Live Dragon Tiger Casino Review

Live Dragon Tigers is a simplified form of Live Baccarat created by Evolution Gaming, the authority on live content in the casino industry today. It hit the scene in 2018, and immediately become the game of choice for players, with its simplicity and accessibility very much crucial in its rise to the top.

Simple Gameplay

As mentioned above, Live Dragon Tiger is simple to play, and this is what makes it such a fantastic online and mobile casino product. The dealer serves two cards, one Tiger and the other one Dragon. The winning card is the one which is higher in value. So punters place bets on which they think will trump the other. It means rounds are quick, with most lasting in the region of twenty-five seconds.

The Perfect Tabe Game

Live Dragon Tiger is appealing because of how easy it is to pick up and play. You don’t need to learn any rules or put in any research beforehand; it is just a case of logging on and enjoying the thrilling action. It is appealing because of this and has a broad audience as a result. But the Asian feel to proceedings makes it a popular game with Asian audiences as well, and this is another plus point to bear in mind.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming are experts when it comes to delivering live content. And it is one of the reasons why they are the best in the business. So, it will come as no surprise to see Live Dragon Tiger taking place in their stellar European Studios; which have an Asian feel in terms of design to boost the oriental flavour of proceedings. Evolution Gaming only makes use of fantastic live dealers. In addition, they are well versed on the Asian heritage of Live Dragon Tiger, rounding off a professional product superbly.

Live Dragon Tiger Side Bets

It is worth noting that Evolution Gaming does not employ a bookmakers’ margin in Live Dragon Tiger because there is a chance of a tie occurring. So, they will always have a slight edge during rounds. However, the tie option is worth exploring as a player, as it is available as a side bet during the action. Winning via Dragon or Tiger will see a punter walk away with an even money return. But a wager on a tie pays out at odds of 11/1. And, the player will also get 50% of their main bet back as well.

Huge Payouts

If a player gets really lucky, they could walk away with a payout of 50/1. For this to happen, the tie which occurs must be of the same suit. Backing this as an outcome can prove to be very profitable. Especially as you will still get half of your initial primary game wager back.

Live Gaming At Its Best

It is easy to see why Live Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular Evolution Gaming products around. Simple to play and appealing to everyone, regardless of their budget and ability, this game does what it says on the tin. The camera angles synonymous with Evolution live content; only serve to increase the fun in what is very much the perfect casino title.

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