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Betting Maestro is a one-stop shop for anyone who is new to online sports betting or for those who have dipped their feet in the betting waters and wish to further enhance their knowledge before fully diving in.

It is the creation of betting industry veteran James Pacheco, whose roles within the betting industry at the likes of Betfair and Betsson have included: Operations executive, Betfair Blogger, copywriter, Content Manager and Press Officer. In addition to that he has also worked as a pro tipster.

What you can find at Betting Maestro

Mostly focusing on football and cricket betting, Betting Maestro gives you the lowdown on

  • How all the football and cricket betting markets work.
  • Long-term strategies to beat the bookies on football and cricket markets.
  • Honest and in-depth reviews of the Sportsbooks that Betting Maestro recommends.
  • A glossary of all the betting terms you’ll need to know.
  • The six golden rules of betting that are your key to long-term profits.

Even though the main focus is on football and cricket, Betting Maestro also has some horse racing content, including:

  • The only three racing tipping services he recommends.
  • Interesting articles addressing such questions as why tipsters tip and the discipline needed to be a proven winner when it comes to giving racing tips.

Finally, there are some great miscellaneous reads on the site written by a guy who divides his time between running Betting Maestro and writing about betting for a living. Highlights include:

  • His legendary trip to Las Vegas.
  • A day in the life of a freelance betting writer.
  • Interviews with well-known betting industry names such as Ed Hawkins and Scott Ferguson.
  • Quirky sports articles such as Mourinho’s top misdemeanours and the normally mild-mannered cricketer who attacked a fan with his own bat.
Betting Maestro in James’ words:

“After 15 years of working in a number of betting roles in-house, betting and tipping for a living and then writing about it for a number of publications, the obvious next step was to have my own site.

Betting is great, both as a hobby and as a way of making a living for those who want to take it that seriously. But just like you need a lifetime to master playing golf or chess, betting with a view to beat the bookies is easier said than done and takes time and patience.

What I’ve tried to do with Betting Maestro is to take my experience and ability to explain things in a clear way and combine the two so readers can get up to speed pretty quickly without it costing them their own money to learn certain lessons.

But there’s some fun stuff on the betting site as well, like sports quizzes and articles with insight into the betting industry you’d only know about if you actually worked in it”


Orlin Spasov


Orlin has always been interested in sports, especially football. Sports betting is his hobby before becoming a part of he has a rich experience in sport journalism and other iGaming areas. He aims to help punters with his knowledge and detailed analysis of games.
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