Bet Journal week 37 results update

Last updated: 04 Feb 12:14

What a busy betting week it was! During the last seven days, my tipsters were very active and provided me with 243 tips. I successfully placed each of them within a minute through' odds comparison, which I am using for around a year already. Believe me, placing over 200 bets a week is not an easy task but thanks to BM's odds comparison I shortened the placing time because there I can compare the highest odds and place them straightforwardly with just a few clicks. That's how my strategy works - I receive a notification with the tip suggested, immediately I open the odds comparison, which allows me to see the highest odds for the game I want, and with two clicks I'm able to place the bet. Nice and simple.

However, the week started with losses, but the weekend tips brought me back in the game with plenty of winning streaks. My tipsters posted 243 tips, which generated me a small weekly profit of £53 with a positive ROI of 0.42%. I will accept the small profit as a good achievement because, in the middle of last week, I was 1K behind, but my tipsters managed to get me out of this unpleasant situation.

Week 37 Profit&Loss graph:

Bet Journal week 37 - performance update

Bellow you can briefly check the performance of each tipster in week 37:

Last week I did a change among my tipsters. I added danimall, who showed excellent performance on tipster competition. However, his first week in my portfolio wasn't as expected, and his tips brought me a weekly loss of £88 with a negative ROI of 2%. Because I decided to give him a priority and to place each of his single bets with £55, I carefully analysed his betting behaviour during the week. He showed a deep understanding of what exactly betting is - active approach, multi-sports knowledge, value odds. I'm pretty confident that danimall possesses the needed skills to bring me betting profits, and if you decide to follow him keep an eye on that, he is very successful on first legs of the tennis tournaments.

The hockey expert - scelam also had a negative week and brought me some losses. He posted 32 single tips, only 12 of which were won. The tips suggested by scleam brought me a weekly loss of £181, with a negative ROI of 10%. Of course, everyone has his drawdowns, and nobody is loss-protected. However, scelam is a proven tipster, with immense hockey knowledge, he knows where are the value odds, and through following him, you can take an edge over the bookies. From the moment that I started to place his tips, he created me an exceptional profit of £3068! Undoubtedly, I made a vital decision to follow him in November 2019.

Ejizzymoi advised 28 tips last week. I apply the tactic to place only tips from the ten major leagues provided by him with £45 for each tip. His good average odds of 2.50 brought me a weekly profit of £108 with a positive ROI of 8%. He had some great strikes as Everton to beat Watford, and both teams to score, at odds 5.50.

An unusual style marked Rosso27's performance last week. He posted 74 tips, only 26 of which were won. Although he suggested more losing tips, he managed to generate a weekly profit of £152 with a positive ROI of 3%. The strange fact was that he suddenly decided to advise plenty of football draws with high odds. With 16 out of 43 wins and average odds of 3.00, the week was successful for us. I analysed his performance in detail thanks to tools, which showed me that he never provided me with the same forecast for so many games before. This might be Rosso27's new betting technique?

Rosso27 performance:

Rosso27 performance during week 37 of bet journal

Park-Life-Tips suggested 35 tips last week, 19 of which were won. He provided me with tips with good average odds of 2.00, which generated me a weekly profit of £66 with a positive ROI of 4%. As I mentioned many times, PLT is a long-termer, and if you have decided to follow him, make sure that you have the needed patience, because PLT has the required skills and knowledge to create profit for punters forward in time.

In week 37, I placed 243 tips, 111 of which were won. The winning tips generated me a weekly profit of £53 with a positive ROI of 0.42%. Despite the small profit, I'm happy that the tipsters showed excellent performance during the weekend because the things weren't going well. I'm not planning to change anything in my system for next week, because I'm very confident that is the optimal tactic for the best possible results. From the start of my journey on in May 2019, I placed 5319 tips, which generated me a profit of £4778. I'm convinced that my results can be improved much more thanks to the five tipsters, who I'm following. I'm looking forward to presenting you with the next report with more profits.

All time Profit&Loss graph:

Bet Journal week 37 - all time stats

Stats Summary Week 37

Total bet amount: £12735

Profit/Loss: £53

ROI: 0.42%

Bets Placed: 243

Won: 111

Lost: 128

Push: 1

Half Lost: 3

Winning: 46.9%

Average Odds: 2.40

Average Win odds: 2.15

Average Losing odds: 2.65

Average Bet size: £52.4


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Teemu is an enthusiastic Finn who spent his childhood around ice hockey and video games, and he has 10+ years of experience with sports betting industry. Teemu specialises in analysing esports and ice hockey games. He contributes to website in English, writing about his two passions - ice hockey and esports.
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