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Famous Casino Winners

Famous Casino Winners and Celebrities

Some celebrities with money to burn have gone into the casino and multiplied a large amount of money with pure look. Others think they have a strategy which gives them an edge. Some normal folk have gone into a casino with hardly any money and turn into a millionaire. Here are some famous winners in casinos.

Mike Ashley 

Mike Ashley is famous for being the owner of Newcastle United Football Club and sports good retailer Sports Direct. He then became famous for a big win which saw him win £1.6m. He managed this in three hours at a roulette table in a casino in London. His lucky number is 17, and his strategy was to bet on every possible combination of that number. The wheel landed on 17, and by the time Ashley left the casino, he had turned £480,000 into £1.6m. 

Sean Connery

Sean Connery is known as the actor who played James Bond in six movies in the 1960s and 1970s. Like Mike Ashley, Connery picks 17 as his lucky number and that’s where he won big. When he was in the Italian Alps, he put his money on 17. The first two spins didn’t hit 17, but the third time it landed. Remarkably, Connery put all his winnings on 17 again, and 17 came up again. Even more remarkably, Connery bet again on 17 and for the third time in a row, at odds of 50,000 to 1, 17 came up one more time. This returned £10,000, which today would be worth almost £200,000. 

Don Johnson

Don Johnson, a former corporate executive, is now a world-famous gambler. His game of choice is blackjack. His strategy involves doubling up when he can, splitting a hand into four separate hands and playing where dealers stopped drawing cards when a hand equalled 17, which increased the chances of winning.  This strategy served Johnson well, who won more than $15 million at casinos in Atlantic City over a six-month period.

Archie Karas

Archie Karas, formerly a waiter, turned $50 into $40 million. He played high stake card games in Los Angeles and regularly won and lost millions.  At one point he lost $2 million and only had $50 left. He then started what is regarded as the best run of gambling success in history. A friend let him borrow $10,000 to play a high stakes Razz game, where the lowest hand always wins. He played this against some of the world’s greatest poker players and he won millions which included the casino’s special $5,000 chips. At the same casino, Karas won $17 million playing poker and craps. He kept playing and over 2 years he had amassed $40 million, and this streak included many times where he would lose up to $7 million a game. He repaid his friend with 50% interest.

Some say it’s all about luck, but these four all believe they have a strategy that enhances their chances, and having read about their successes, it’s had to dispute that. 

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