Bet Journal - week 22 result update

From the first day of this journey, I am very confident that I will accomplish my initial goal – to make money by following tipsters.

For 22 weeks now, I've been consistent with following tipsters, optimising my portfolio and trying always to place the suggested bets with the highest possible odds. I'm happy to say that my portfolio is following a strong upward trend. Since the beginning of my journey, I have managed to reach a profit of £1551 with a positive ROI of 1.43%. I have my goal well defined and will pro-actively manage my betting portfolio in order to improve the ROI and achieve even better results.

As we all know the process of building and managing sports betting portfolio is demeaning and time-consuming. I have improved my efficiency thanks to software that allows me to keep all my data in one place.

Comparing my process now to what I used to do with my excel spreadsheet I have definitely improved my operational processes. I am now avoiding typo errors when tracking my bets thanks to the automated bet tracker and I do not have to manually settle the outcome (really happy with that). I am also up to date with the automated results report I receive straight in my inbox. I find the auto reporting feature quite engaging as it acts as a very kind reminder to keep an eye on the tipsters you are following.

In week 22 I placed 40 tips suggested by 3 tipsters only. I have been consistently analysing my past performance and identified a pattern among the tipsters which are part of my betting portfolio. They tend to deliver much better results on the predictions for certain leagues. On 17.09.2019 I have introduced a rule according to which I will only place bets on major leagues (In week 22 I betted on: Euro2020 Qualifications, English Premier League and Championship, Italian Seria A, Germany Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, France League 1, Netherlands Eredivisie and the Portugal Primeira Liga) due to various reasons: tipster past performance, liquidity, obtainable odds etc.

The past week was successful and the tips generated me a weekly profit of £403 with a positive ROI of 22%. I placed all tips with set stakes of £45, I won 18 and lost 21 tips but still managed to be on profit thanks to the odds advised.

Week 22 profit&loss graph:

Week 22 profit and loss graph

Below I have briefly broken down the individual tipster results in week 22.

Past week Bobbie2006 was inactive again. He has been out of the tipping for a while, and I did not succeed to hear anything by him. It is quite difficult to give up a good tipster, however, I have to replace him with Ejizzymoi for the good of my portfolio. I will keep following his tips when he returns to marketplace. Meanwhile, I will contact customer support team and request some assistance, I will keep you posted here.

Ejizzymoi is a tipster with an active attitude and I have an eye on his tips from the last Tipster competition, where his performance was outstanding and all tips posted were well argumented.

Park-Life-Tips advised 17 tips last week, 9 of which were winnings. He had again good shoots with high odds like yesterday’s game between Sheff Utd and Arsenal, he predicts that The Blades will win the game on odds of 4.20, tip, which made me a good amount of money. However, in week 22 PLT tips brought me a weekly profit of £363 with a positive ROI of 47%. His high average odds and good betting knowledge are always a good reason for me to place his tips.

Park-Life-Tips performance in week 22:

Week 22 park-life-tips performance update

Rosso27 had an unsuccessful week. He posted 6 tips and won only 2 of them. This poor data generated me a weekly loss of £118 with a negative ROI of 43%. However, he is a long-termer and I like his approach to betting and I know from my experience, weeks like the previous are something usual for the long-termers.

freguli suggested 17 tips last week, he won only 7 of them but the high odds of the winnings generated me a weekly profit of £158 with a positive ROI of 20%. He was quiet for a few weeks and seems like the break has a good effect on him and his tips. To keep following him, and not replacing him was a good decision for sure.

Unfortunately, one of my favorite tipsters – TennisTipsUK was inactive last week. However, I fully understand when some of my tipsters take a break because everyone needs to be away from the betting for a bit time. TennisTipsUK proves his skills in, and in my portfolio, so I’m sure he will come back soon with his tips full of value.

Week 22 was successful for me and my portfolio and I reached a weekly profit of £403 with a positive ROI of 22%. Since I started my portfolio keeps growing, and I have reached a profit of £1551 with a positive ROI of 1.43%.

All time graph:

Week 22 all time stats of my bettign journal

Next week I will keep following my strategy to place bets on major leagues – Champions League, Europa League, English Premier League and Championship, Italian Seria A, Germany Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, France League 1, Netherlands Eredivisie and the Portugal Primeira Liga. That type of betting at least for now brought me good results, and I’m not planning to change it.

Thank you. See you again next week.

Stats Summary Week 22

Total bet amount: £1800

Profit/Loss: £403

ROI: 22%

Bets Placed: 40

Won: 18

Lost: 21

Push: 1

Winning: 45%

Average Odds: 2.70

Average Win odds: 2.66

Average Losing odds: 2.75

Average Bet size: £45

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