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The Great Reveal Online Slot Review

The Great Reveal Online Slot Review

The Great Reveal online slot is a game developed by Playtech, who are one of the industry’s leading developers. Released in October 2018, a quick glance tells you this is a release that has all the Playtech hallmarks when it comes to quality across the board, especially where the visuals are concerned. This could well be one of Playtech’s finest releases thus far, so let’s take a closer look.

Magical Theme

The title of the game hints at what the slot is based on, and players will be pleased to learn that the game is all about magic. While magic has been covered time and time again in the slot world; it is a theme which people will never grow tired of seeing or playing. And we can definitely say The Great Reveal is likely to be the pick of the bunch where similar slot games are concerned. As you would expect, there are magic related symbols which appear on the reels; with the magician himself, a magic hat, doves, roses and rabbits, all starring.

Perfect For All Players

Players will be able to play The Great Reveal across arrange of devices; with the game being compatible on desktop, tablet and mobile. Therefore, making it the ideal choice for gamers who prefer to enjoy slots while they are on the move. The betting range also makes the game accessible to everyone too; and it is arguably one of the best we have seen for quite some time. Betting per spin starts from just £0.10, with a maximum bet of £500. Therefore, making this the perfect game for all types of players, no matter their level of experience and budget.

The Great Reveal Features

When it comes to features in The Great Reveal one of the first things to watch out for is the scattered logo. This logo appearing on the three central reels of this five-reel game will trigger access to the Free Spins Bonus round. During this feature, wilds will stack on random reels, with 2 or 3 reels becoming stacked per round. So depending on the option selected by the player they could end up with 3 spins and 3 stacked wild reels, 6 spins and up to three stacked reels, or 10 free spins with 2 stacked reels.

The Wild Reveal

One of the best features within The Great Reveal is known as The Wild Reveal, with a player needing to collect 2 keys from one reel to access it. Once the feature has been triggered the magician will reveal a stacked wild on the reel. Every reel comes equipped with two padlocks located at the top. And this is where the keys come into play to unlock them. The stacked wild on the unlocked reel will stay in position for 2 spins, helping the player to win big.

Magical Slot Release

After taking a closer look at The Great Reveal this could well be one of Playtech’s greatest ever releases. The game takes on a very popular and fun theme in magic and magicians. Plus the gameplay is great, there are unique features to get stuck into; and thanks to the 40 paylines and betting range, the winning potential is big too.

Enjoy The Great Reveal Here

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