Bet Journal - week 11 result update

The betting industry and in particular the sports betting always hides its dangers. In week 10 it was very nice to report my winnings, but, unfortunately, the past week wasn’t profitable as much for my betting journey.

In week 11 I placed 250 bets which is a very decent amount. The tipsters raised the number of tips, probably because has started its tipster competition, but the quality of the suggestions sent to me wasn’t very good.

My portfolio consists of 5 tipsters, but this week, 3 of them harmed my portfolio with losing tips. The tips generated a weekly loss of £706 with a negative ROI of 7%.

Week 11 Profit&Loss graph:

Bet journal week 11 profit and loss graph

You can check the tipsters' performance on the brief below:

Last week I set £20 to one of my tipsters – Park-Life-Tips. This strategy led to success and the week for him and me was profitable. He posted 51 tips, 28 of which were winning. His tips generated me a weekly profit of £116 with a positive ROI of 11%. When I checked his performance on with their comprehensive analysis', I noted that Park-Life-Tips is very successful on the odds range 3.20-4.20. For those value odds, I can see a good future for my portfolio if he continues with the good results.

KaluGuru had a poor week. He posted 60 tips and won 36 of them but unfortunately, his tips generated me a weekly loss of £340 with a negative ROI of 13%. I analysed his performance last week thanks to the analytic tools which I use and I can note the week for him started very well with profit but ended with a huge gap and loss. I know KaluGuru is capable of making me a long-term profit and week like the previous is something expected in this industry. His active approach and well-prepared tips encourage me to believe that he will have better days. I will bet with £40 for all tips posted by him for next week.

TennisTipsUK was undoubtedly the tipster of the week. Thanks to the start of tipster competition he started to post more often than the previous weeks and I’m happy with that fact. He suggested 15 tips and won 12 of them. This statistic brought me a weekly profit of £415 with a positive ROI of 67%. He had very good value tennis suggestions with high odds such as 5.10 for Jeremy Jahn to beat Kamil Majchrzak. The week affirmed my opinion that he is a tipster which can make a good profit to everyone who follows him. I will put a £50 set stake for TennisTipsUK because I see a great future and value tips which can generate me more profits.

The newest tipster in my portfolio freguli damaged very painfully my portfolio last week. For his first week, he advised 70 tips and won only 28 of them which generated me a weekly loss of £547 and a negative ROI of 20%. For sure, freguli seems to prefer quality over quantity because he is active but with no results. For the next couple of weeks, his tips will be with a set stake of £20 in my attempt to change the winds of his performance.

Bobbie2006 posted 54 tips last week and won 29 of them. His tips generated me a weekly loss of £351 with a negative ROI of 16%. Despite the fact he was active last week, his tips weren’t with great value. His average odds range is 1.00 - 1.70 which cannot bring me any profits for now. If I continue to bet his tips with high stakes, I will deviate from the calculated risk I am prepared to take, therefore for next weeks I will bet his tips with a set stake of £25 in an attempt to maximize the winnings or limit the loses.

Overall here is what happened in week 11 I bet on 250 tips, 128 which were winning. This generated me a weekly loss of £706 with a negative ROI of 7%. For next week I have the idea to attach a strategy of set stakes for every one of my tipsters. The stakes depend on a couple of indicators such as activity, profitable tips during the journey, value odds and well-prepared decisions. Hopefully, this strategy will be more profitable and will fully recoup my losses. I advise you to keep your betting discipline and wager what you can afford to lose, this is a golden rule in this industry.

Stats Summary for week 11

Total bet amount: £9045

Profit/Loss: -£706

ROI: 7%

Bets Placed: 250

Won: 128

Lost: 118

Push: 3

Half Lost: 1

Winning: 51%

Average Odds: 2.20

Average Win odds: 1.83

Average Losing odds: 2.56

Average Bet size: £36

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