts - Italy and Turkey on 11 June 2021 in Rome. The home team showed excellent performance during the qualifications for the tournament and gave a massive claim for the title. On another hand, Turkey, which is led by the legend Senol Gunes, showed good progress, and with its world-class players such as Cenk Tosun and Merik Demiral can do something memorable.

The other two teams Switzerland and Wales, should not be underestimated, as they can make trouble for every national team on EURO 2020. In general terms, the underdogs are the teams that return the highest profit when betting as they are always pried by bookmakers with high odds.

Game schedule:

11 June, Italy, Rome

Turkey vs Italy - Betting tips and game preview

12 June, Azerbaijan, Baku

Wales vs Switzerland - Betting tips and game preview

16 June -Rome

Italy vs Switzerland - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

16 June - Baku

Turkey vs Wales - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

20 June - Rome

Italy vs Wales - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

20 June Baku

Switzerland vs Turkey - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia

One of the groups with a clear favourite - Belgium, and three other teams with equal strengths. Definitely, the fight for the second place will be ferocious, furthermore, in Group B we have two host teams. We should not underestimate Russia in this group as they can always surprise us, betting on them may not be the worst decision you can make. Likely they will have very high odds versus Belgium so why not take a punt with a small amount and add some excitement while watching the game?

Game schedule:

12 June St. Petersburg

Belgium vs Russia - Betting tips and game preview

12 June - Copenhagen

Denmark vs Finland - Betting tips and game preview

16 June - St Petersburg

Finland vs Russia - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

17 June - Copenhagen

Denmark vs Belgium - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

21 June - St. Petersburg

Finland vs Belgium - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

21 June - Copenhagen

Russia vs Denmark - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia

In group C in EURO 2020 we have the 3 national teams confirmed before the playoffs, which will determine the last team (Georgia, Belarus, North Macedonia, or Kosovo). UPDATE: The team of North Macedonia, won the playoff, and will join this group.

Clearly, the team of the Netherlands is the favourite to win the group, but the others should not be underestimated due to the importance of the tournament and the motivation of the players. The footballers are always more motivated when playing for the national teams, and surprising outcomes should always be on the back of your mind when placing your EURO 2020 bets.

Game schedule:

13 June - Amsterdam

The Netherlands vs Ukraine - Betting tips and game preview

13 June - Bucharest

Austria vs North Macedonia - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

17 June - Amsterdam

The Netherlands vs Austria - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

17 June - Bucharest

Ukraine vs North Macedonia - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

21 June Amsterdam

North Macedonia vs The Netherlands - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

21 June - Bucharest

Ukraine vs Austria - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland

One of the best-performing teams in the qualifications for EURO 2020 - England is the favourite of Group A. The Three Lions have the opportunity to take revenge on Croatia for the loss in the semi-finals of the previous World Cup 2018. The Croatians possess excellent team spirit and skilful players and their chances to qualify for the knockout stage on EURO 2020 are huge. The Czech Republic should be considered as a dangerous team, along with Scotland, which won the playoff and will participate in the European finals for the first time since 1996.

Game schedule:

13 June - London

England vs Croatia - Betting tips and game preview

14 June - Glasgow

Scotland vs the Czech Republic - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

18 June - London

England vs Scotland - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

18 June - Glasgow

Croatia vs Czech Republic Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

22 June - London

England vs Czech Republic - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

22 June - Glasgow

Croatia vs Scotland - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia

The three-times European winner Spain lead Group E and its high-end players have the main goal to win this group and become the first team with four European titles. In our view, the chances of this event happening in EURO 2020 are relatively low, so we would not advise you to place an outright bet on Spain. However, this is our own view and at the end of the day is you who makes the decisions. Sweden, Poland, Slovakia will definitely play an essential role in this group.

Game schedule:

14 June - Bilbao

Spain vs Sweden - Betting tips and game preview

14 June - Dublin

Poland vs Slovakia - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

18 June - Dublin

Sweden vs Slovakia - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

19 June - Bilbao

Spain vs Poland - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

23 June - Bilbao

Slovakia vs Spain - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

23 June - Dublin

Poland vs Sweden - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

Group F: Portugal, France, Germany, Hungary

Undoubtedly group F is the "group of death" with the strongest national teams being part of it. We as spectators are so lucky to have all these good teams in the same group as they guaranteed thrilling games with plenty of action, betting opportunities, and memorable moments. The clashes between Portugal, France, and Germany promises a high level of football skills, unique players in each team, and upper class of coach strategies, with a strong focus on the final goal - the first two places in the group. The fourth team in the group will be Hungary, which won the playoff against Bulgaria and Iceland. The team does not seem to has any big names, but football can be unpredictable game and if you are looking for a bet on EURO 2020 with high odds, why not back the fourth team in Group F to qualify for the next stage?

Game schedule:

15 June - Munich

Germany vs France - Betting tips and game preview

15 June Budapest

Hungary vs Portugal - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

19 June - Munich

Germany vs Portugal - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

19 June - Budapest

Hungary vs France - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

23 June - Munich

Germany vs Hungary - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

23 June - Budapest

France vs Portugal - Betting tips and game preview are coming soon!

The groups and schedule have been defined and we are all now looking forward to the last teams joining EURO 2020. What is left for us the punters is to carefully prepare for our betting journey during the tournament. We strongly advise you to research the web for betting tips and game previews, find the bookmakers with the best EURO 2020 bonuses and always place your bets with the highest available odds. A quick reminder that you can place all of your EURO 2020 bets directly through our odds comparison, which will help you save time, take advantage of the best betting odds and automatically add your bets to your bet tracker. Keeping track of your bets is essential as it will allow you to precisely know how much money you have made while betting on EURO 2020 and as you know is the best available tool in the world.

Key players to watch on EURO 2020

At EURO 2020 we will enjoy the skills of many well-known footballers who play at the most popular club teams in the world. Both proven stars with huge experience and young players with exceptional characteristics will be part of this journey and will indeed create great betting opportunities. The “who will score” betting market certainly deserves your attention and is usually characterised with high odds, and if you win your bets, you will cash in a good amount of funds. As each time for young players, this tournament will be an excellent opportunity to prove themselves on the big football scene, so maybe you can consider betting on less popular young footballers to score and benefit from the high odds.

Of course, we have to start listing the top players of EURO 2020, with Portugal's megastar - Cristiano Ronaldo. After his transfer to the Italian champion Juventus, he looks motivated to make Portugal champion of Europe for a second consecutive time. The thirty-four-years old star is looking forward to making another great tournament, which will most likely be the last European finals for his career. Following his games for a long time, we are sure that he will make history in EURO 2020.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric are fighting for the ball

Sergio Ramos - 33 years old - the star who holds the record for most played games in the history of Spain's national team, is genuinely motivated as ever to make La Furia Roja and himself a champion for the record fourth time.

Manuel Neuer - 33 years old- The goalkeeper said in several interviews for the newspapers that he is considering retirement from Germany national team after the EURO 2020. Having that in mind, we expect that he will make everything possible to show a good performance for last time.

After these names who are proven stars, it's time to look at the future. There are so many young players who aim to be on the top of the football scene, so keep in mind that we might miss someone. However, we will try to give you a perfect look for the younger superstars of EURO 2020.

Killian Mbappe - 20 years old - He is considered to be one of the best football players right now, and most likely this tournament will be an excellent opportunity for him to show his exceptional finesse, technique, and speed to the world. After his superb performance at the 2018 World Cup, where he scored four goals when he was only 18 years old, the fans expect from him nothing but extraordinary games in the European finals next year.

Rahim Steerling - 24 years old - The winger, who performs over-the-top with the shirts of Manchester City and England will be under the spotlights at EURO 2020. His country has big hopes that he will make it a European champions for the first time.

Leroy Sane - 23 years old - After his shocking exclusion from the German squad for 2018 World Cup, the finals next year will be a great chance for him to show us his incredible skills.

More top players to watch in EURO2020: Eden Hazard (Belgium, 28 years old), Isco (Spain, 26 years old), Harry Kane (England, 26 years old), Virgil van Dijk (the Netherlands, 28 years old), Luka Modric (Croatia, 34 years old), Nicolo Zaniolo (Italy, 20 years old), Joao Felix (Portugal, 19 years old)

EURO 2020 betting odds

We examined the odds available on the websites of the most popular bookmakers in order to evaluate the opinion of the bookmakers. It is still too early and there is plenty of uncertainty so not bookmakers are offering odds for the EURO 2020 but the major once already listed odds. If you are looking to take advantage of the bookmakers and place some value bets or back an underdog team and hedge your position in an advanced stage of the EURO 2020 now is the great time to go and place your bets.

According to many sports analysts and bookmakers, France has the biggest chances to win EURO 2020. If you want to bet on Les Bleus, you can right away and find odds between 4.00 and 5.50. For example,bet365 gives odds of 5.00 while Betfair priced this market at 4.33.

The national team of England is right behind France as a favourite, according to the bookmakers bet365 gives us odds of 6.00, while Betfair offers 5.00.

The teams of Belgium, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands are priced with odds between 7.00 and 10.00, while for the current champion - Portugal the bookmakers offer odds between 11.00 and 15.00.

If you are a risk-taker, you can find high odds for the strong team of Croatia to win the trophy - bet365 and Betfairgive odds of 26.00 to their customers. For example, if you bet £20 on Croatia now, and they win EURO 2020, you will get £520 in the middle of the summer! That should be a good amount of money to spend on your summer vacation, right?

Nevertheless, if you want to avoid risking your hard earn cash we would advise you to go ahead and check our bookmaker welcome bonuses page. We have deals with over 40 bookmakers which all offer various different bonuses when open new account with them. You can make the most of the free money use them to place the high-risk bet and if it wins to enjoy the profits but If you lose, you still have your cash available.

If you want to find more attractive odds for EURO 2020, you can visit our Odds comparison, where we will aggregate the odds from many major and reliable bookmakers and allow you to choose the highest available odds on the market EURO 2020 predictions

As we have years of experience in the betting industry and we closely follow the most prestigious tournaments around the world, we also have an idea of which team will win the next European finals. Our opinion is aligned with the one form the bookmakers and we believe that France has the highest chances to win EURO 2020, and the team is the biggest favourite to get the trophy. Still, we can’t exclude the teams of England, Spain, and the Netherlands as they have some excellent players, the needed football class, and the unlimited support of their fans.

However, at any moment, players such as Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal and Eden Hazard from Belgium can make their team a winner.

During the EURO 2020 we will be providing football predictions and game previews of each and every game with the sole purpose of helping you make more informed betting decisions and eventually help you maximize your earnings from the EURO 2020 betting activities.

EURO 2020 In-play betting

The live betting is one of the most important betting options in today’s high paced and competitive iGaming world. Anyone who is watching the EURO 2020 should be able to place a punt on the supported team regardless of whether the game has started or not.

The in-play betting can bring you at the pitch and can give you a maximum football enjoyment while you follow your favourite team and help you make some additional cash. We expect that most of the bookmakers will provide generous odds and massive availability of markets for in-play betting in EURO 2020. To take advantage and capitalise on your bets, please be patient and avoid making emotional decisions when placing your live bets

In order to make sure you will benefit from the high odds, special offers and bonus provided by the bookmakers for EURO 2020 we advise you to open as many as possible bookmaker accounts, download their mobile betting apps and store your username and passwords nice and neat. Make sure you dedicate some funds specifically for betting on EURO 2020 (funds that you can afford to lose) and be ready to easily transfer from your card/e-wallet to the bookmaker site. This is an essential part of the live betting because you will not be able to benefit from the best odds.

if you lose time to remind your account details or if you run out of liquidity.

If you travel somewhere during some of the games during EURO 2020, and you can't watch the games at the pub or in-home, our advice is to check if the bookmaker that you have an account with will broadcast the game, which is a great feature. The majority of the bookmakers available on the betting market will surely try to broadcast as many as possible games as that encourage players to place bets and enhance their betting experience. That live broadcast is supported by the bookmaker’s apps, so you can watch the game on your mobile and place the desired bet.

EURO 2020 is a great opportunity for some lees popular bookmakers to stand out of the crowd and show to their customer that they disserve their trust and offer great in-play betting opportunities.

As we are dedicated to adding value to your EURO 2020 betting experience, we will try to list all bookmakers that are broadcasting live events during EURO 2020. Make sure you check our bookmaker reviews page in order to stay informed where you can watch your favourite team playing.

Definitely, the adrenaline of in-play betting is high, so our advice is never to be emotional when it comes to making betting decisions! Make sure you don't give up to your emotions and instead make sound and reasonable betting decisions.

EURO 2020 betting guide - the joy of profits

Cash-out options on EURO 2020

While you are betting on EURO 2020, you have to make sure that you have the option to go out of every situation and protect your betting capital. In order to secure your profits, you can use the popular betting option cash-out. If you feel the bet you have placed is going the wrong direction, you can use the cash-out option to take your winnings out and watch the rest of the game without risk. The cash-out option is available for both in-play and pre-game bets placed on EURO 2020 and will be supported by most of the bookmakers.

You can also use the cash-out option to save off some your bet if you backed a team to win, but they are currently losing. That will allow you to use the remaining funds to place another bet and eventually recover some of the loses.

Generally speaking, the cash-out option on EURO 2020 will be beneficial because all teams play with high motivation and each team can turn the match at any time. Most of the bookmakers provide this great option, so make sure that you know its advantages through our cash out guide.

In which bookmaker to bet during EURO 2020 bookmakers

We know as a fact that once EURO 2020 starts, the bookmakers will significantly increase their special offers, gifts, and extras, which are providing to its customers with the purpose to keep them engaged and happy. This is an excellent opportunity for some people to try and take advantage of the web and mislead users to deposit funds into grey bookies.

Our strong advice is not to get tempted by not licenced bookmakers offering some extraordinary bonuses and boosted odds. When you are betting on the EURO 2020, you want to make sure that your bets will be paid off regardless of how big the winnings are. Always place your bets in the licenced and verified bookmaker.

Great source to use while looking for reliable bookmakers is our bookmaker offers page that we maintain on a daily basis and a team member have validated each bonus, deposited and withdrew funds from the listed bookmaker. All of the bookmakers we work with, keep their players safe and will provide a significant number of bonuses, special offers and free bets during EURO 2020.

Bookmakers social responsibility during EURO 2020

The bookmakers are expected to see a dramatical increase in their turnovers during the EURO 2020, which in most of the cases will result in greater profits for them at the end of the day. We know that all great bookmakers are committed to donating a fraction of their profit to great causes which aim to improve the society and the environment. Bookmakers are also committed to supporting smaller football clubs young football players which is a kind gesture that does deserve our respect.

So please when you are placing a small bet to support your national team does not only perceive that bet as a punt that will make you a little richer if it wins but as a small donation to a great cause.

Betting responsibly on EURO 2020

A topic that is always worth mentioning regardless whether you are regular or occasional punter planning to place a few bets on the EURO 2020. There are a few golden rules that we strongly encourage you to follow at any time you are betting.

  1. Never bet more than what you can afford to lose

  2. Never gamble when you are emotionally unstable

  3. Never chase your losses

  4. If or When the fun stops get in touch with some professional help

EURO 2020 guide in short

If you are a football fan, we are sure that you are definitely looking forward to EURO 2020. The most exciting football tournament of 2021 will be held between June 11 and July 11 and promises to be a memorable one. The 12 countries are waiting for the teams and the fans to create one unforgettable football tournament.

Our team in will give its best to keep you updated by posting more articles related to EURO 2020. Why? Because we want to make you as a member of our website a part of the European finals and its important moments, world-class players, and exciting games. Meanwhile, we advise you to check our betting knowledge area, where more educational articles are available for free.

Our team hopes that you found this article educational and read it with interest. Any feedback is more than welcome, feel free to contact us. You can do that by visiting the contact us page.

EURO 2020 betting guide - the original matchball


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