5 reasons to scrap Excel and use Betting.com for all your betting data.

The best way to improve your betting results is to learn from your own betting performance. We do appreciate the grid interface of Excel that enables us to create meaningful and complex calculations and keep our betting records up to date. But unfortunately for punters, spreadsheets haven’t evolved for the last 20 years, while your local bookie can change their quoted prices every minute thanks to advanced softwares they are using. Read on to discover how Betting.com can yield profit for you regularly.

1. Accuracy of your betting data.

Excel spreadsheets are prone to errors. When we used Excel to manage our betting portfolio, we had weekly checks just to fix input errors. It was time consuming and frustrating. Now we have a whole community that relies on Betting.com to provide accurate bet information. We realise that it is difficult to switch from your old excel spreadsheet to advanced software like Betting.com this is why we developed a feature that allows you to import your custom spreadsheet and start benefiting from our advanced and automated features immediately. Furthermore thanks to the new technologies you can now link your Betfair exchange account with Betting.com and place bets and automatically track your betting history with very limited to no manual intervention. In the long run, you will be able to connect your bookie accounts to synchronise data automatically with other bookies and exchanges. But, let’s take it step by step.

2. Bet Tracker Automation

Punters can utilise the full capacity of Excel only if they know the tool at a very good level. However, a big chunk of the betting community aren’t Excel wizards, nor do they have a finance background. Betting.com saves you the hassle by providing custom made solution to all punters. With Betting.com automated, advanced and easy to use bet tracker and analytics you will be able to analyse your betting performance in details and always be on the top of your betting finances. Thanks to the automated processes running in the back-end, you can quickly discover your profitable patterns, bet types, sports, etc. Also, when manually tracking your bets, we will automatically settle it for you when the game has ended.

3. Analytics.

When was the last time you analysed the data in your Excel file? We bet it was long time ago. Data and statistics are useless when you are not looking at them. Keeping your spreadsheet closed does not fit with the fast real-time data world we live in, because cloud-based solutions are the future. For inexperienced punters using Excel, there will always be a bridge gap between their data and the ability to analyse it. Betting.com solves that by providing you with an easy to use dashboard with beautiful and understandable graphs that can give you insights about your strengths and weaknesses, advice on how to become profitable, charting tools and much more. By using Betting.com you opt in to always have an easy access to your data. Betting.com software is mobile and tablet friendly so while on the go you can enjoy your betting.

4. Safety and security.

Do you back up your Excel files regularly? Not as often as you wish, perhaps. Thanks to Betting.com, all of your betting data is automatically backed up every 24 hours. You will never have to worry about losing your data, as we are committed to protecting it. The communication between Betting.com’ platform and your browser is encrypted to ensure the highest security levels. How? SSL Certificates provide protection of your sensitive information such as bankroll, bet details, username, credit card information, passwords, etc.

5. Motivation and psychology.

How do you feel when you are having a losing week or a losing month? You are quite lucky if you have never been there, but in the long run it happens quite often. Going through and overcoming losing runs is difficult and requires discipline to continue forward and not send mean e-mails to the tipster you are following. By continuously tracking your betting activity, you will detect your profitable and unprofitable patterns. That is why bet tracking and analysis remain at the core of Betting.com. We are currently developing an artificial intelligence algorithm that will be automatically notifying you when something is not good enough. Further it will analyse your data for you and suggest you how to improve your betting performance. We will also inform you when a specific bet type, league, sport, etc., is not yielding a positive return for you and suggest alternative bets. As of now each and every week we will send you a snapshot of your betting activities so you are informed how things are going.

Betting.com Hint - Technology, Technology and once again Technology

We are quite lucky to be part of perhaps the most important ever revolution – the technology revolution. Here at Betting.com we are technology driven and everything we do we do it in order to make our life easier and more efficient. We have recently added an odds comparison to our platform so you can always bet with the best odds. The best part is that thanks to API integration you will not be even asked to leave Betting.com site and you will be able to place your bets straight from us. Even better all bets placed from Betting.com odds comparison will be automatically tracked for you and then analysed. I hope you see where we are going - complete automation on your betting activities where data will be the key for your decisions. Well just imagine that soon you will be able to buy and sell tips on our platform.Considering all said I recommend you to go ahead and test Betting.com. We have 14 days free trial no credit or debit card required.