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Pros And Cons Of Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Slot games in many ways are the staple of any good casino. They’re loved by most people gaming in both the online and offline casino world as they’re easy and exciting to play. Over the years, there have been different types of slot games developed; with one of the most popular now being progressive jackpot slots. These titles, which include the likes of Mega Moolah, are loved by players due to the huge amount of cash available to be won.

What’s Great About Progressive Jackpot Games

As with anything, there are always pros and cons, and this also applies to progressive jackpot slot games. The biggest draw of these games is obviously the huge amount of money that can be won if the jackpot is cashed. In some cases, people have won life changing amounts of money, millions. The six and seven figure jackpots are the most exciting thing about progressives.

The popularity of progressives is also beneficial in another way too. The more that people play doesn’t only increase the progressive jackpot; it also sees the RTP, or return to player, increase too. This means that players are going to get more back when they play the game, even if they don’t take home the jackpot. They’ll ultimately get more playing time for their money as a result too.

Another pro to playing progressives is the general excitement they create. While slot games are naturally exciting and thrilling to play, with a huge wad of cash available to be won, these games have the edge over more traditional video slot games. In many ways they’re on a similar level to lotteries played in countries around the world on a regular basis; showing just how popular progressive jackpot slot games have become over the last few years or so.

On The Other Hand

You could say that a progressive’s biggest plus point, its jackpot; is also the cause of a couple of its downsides too. For example, the jackpot in a game makes up a big part of the RTP. This means that while the RTP level may increase as the jackpot total does; it is still highly unlikely a player will earn back the part of the RTP that the jackpot represents.

Progressives will also display higher volatility too, with players likely to receive fewer smaller wins when compared with a normal slot game. This is because the jackpot must be made up for, with them being the sole focus in many respects. You’ll often find at RTP of around 93% for a normal slot game; while with progressives the starting RTP is usually around the 88% mark.

Seek A Balance

There’s no denying how great progressive jackpot slots are, especially with the huge six and seven figure prizes available to be won. However, they do come with their drawbacks too. The ideal thing may be to mix playing normal slot games and progressive slots; that way you’ll likely pick up a few more wins along the way, without having to limit the excitement levels.

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