10 Reasons why tennis betting volumes are expected to continue growing in 2020?

The popularity of tennis betting continues to grow worldwide!

While tennis betting isn’t quite at the level of Football,NFL or NBA betting yet, it’s noticeably building across many sportsbooks. In particular, live betting on tennis is catching on with both casual and more dedicated sports bettors. Lines for both men’s and women’s tennis are available at all top sportsbooks. The top men’s league is the ATP World Tour; the WTA Tour is the top level of women’s tennis. The biggest tennis tournaments for betting every year are the four majors, aka the “Grand Slam.” Both the men’s and women’s tours feature the same Grand Slam tournament schedule.

  • The tennis Grand Slam includes:

  • Australian Open

  • Roland Garros

  • Wimbledon

  • US Open

One of the sports to have risen to the attention of the general punter more than any other in the internet age is tennis. The growth in tennis betting has been undeniable with stakes on the sport increasing by 12% a year.


Tennis is the most popular individual based sport in the world with over 1 billion followers. Wimbledon is the most prestigious sport event in the world. Over 1 billion people tune in at some point during Wimbledon 2017, 2018 and 2019. There were nearly 19 million people playing tennis in the U.S. in 2017, a figure slightly higher than the previous four years.In 2018 and 2019 the number raised to 23 million.

Betting volumes

In 2015, Warwick Bartlett, CEO of Global Betting & Gaming Consultants, stated that while tennis accounts for less than 10 percent of total sports bets, it generates 18 percent of overall online sports gaming revenue. By 2009, betting on tennis accounted for just 2 percent of the book's revenue. The sport has become so popular that Andy Murray’s first Wimbledon final in 2012 became Betfair’s largest ever market with more than £58 million of bets being placed on it.

Non-stop action

For bettors, the sheer breadth of the International Tennis Federation - 1,500 tournaments last year comprised 93,000 matches - means there’s almost always a game, set or match on which to wager. What is more, additional in-play betting types are available for wagering after the match goes live. The sequence of points are played within fixed intervals, usually no more than half a minute with rallies lasting roughly 10 seconds. This gives great opportunity for nonstop wagering.

Big odds Amplitude

Most traders falsely believe that the greater the amplitude and frequency of odds changes, the more opportunity there is to profit.

High frequency of odds changes.

That is exactly why tennis is a unique sport from a trading point of view. The sequence of points are played within fixed intervals, usually no more than half a minute with rallies lasting roughly 10 seconds. This gives great opportunity for quick turning points.

In-play tennis betting is like playing the slots in Vegas

A UK based sports book recently declared unusual increasing volumes of bets coming on "Next game winner" and "Next point winner". Those markets are settled in a manner of seconds. It's like playing the slots in Vegas and the action never stops. Betting fans have the opportunity to wager on over 250 tennis fixtures every day. No other sport has so many daily fixtures.

Great tennis live-stream coverage

The "live streaming" era made real-time betting more popular and virtual. Tennis live stream coverage is one of the best among all sports. Bettors can watch the games on the move on their smartphone or tablet.


Tennis is rated to be the most accessible sport and since both men and women game are widely given the same respect the rotation of fans is pretty much 50/50 in terms of gender compared to other top sport where male dominate the sport. Around 45 countries are represented in the top 100 tennis ranking in both men and women. While tennis players (both men and women) from 30 different countries have won at least 1 grand slam making it a unique record in sport.


Tennis is the most dominant sport during May to June every year (well unless there is a football world cup) because French Open and Wimbledon are held back to back and tennis headlines the sports section of media outlets in the UK, US and some other countries.

Betting models and algorithms

The last but not least reason behind tennis’ increased popularity is the increased access to – big data. Tennis fits the bill for big data perfectly. It’s easily quantifiable with data and statistics being pulled from every match. If presented in the correct way, this data gives prospective bettors a feeling of inside knowledge and boosts their confidence.

Whatever happens, tennis is as exciting and global as it ever was before, and it's only going to get stronger. From the Americans and Europe to Asia and Australia, we're lucky to be witnesses to this part of tennis history. The future looks bright, and we're at the center of it.

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