Dream Catcher Live Game Review

Dream Catcher was launched back in 2017 by live content experts Evolution Gaming. With the online casino industry moving towards live gaming, Evolution has quickly established themselves as the go-to guys. And Dream Catcher is the first time they brought a lucky wheel concept into play.

Live Entertainment

The game, which is enjoyable across a range of devices which includes mobile and desktop, is hosted by a live presenter. Thus the set up appeals to everybody who enjoys gambling; whether they are beginners or experts and regardless of the types of games they prefer. Dream Catcher is broadcast live from Evolution’s impressive studios, and it presents as an appealing game show.

Game Mechanics

Dream Catcher effectively infuses several types of casino game into the one product but keeps the gameplay simple; which is crucial when aiming to attract as many players as possible. There are fifty-four pockets on the wheel, with fifty-two slots displaying numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The two outstanding segments contain multipliers of x2 and x7. Players will place bets on their chosen elements; with the value of the payout determined by the number displayed on the pocket.

Catch The Multiplier

If the wheel stops on the multiplier, bets in place remain, with the multiplier applying to the next win. So, there are some significant wins for players to bag; especially if the x7 multiplier comes in first. The gaming experience is enhanced further by the live presenter who appears next to the virtual wheel. They keep players entertained throughout by interacting; announcing the results, and offering assistance when needed.

Dream Catcher Strategies

There are several strategies to consider when playing Dream Catcher. But the most important thing is to try and keep your balance in check at all times. It makes sense to try and play the long game; rather than take risks and aim for significant short term results. So, placing bets on 1, 2 and 5 will likely yield smaller but more consistent returns. Thus allowing a player to play for longer, building up their balance as they go.

Game Statistics

Players have access to the game statistics too, and they are worth keeping an eye on for sure. The stats combined with a progressive betting strategy can be useful for punters, and winning increases the enjoyment and excitement levels tenfold after all. So, while being a game for everyone and a title which is easy to pick up and play, players can also employ several simple strategies to boost their chances of winning.

What Dreams Are Made Of

In conclusion, Live Dream Catcher is one of the top Evolution Gaming products around. And that is some accolade. We see multiple casino games integrate into one fantastic and exciting title. Hence the reason why it immediately makes the title an appealing proposition to gamers in general. Dream Catcher playing like a game show is a significant plus too because it gives the game the feeling of being involved in a TV programme in many respects – top marks all round from us.

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