Live Speed Blackjack Game Review

One of the reasons why Evolution Gaming is the authority on live content in the casino world is because they are always looking to break the mould and innovate. Live Speed Blackjack is the perfect example of how Evolution go about their business, in what is the fastest live blackjack product available to play right now.

The Pace Of The Game

Traditionally, blackjack dealers will serve players with their cards, and then wait for them to decide on what course of action they wish to take. As you would expect, this does have the potential to drag on at times; especially when the table is full. It can lead to other players at the table becoming frustrated and losing interest; which is something operators, as well as punters, don’t want to happen.

The Need For Speed

So, with this in mind, Evolution Gaming came up with an innovative way for dealers to serve players their cards, and that is where the name Live Speed Blackjack comes into play. Those at the table who are known to be the fastest players will be dealt their cards first; effectively removing waiting time from the conversation. For example, a player who receives a ten and wants to double will get their card first if they are the quickest at the table; with the next fastest following.

The Dynamics of Live Speed Blackjack

As you will expect, the changes to how the dealer deals the cards and the pace the game is played. Thus bringing other questions into the game. For example, you may be wondering how splitting works. Well, if a player receives a pair they want to split, the dealer will see this; divide the hand, and deliver the first card to each. From there, the croupier will go on to serve the rest of the player cards; before returning to complete the split hands.


There will be times when punters may go AFK, or they may be taking a while to come to a decision. If this is the case, and the bet round time runs out, any hand over twelve will stand automatically; regardless of what cards the dealer has in their possession. If, however, a player has a hand of 11 or less, the game will automatically hit until the value of the cards in hand hits 12 or more. On doing so, the hand will stand. They are two nifty autoplay options which keep the game running at speed.

Great Experience

What Evolution Gaming have done here is make playing Live Speed Blackjack more convenient, while increasing the intensity tenfold. It leads to the game being more exciting and fun to play; as well as influencing player strategy. Plus it also means that punters at the table aren’t left waiting around for slower players to make their decisions; which can be frustrating and annoying.

Evolution Gaming Brillance

So, in effect, Evolution has fine-tuned blackjack, and it delivers a better gaming experience as a result. We are huge fans of the autoplay options included too, as they ensure the game is blazing fast throughout. Having the consistency where speed is concerned is crucial in this stellar live casino product.

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