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Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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Multiplayer Gaming and Progressive Jackpots

Today, there is an ever-growing audience with a huge appetite for gaming. Traditionally, gaming would encompass video games and be of most interest to a relatively young crowd. However, over the years, this demographic has changed due to advances in technology, gaming content, innovation, social media and the general acceptance of gambling within mainstream society. Currently, multiplayer gaming and progressive jackpots have evolved into a very attractive product that has become a huge success. This is partly in thanks to the fact that it merges three of the most important factors that contribute to player satisfaction: social interaction, competition and, of course, massive potential winnings.

Social Media

Nowadays it is impossible to ignore the social media revolution. It seems that we have all grown up with online video games and social games on popular social media sites like Facebook, which have inevitably changed the way we enjoy games. The gambling industry has always been renowned for embracing technology, and never one to miss an opportunity. In fact, gambling companies have already developed online and mobile games that offer players a live community to socially interact with other, even as they play.


This interaction was already seen to some degree in competitions and tournaments, with well-known examples being poker and slots tournaments.  In recent times, players being able to freely communicate with each other has been taken to a whole new level. So that it actually compliments the highly competitive environment which all players find compelling. This healthy competition, coupled with the opportunity to exchange views, comments and ideas; has enhanced the whole gaming experience, especially when we take into consideration, leaderboards and head to head challenges.

Working Together

Multiplayer gaming has also allowed players to come together and pool their resources to play games. Therefore, everyone has the real chance of winning extremely large prize pots due to the higher than usual wagers and popularity. It also makes it possible for high rollers and inexperienced players to come together. This is because there are games which incorporate payout formulas that can allocate winnings according to how much was actually wagered by each player.


However, what is even more important, is this pooling of resources has resulted in huge ever growing progressive jackpots; which are usually, at the very least, six-figure amounts. This is obviously a big draw with all players and works well in partnership with innovative mobile games and online slot brands like 888casino, who develop their own unique and exciting mobile slot games that integrate progressive jackpots.

There is no doubt this trend in gaming and gambling is set to continue, with both running very similar paths; in terms of game features, technology and audiences. Therefore, one can only imagine the wonderful and exciting advancements that we are all to experience in the new year and beyond.

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