FIFA UK Masters To Get Underway

This weekend sees the launch of a brand-new FIFA eSport tournament labelled the FIFA UK Masters. The event, which has been put together by the world’s leading eSports brand Fnatic, and is in partnership with Klarna and Just Eat, will see the best players from the UK go head to head in an eagerly anticipated competition.

High Expectations

Fnactic will be hoping their man Tekkz is the one declared the winner, and he will, of course, enter the tournament as the favourite. Tekkz has undoubtedly been the most successful FIFA player on the planet in recent times. So he will be looking to add the UK Masters to his haul of successes.

The Competition

Before Tekkz began dominating the scene, it was Huge Gorilla who was the player to beat. Tekkz has eclipsed Gorilla’s achievements, with the latter out of sorts for a while. But, there is always a chance things will click in the competitive scene for the former World Champion once again. And if they do, Tekkz and the rest of the competitors will have a battle on their hands against a man who knows what it takes to win on the big stage.

The Players

The list of competitors is as follows:

  • Tekkz
  • Zelonius
  • Hashtag Tom
  • Hashtag Shawrey
  • Hashtag Harry
  • Huge Gorilla
  • Damiefifa
  • Futwiz Painter
  • FaZeTass
  • Shellzz
  • Lyricz30
  • SCP Diogo
  • Ryan Pessoa
  • Saints Venny
  • Ethxn H
  • Stokes

FIFA The Game

FIFA, as everyone will know, is a game where the meta can often reduce the fun and enjoyment players have when competing. So, unlike most other tournaments to take place in the FIFA eSport scene; Fnatic are bringing into play a strict set of rules which will undoubtedly make the action more enjoyable than ever.

Overload Ball Side

Players will not be allowed to use the overload ball side technique, a well-known exploit in the game. OBS has been a thorn in the side of FIFA gamers in EA Sport’s latest release; with the player on the receiving end weakened as a result.

More Exciting Action

Competitors will also not be permitted to use the drop back tactic for their defensive set up. By utilising drop back, it makes it incredibly hard for the opponent to score. And it also gives the player the perfect opportunity to use the over-powered AI defensive system. In line with this, those taking part in the UK Masters must have their depth set to a minimum of five, and this will immediately make the games, which can be seen live on Twitch, more exciting.

Fnatic Perfection

To present the FIFA UK Masters, Fnatic have brought in expert duo Richard Buckley and Brandon Smith; two guys who know everything there is to know about FIFA and the FIFA scene. It should prove to be a fantastic event; especially as the list of competitors has a heap of talent included in it. Our pick is Tekkz, but, you can never write Huge Gorilla off. However, as everyone knows, anything can happen in FIFA.

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