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Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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Online Casino Brands Love The Blockbusters

The online gaming industry has predominantly had an enormous interest for online video slot machines. This is for the most part because of the staggering devotion to online slot machines with all online casino members. In addition, the product is extremely adaptable in terms of employing virtually any type of theme or idea to create a never ending supply of games.

Online Casino Benefits

A standout amongst the most appealing and effective themes utilised by game development firms has traditionally been that of prominent movies and films. This pool gets the creative juices flowing, as there is an endless amount of titles to review and use. Plus there is the huge advantage of these themes being an effective and proven way to draw in both new and experienced casino members; so that the game can have a better chance of success and longevity in the business.


There are many development teams that have grasped and spent significant time incorporating various motion pictures and blockbusters in the creation of video slot games. But not many has had IGT’s continued achievements and acknowledgments for their motion picture and TV themed slot games. Everybody will be comfortable with online slot titles like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghostbusters, Charlie’s Angels, Avatar and The Hangover.


Playtech is one of the leaders in technology and innovation. They have built up a solid reputation for creating some of the most successful and popular games in the industry. There is no doubt players will have already come across timeless favourites like The Love Boat, Rocky, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Mummy and the Gladiator. The company has also made a name for itself as being one of the first to employ Marvel Super Heroes; and some of the more popular titles like X-Men and Superman will be seen in nearly every single online casino.


Microgaming is an incredibly famous gaming firm that has consistently delivered best of breed online video slot machines. The secret has been by merging unique games features with motion pictures and film. This firm is well known for their highly profitable slots games. And how they are able to, more often than not, capture players’ interest in their games; which actually seems to get stronger as time goes on. Their creations include Terminator 2, Game of Thrones and The Dark Knight Rises.

The Future

These motion picture and film themed slot machines have been greatly effective in producing phenomenal income for both developers and casino operators. Furthermore, it is a perfect method to create the intrigue for new players to step into the online casino world. As well as giving operators the opportunity to keep their promotions and bonuses fresh and interesting. Movie themed slot games have the added advantage of already having an interested audience that enhances the chances of them interacting with the new games. And this is because to their familiarity with the underlying film or TV series.

Truth be told, with the advances in innovation, PCs and mobile handsets; players and casino brands will always be able to marry any theme. And adapt it perfectly with actual video clips, sound and even bonus features that make the slot game an extension of the actual movie or show.

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