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Poker strategies

The Most Useful Poker Strategies

Poker is a very popular card game worldwide that comprises both elements of luck and skill and it is important to have a strategy to employ when you are playing. If you can master a poker strategy and make it a success you can make massive amounts of money. There are many different poker strategies out there to try, but which are the most useful ones?

Be More Aggressive

To win big at poker you have to bet a lot, to ensure you have a chance to win a lot. Once you have mastered the basics of the game you must then learn when, whilst remaining patient, you need to be aggressive. Many beginners are often too cautious and will check; when they should bet and call when they should really be raising. If you are highlighted as a cautious player this will mean the other players on your table will see you as a weak player and look to take advantage of this. If you barely bet or raise other players will push you around and if you bet big they will know that you have a very strong hand; meaning they will fold and you will win less. If you have a winning hand then take it for all you can get; this also makes poker a lot more fun and gives you more chance of winning big. Be aggressive in your strategy, but keep a cool head.

Fancy A squeeze?

The squeeze play strategy can be one of the best and the aim is to squeeze another player out of the pot after they have already committed their chips. This can be done by raising big and early with a weak hand; with the aim of making everyone else fold.

It is worth using this method when you are sure it will work and you have a tight image; you need to be able to bluff very well. It is good to use against other novice players. But not with experts and it is useful sometimes in the late stages of a multi table tournament; because the risks are too high in cash games and also the early stages of a tournament. If you have recently made this move though don’t do it again too soon as it will be predictable. Also refrain from doing so if the second player also re raises; as this could indicate they have a strong hand.

Consistent Poker Strategy

An important key to becoming a successful poker player is to stick to a winning strategy once you find it. Only deviate from this strategy with good reason and because you think it is going to result in profit. Everything you have learnt from playing poker and studying the game you need to use. So that one will find that successful players apply the same winning poker strategy every time they play; no matter if it has been successful in the recent past for them or not.

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