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Mobile Casinos Dominating 2018 And Beyond

Casinos have been around a long time now and they’re still as popular; if not more popular today, as they were many years ago. Casinos though have evolved over time and long gone are the days when people played games such as blackjack and roulette at a land-based casino. With the development of the internet, a new age of casinos was born in the 1990s; plus things have even changed again since then too, especially when looking at mobile casinos.

Mobile Casinos - The Latest Trend

The casino industry itself is one that has never stood still, especially where technology is concerned. Online casinos literally changed the industry on the whole. They have allowed everyone to play their favourite games from wherever they had an internet connection; usually at home on their desktop computer. The convenience factor played a huge part in the success of online casinos; and it continues to do so with the latest trend, mobile casinos.

Smartphones have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years in terms of what they’re capable of doing. They are ideal as devices for players to enjoy their favourite casino games. This is because not only do they produce a great gaming experience through the use of apps; but people literally take them everywhere and they will always have an internet connection too, be it through mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Mobile Casinos Dominating 2018

Mobile casinos have been on the rise for the last few years; but 2018 has already become the year when they really dominate the market. More and more members are opting to play their favourite slot games on the go at mobile casinos such as 21Prive Casino, a brand that has the best games and massive bonuses. In fact, recent forecasts have shown that mobile gambling is likely to account for around 40% of online gambling over the course of the next 3 years.

This ultimately means that casino game developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt will start to focus their attention on making slots games for example that are suited to the latest iOS and Android devices in order to give players the best gaming experience possible. All of the top operators now have apps out too and if they don’t they are either underway in getting them developed or have optimised mobile sites so players can play on the go.

21Prive Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos are also starting to draw in players too with great promotional offers. 21Prive Casino for example who are the market leaders when it comes to mobile casino games and apps offer players up to £1000 in bonuses and 50 free spins over your first three deposits. This brand has a complete service which includes 3D games, progressive jackpots, live casino, tournaments and a whole lot more.

The Future

Technology has developed to a point where people who use mobile casinos via apps on their smartphones; can do everything that a person visiting an online casino from a desktop would be able to do and in some cases even more. Live casino services have become popular with players since being introduced; plus you can play along with Live dealers from a smartphone too. The experience we all enjoy on smartphones now is only going to keep on getting better; so this will inevitably mean that mobile casinos keep growing in popularity too. To get more information, read our guide: what are the best US betting apps.

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