10 Reasons to sell your betting tips with Betting.com ?

Sell your tips with Betting.com!

Well of course, it is hard to be objective here and mention all the reasons why to use Betting.com to sell your tips. However, I will try to underline the most important and use facts when speaking about why Betting.com is the right choice to sell your tipping service.

  1. Betting.com currently charges the lowest market fees when we connect tipsters with punters. We have always believed that the only ways to establish long term business relationship are when both parties are happy. We know how much work tipsters put down in order to make their analysis and build the quantitative models, hence we will always try to offer a fair deal that will make tipsters and happy, so they can focus on what they do best.
  1. Betting.com is a new generation software that makes the most of the technologies and continuously evolves by adopting new techniques that are ensuring website speed and reliability.

  1. Your betting data is backed up every 24h hours, so you do not have to worry ever again of losing your betting records!

  1. You can tip on the go as the entire Betting.com platform is mobile friendly.
  1. Betting.com adopts automated algorithms to verify published tips and the odds quoted that ensure high quality of the information provided.
  1. Betting.com is a fast-growing sports betting platform that attracts a specific group of people that are seriously interested in sports betting which increases the chances of finding the right people. Furthermore, Betting.com users tend to know more than the average person for sports betting so they are more confident dealing with losing runs and therefore would bombardier your inbox with emails when you are having losing run.
  1. Betting.com offers a fast and extremely intuitive way to publish your tips it only requires few clicks – for sure that will give you a lot more time to do your analysis and publish tips with better quality.
  1. Although we recommend all tips published to be backed by verbal analysis, it is not mandatory as with most of the other market places. The reason – well when you have built a quantitative model that creates signals and your betting tips are 100% data based can be extremely annoying to ask you always to add description to your tips. Moreover, if your tipping strategy is based on horses, and you have to publish 10 or even 15 tips per day will be quite a time consuming to add a description to each and every tip. We offer more than enough analytical tools to the punter as well as 100% transparency to your betting performance to let the user judge you based on your data.
  1. Betting.com currently quotes live odds from 13 leading bookmakers and applies a sophisticated algorithm to verify the odds you are quoting at the time of the tip being published. We do not push you to quote the odds form the bookmaker we are having odds as of now, our algorithm is so good that it will actually verify the odds used even from other bookies which once again ensure high quality of the information published on Betting.com site
  1. Once tips are published, we will automatically settle them for you.
  1. Betting.com adopts the role of medal men, and our goal is to protect equally good both tipsters and punters. If there are any disputes, a person will manually look into the case and help you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  1. By using Betting.com to sell your tips, you can also benefit from our sports betting portfolio management software and keep track of your private bets. Being a tipster does not 100% mean that you cannot follow other tipsters to have your own betting portfolio. Why not have all your betting activities in one place?
  1. Currently, we are not looking for exclusivity. With other words in case you are using another platform of having your own website you can sell through your already established channels and simply add one more, which effectively means more sales for you and more winning punters around the world.

To be honest, I could go on and provide even more reasons to sell your betting tips with Betting.com. However, I feel the article get a little too long, and by all means, I do not want to bore you my words. How about you simply give it a try there is nothing to lose!

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