Crazy Time Live Casino Review

Crazy Time is an upcoming release from live content experts Evolution Gaming. These guys are very much the dominant force in the live casino market, so, their releases come with tonnes of anticipation. Crazy Time is effectively four games in one, and we can’t wait to see what Evolution have in store for us this time around.

Bonus Games

We mentioned four games in one, and, as expected, Crazy Time has four bonus games to play through. The first, called Pachinko, works similarly to connect four with a pinball involved. Cash Hunt is the second bonus round, and it plays out like a TV game show. The third bonus game is called Coin Flip, with the final round, fittingly named Crazy Time.

Huge Wins

Across the four bonus rounds, there is significant winning potential for the player at the controls. Unlimited doubles appear in the first. Punters can win up to 25,000x their stake in Cash Hunt. There are wins of 5,000x the stake available in Coin Flip and Crazy Time can deliver a payout of up to 160,000x the original bet.

Evolution Expertise

As a company, Evolution Gaming know the market they’re in like the back of their hand. The team knows the content their customers want to play. So, after Monopoly Live, for example, received so much praise and success; Evolution knew they must up their game if they’re to top one of the most popular live casino products around.

Todd Haushalter

According to Todd Haushalter of Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time is one of the most expensive games they’ve ever made, so, it shows Evolution’s determination to continue delivering remarkable and immersive content into the online casino industry. The four bonus rounds will undoubtedly be the key to success, with a multiplier applied to every spin of the bonus games. On average, players will gain access to a bonus round with every six spins they play; which is mind-blowing, and, of course, a big draw.


Pachinko is the first bonus round, with prizes in place at the bottom of the screen. The pinball will enter the game at the top of the reels, making its way down to the rewards. Where the ball lands is what matters, as it will mean a player takes away the prize in the position. Unlimited doubles along the way will boost payouts.

Cash Hunt

In Cash Hunt punters will have a grid in front of them containing 108 multiplier prizes. The game’s dealer will then pull the lever to scramble and hide the prizes on the screen. The player will then take aim and fire at an icon which will be the prize they take away.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip involved, you guessed it, flipping coins. On the screen, there will be a coin with a red side and a blue one. When the coin stops flipping, two multipliers will appear. A player’s prize is decided by another coin flipping and hitting on one of the two multipliers.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is arguably the pick of the bonuses, and it has a big wheel in place. Players will first select the segment colour they wish to go with during the round. With multiple multipliers on the wheel, when it finishes spinning, the prize of the colour selected by the player will be their payout.

The Verdict

Crazy Time, which hits the scene next month (July 2020), is the game everyone is talking about, and they will all be playing it as well. Evolution Gaming know their stuff and know how to keep on delivering fresh and innovative content. The company has worked its magic here, and it could go on to be the game of the year.

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