Deal Or No Deal Live Casino Review

Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular gameshows to appear on TV screens of all time. The show, created by Endemol, immediately gained a cult following; before becoming a programme everyone made sure they tuned into when it aired. As this game’s popularity is still right up there, live content experts Evolution Gaming have teamed up with Endemol to create a live version for casino players to enjoy.

Unique Gaming Experience

As a product, Deal or No Deal Live has multiple layers and provides a unique gaming experience. Players must first qualify for the main game show, and they do this by aligning gold segments within the set time limit. The spins a player makes will set the top prize for the session. Once a punter has unlocked the vault, they will move onto the second phase; which is the top-up wheel. At this point, players will be able to top up the money in the briefcases by up to 50x the bet.


Of course, the main show is the game’s key attraction and the reason why punters will be eager to play this fantastic title by Evolution Gaming and Endemol. Each player will have sixteen sealed briefcases presented to them. Each case is identical on the outside, but the amounts of cash within vary from box to box.

The Ultimate Question

There are a predetermined amount of boxes to open each round. Following the opening of each set of cases, “the Banker” will put in a call, just like he does in the TV show. At this point, the banker will make an offer which is determined by the cash prizes remaining in play. The punter will then hear the famous question: “Deal or No Deal?”

Deal Or No Deal

If a player makes it past the fourth round, there will be two prizes left to reveal – the one they own and the solitary box remaining in the game. The punter will have the opportunity to swap their case for the one still in play in the game before the winning prize becomes known. It is arguably the most difficult decision to make when playing this engaging title. And it was often the case in the hit TV show as well. Once the final reveal takes place, the game ends.

Evolution Gaming Leading The Way

Evolution Gaming is at the forefront of live gaming, and they follow up the fantastic Monopoly Live with another incredible casino product in Deal or No Deal Live. A recreation of a gameshow needs to be authentic, and this port of the superb Endemol TV show has authenticity in spades. Everyone feels like they are on the game show when playing along with a live host. Plus as you can access the game and play whenever you like, it’s even more appealing. Evolution Gaming transformed the casino industry with its live content, and it keeps hitting the high notes, especially with Deal or No Deal Live.

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