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Zombie Hoard Online Slot Review

Zombie Hoard Online Slot Review

Microgaming have kicked off 2019 with a bang, dropping some fantastic new slot game content for players to enjoy. They have, however, followed a recent trend with new release Zombie Hoard by giving it the Microgaming tag. However, the game itself has been developed by one of their very capable partners in Slingshot Studios. As everyone will know though, any slot games with the Microgaming tag is of a great quality; and that is certainly the case here.

Zombie Theme

The theme of the game is self-explanatory in the sense that it’s about zombies, which you gather immediately from the name Zombie Hoard. However, this is not a zombie themed game that is made to feature zombies in their traditional scary mode. In the Zombie Hoard title, they take on a cartoon-style look which also allows a comedy angle to develop too. In a way, the cartoon-style look to the visuals makes the game the attractive proposition it is for gamers and players should expect to find four different types of zombie on the reels, amongst other things.

Complete Accessibility

Both Microgaming and Slingshot Studios have always been determined to develop games that are accessible for everyone, and their latest 5-reel slot is certainly that. With 9 paylines in play, betting per spin starts from as little as $0.09, rising to a maximum of $45. The betting range makes Zombie Hoard an inclusive title; and it is also great that it can be enjoyed on desktop, mobile and tablet too.

Zombie Hoard Features

Microgaming and Slingshot Studios have reputations for creating slot games that are packed full of exciting and advantageous features, and that trend continues with Zombie Hoard. One of the first features to be aware of is the traditional wild, which appears on the reels as the game’s own logo. The wild, as expected, substitutes for other symbols within the game barring the scatter; helping the player to form winning combinations. It would also worth knowing that the wild can land super stacked on reels 3 and 4. This is extremely helpful  in generating even more winning combinations and bigger wins.

Free Spins

As with most slot games, the Free Spins feature is often the most rewarding and that’s the case here in many respects. Three to Five Brain symbols will see the Free Spins feature triggered and so will collecting 30+ tokens in a stash too. The tokens are found through low value symbols, therefore allowing a player to build up their total over multiple rounds. Up to 34 free spins can be collected in total; which is more than enough to pick up a good win or two. And stacked wilds and a 2x multiplier can come into play during this feature too.

Great Partnership

The Slingshot Studios and Microgaming link up has proven to be a big hit once again here as Zombie Hoard is a premium slot game in every department. It’s visually stunning, the gameplay is great, and the features are exciting and rewarding. What more could you ask for from a slot game? 

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