Live Double Ball Roulette Game Review

Evolution Gaming is the premier outfit when it comes to creating live content in the online casino industry. And, one of the reasons why they are in the position is because the company believes in innovation; as well as bringing fresh and engaging products to the market. Live Double Ball Roulette is a prime example of this, revolutionising the game in a big way when it dropped in 2016.

Double Ball – The Basics

As everyone will know, roulette typically makes use of just one ball. But in Live Double Ball Roulette two are in play. So, gamblers will see their chances of winning the inside bets double. However, the probability of winning outside wagers will reduce by half. The top payout is in the region of a stunning 1300/1; which is an appealing figure for a lot of punters who are out to win significant amounts of cash.

Live Gaming Experience

Evolution Gaming is renowned for making use of professional studios. But there is so much more going on, such as how they bring cameras into play. In Live Double Ball Roulette, Evolution employs multiple camera angles, all available in HD, taking players as close to the action as possible. The ball launches mechanically too, and when you combine all these elements; you have a stunning live casino product.

Betting Features

There are several differences between the standard game of roulette and Live Double Ball Roulette, with the use of two balls being the one which stands out the most. Where betting is concerned, for an inside bet to payout, one of the two balls must land on the number a player selected. However, both balls must land for an outside wager to come up trumps. Therefore, making inside bets easier to win, but outside wagers more difficult.

Advantages Of The Game

Players benefit massively from playing Live Double Ball Roulette, with Evolution Gaming’s product providing some fantastic advantages. It is, for example, a unique game and the first of its kind. The innovation alone is a benefit, and one of the reasons why the game has mass appeal. The betting options that come into play as a result of how the game works are also new and exciting. Plus, they are another unique strand to a modern revamp of roulette is.

Huge Payouts

The top payout which sees odds of 1300/1 available are the highest around. No other live roulette game offers odds at the level Live Double Ball Roulette does and being able to win a massive amount of cash playing roulette from a single bet is fantastic. Players can, of course, also bag double money from a single spin as there are two balls in play; which is another significant advantage when placing both inside and outside bets.

Continued Success

Live Double Ball Roulette is a game-changer. It was when it dropped in 2016, and it remains the case today. The uniqueness and innovation Evolution bring into play is the driving force behind the game’s mass appeal; making Live Double Roulette a must-play for casino gamers.

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