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Big Data Impact On Virtual Reality Casinos

Virtual reality is a technology with boundless opportunity. This opportunity can be seen when it is paired with some other tech to create new opportunities . When paired with gaming, VR allowed the user to enter the virtual world of the game. When used in marketing, property developers could show houses to potential buyers wherever they were in the world. Big Data is a term used to describe the vast amount of information that comes from effective tracking and analytics.

The next big application of VR technology is going to be combining it with Big Data to solve the problem created by the limitation of human perception. The vast amounts of data which is gathered through user interaction is an extremely powerful tool if it can be sorted into useful information. Business managers can then use it to make informed decisions. So how can Virtual Reality and Big Data be used together?

Virtual Reality Casinos Perfect Fit

A practical example of the diverse capabilities of Virtual Reality is in the online casino business. The one aspect where physical casinos come out tops is the atmosphere and general experience value. Virtual reality has the potential to bring that same atmosphere into the players home. As an online casino this is obviously a very attractive prospect, as it keeps the players out of real casinos and playing online which in turn creates more revenue for them. At the other end of the line we have the vast amount of data which is generated by online casinos. These include the demographics of the players, how long they play for, their average deposit habits and the many other variables which you can think of.

Virtual Reality & Data

For the online casino, providing a virtual reality experience is essentially used to improve player retention. But what about the data that is collected when the user is actually using the technology. Sorting this data is essential to making informed decisions in the competitive business environment of online businesses.  Traditional bar graphs and pie charts on 2D screens are not cutting it when it comes to processing large data sets. 

Virtual Reality therefore provides an alternative means of viewing data by using its immersive capabilities to solve complex problems. Imagine the online casino operator standing in the middle of a massive data pile, he can then step towards one data point and in an instant fly towards an outlier. What results is an immersive experience where data models surround you.

In the past we have employed static data models to understand dynamic data. Virtual Reality makes data analysis immersive and turns processing data into a dynamic experience. Big Data analysis will be a tactile experience making it much easier to comprehend. Think Tony Stark grabbing and throwing data through the air at his will when making his iron man suit. VR has already been very successful in the consumer market but this is just the start. Big Data is only as useful as the minds interpreting it. With Virtual Reality technology we will see businesses gain insights that will revolutionise decision making as we know it.

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