10 Mind blowing sports betting and casino wins!

Betting.com is software that combines all your sports betting activities in one place and helps you take more professional approach to them. However, we know that sports betting can be entertaining and we decided to list 10 incredible wins that have been achieved from regular punters.

We are pretty sure that you are have heard many stories about huge wins and losses in the gambling world. Probably, you personally have had some great hits that brought you a good amount of money and make you proud. Of course, sometimes the winds bring you losses but when that happens to you, don't panic it is part of the game. If you are serious about your sports betting activities you will keep on educating and sooner or later you will start making money.

Alternatively, if you are not willing to put down the hard work you can always find a good tipsters and follow its betting predictions. As we have advised you numerous time, please do take your time to be responsible with your betting activities and never ever gamble more than what you can afford to lose.

Today’s article is observing the entertaining aspect of sports betting and emphasize the importance of luck in sports betting. We have observed the web and gathered 10 unbelievable wins achieved by lucky punters.

During the years we have heard about many weird bets, high stakes, and incredible betting triumphs. It's very sweet when you place your regular Saturday accumulator bet with £20 and you win £400 or £500. Sports betting world knows cases when people turn a few pounds into millions thanks to their regular betting and of course luck.

As you can imagine not everyone who wins £1m will share that publically so that made our tasks a little harder but we did spend the required time to research the web and find some exceptional wins.

Enjoy reading and never forget – do not gamble more than what you can afford to lose!

80p into £585 000

Do you remember November 2011, when Glen Johnson from Liverpool scored on 87th minute to bring the win against Chelsea? If that game doesn’t come to your mind, do not worry this is what we expected. Nevertheless, this game was life-changing for one punter from Malta who will never forget that day! He placed an accumulator bet with 19 events generating a total betting odds of 683,738/1. Not only he placed the bet with only 80p but he won it! Well... definitely, Glen Johnson is the favorite player of this punter because his goal on that day brought to that man a winning amount of more than £585, 000. The most interesting fact of this story is that the punter has never placed an accumulator bet with more than £1.

30p into £500 000

In 2013, an unnamed bettor from the UK won a huge amount of £500 000 with a bet of just 30p! He placed a betting accumulator with 15 events before the start of the football season. He blew the records with odds of 1,666,666 / 1.

The bettor predicted the champions of top 5 English leagues, 3 lower Scottish divisions, Bayern Munich to win the Champions League, Leicester to win the rugby union Premiership, and Surrey to win last season's county cricket championship. If that is not impressive, what will be?!

What we can say here? Amazing luck for this guy, if he read that article we invite him to join our free tipster competition where he can share more predictions like those.

The magnificent seven

Yes, this story is true! Back in 1996, a punter named Darren Yates made one of the best triumphs ever in the horse racing betting world. His accomplishment is referred to as the ''magnificent seven'' and is very popular in the horse racing world.

Darren Yates placed £62 on a bet that jockey Frankie Dettorri would win all seven of his rides that day at Ascot. The jockey inexplicably won all races that day, and made Yates one of the most popular bettors and most likely, the happiest man in the globe on that date. On this day the punter turned his bet of £62 into a profit of £550 000 - what a shot! The risk that the bettor took paid off. Please bear in mind this is pure luck, Daren was lucky not really following a specific betting strategy. If you come across with someone in the betting industry who promise that will help you do the same he is very likely taking advantage of you!

William Hill paid £1,000,000.00

The popular bookmaker William Hill paid to one of its customers the amazing winning amount of £1 million! A 60-year-old salesman won the impressive amount with only 50p bet. The horse racing fan placed an 8-fold accumulator bet with different horse race selections around the world. At the end of the day, he became a millionaire but... he didn’t even know that fact. A few days later, he went to the same bookmaker to place a new bet...and understood the great news! We can’t even imagine learning this kind of a life-changing fact in an ordinary day!

A $250 baseball bet into a win of $375 000

Which team is your favorite? Do you support it by placing a bet now and then? If you don’t, think again. In 2011, one fan of the popular baseball team St.Louis Cardinals made a $250 bet for the win of his team in the World Series at odds of 500. At the start of the season, the team wasn't performing well, and the odds jumped to 999, but the baseball fan stayed with it and made another $125 bet. Then, the Cardinals had a very fast recovery and at the end of the year made it to the top of World Series, bringing the fan a win of $375 000. This is an example of how your faith in your favorite team pays off.

Sometimes luck comes twice

In 2001, the rooftop worker Mick Gibbs from Staffordshire, England, placed the luckiest bet of his life, which brought him £500 000. We have to mention that Gibbs had a very good and lucky betting history and back in 1999, he won £157 000 with only 2.50. However, sometimes luck comes twice. As he continued with betting, in 2001, he placed a 14 accumulator bet with only 30p and won £500 000!

The accumulator bet did test Mick’s nerves and especially the very last be. Bayern Munich and Valencia played on the final of the Champions League. Gibbs waited for Bayern to win the tournament, which wasn’t easy as the game continued and had penalties. In the last shot, Mauricio Pellegrino from Valencia missed, which made Mick Gibbs the big winner of half million pounds! What we can say, great return on its 30p investment.

When the dream comes true!

Las Vegas is the mecca of betting. The history knows many occasions when people leave the city with empty pockets. Nevertheless, Vegas also made not a few people rich and happy. The story of Archie Karas is the most unbelievable one we could find on the web and believe it is worth to be shared.

At first, the bettor lost $2 million in Los Angeles, making him go to Vegas in an attempt for fast recovery.

Although Mr. Karas lost a fortune he did not give up and borrowed $10 000 from a close friend of his. Please note that type of gambling approach raises a lot of flags that back at the days Karas may have had some gambling addiction issues. We do not advise you to borrow money in order to gamble!

What happened after he borrowed the funds is incredible - three years of betting with no losses? Definitely we want to meet this guy. He smashed the casinos around Vegas and made more than $40 million in profits from gambling. How he did it? With high roller poker games, nine-ball pool, and obviously, everything else that he tried.

Of course, the luck streak will end and some point and if you don't stop on time there is a significant risk of losing everything you have earnt and more.

Karas is a great example of having the exceptional opportunity to turn 10k into 40m but he did not when to stop. Guess what? He lost in craps, baccarat, and poker $30 million for just one month! After a while, he lost the other $10 million. This is a real story and underlines how important is to be able to control yourself. When you feel that you are losing control and the gambling addictions takes over you stop take a break and then come back stronger than before.

Coral biggest payout ever

Do you have times when you placed countless bets and you can't hit even one –not nice right? The next story is about a punter who has spent year in placing bets but barely won a few of them. All that changed in 2017.

Then Coral suffered the biggest payout ever in its history. The man, which name is unknown, placed a £19 worth accumulator bet online on five horses. Then as you can expected he went down to the pub to have a few pints with his friends as it was Friday. When he got back home he was pleasantly surprised to find out that his accumulator bet won and he cashed in the whooping £823 000! Imaginably the punter who chose to remain unanimous was extremely happy. We could not find any information with regards what happened after the huge win but we are sure he is now having a much better and calm life.

A £1 Accumulator bet into £574,000 of profit

In 2017 an unknown lady, loving mother and caring wife hit a huge winning accumulator bet. She has dedicated years of her life to her husband and son but she loved football and used each and every opportunity to follow the games.

At some point, she realized that she can benefit from the knowledge generated while watching football games and decided to place accumulator bets to entertain during the day. After 6 years of football betting with few pounds pet betting ticket, she hit a twelve-team accumulator with a total bet of £1 and win...over £574,000. It is quite interesting that in her accumulator bet with 12 events she did not choose a single draw but rather backed only home and away winners. Usually, in such a big accumulator you would expect to have at least a few draws but really it is all about luck in her case and it did work in her favor.

Something else that is interesting about this story is that the lady's husband has been betting since he was eighteen and has never won over £1000.

A risky $85 000 bet returns $1.2 million

So far we have provided you with some example of how people became really rich by placing small wagers on accumulator bets. This is a story is about a punter who did have the guts to place a massive bet in order to get the high reward.

In 2019 a fan put $85000 on Tiger Woods and wins $1.2 million! 39 years old James Adduccie made his first bet with the amount of $85k on T.Woods to win the Masters. We can presume that James is not a casual punter and he was in control of what is happening as well as followed really closely Tyger Woods and his recent results.

After 11 years of suffering to win the Masters, Woods finally did it, and that win brought to Adducie the amazing amount of $1.2 million! It is really hard to believe that someone will take the risk to place such a huge amount on Tiger Woods since he hadn't won a championship for so long but the risk was worth it and as we all know backing the underdog is what could make you rich.

An interesting fact is that this punter broke the record for the largest individual payout on a futures bet in the history of William Hill.

I hope you have enjoyed the above article, if that is the case do not be shy and share it with your friends.

On a different note it is really important to understand the above huge wins are purely based on luck so do not fall in the emotional trap to think you will be the next gambling millionaire by constantly placing accumulator bets. If you are keen to try your luck we would advise you to test our accumulator bet generator. It is a new feature we added to Betting.com that generates accumulator bets using our football predictions algorithm. It is entirely based on stats and so far it has proven to be quite successful.

Last but not least please make sure that you always bet with funds you can afford to lose. It is really simple to identify what is the amount you can afford to lose, ask yourself the question “will the money lost affect my normal life?”.

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