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Sunday , 24 June 2018
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The Best Android Smartphones for Gaming

Smartphones have become the preferred choice for more and more people these days, who are opting to play games. In some cases, they’re choosing to do this rather than load up their gaming PC or switching on their next gen consoles. This is because people take their phones everywhere with them. Not to mention the fact that they’re much more convenient to game on as you can pick up and play your favourite title within seconds. With smartphones now delivering stunning graphics, animations and sound effects, which Android versions provide the best gaming experience?


To being with, people should certainly consider the market leader Samsung. They’re the best at delivering award winning handsets that deliver in every area. Their top of the range smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and even its predecessor the S7, are by far and away ahead of everything in their field. Plus, the Note 8 has incorporated a bigger screen and is a cross between smartphone and tablet; and so you’re sure to find something that suits your gaming needs from Samsung.

Whether you are looking to play your favourite puzzle game, an adventure title or even if you are a keen gambler and like to visit online casinos, Samsung models are your best bet. They have the raw processing power required to deliver the gaming action. The screens are all AMOLED which helps provide perfect graphics at speed. Plus, they’re also large screens too, so players can enjoy a better gaming experience. Samsung have made these devices with gaming in mind, and there are settings within the handset which will further improve the gaming experience.


Smartphone developers are always thinking of ways that they can attract those people who regularly use their handsets for gaming. One of the key problems with such powerful smartphones has been battery life. If players are playing their favourite online slot games for example and doing so for long periods of time, the battery is likely to drain pretty quickly. Motorola have taken this on board with the Moto Z Play. They have optimised the phone to deliver when it comes to playing time. So that they have included a huge 3,510 mAh battery alongside an efficient processor. It won’t give you the same gaming experience as say a Samsung S8+ but it will guarantee you more playing time.


If you play puzzle games and responsiveness is what you need, the HTC 10 is the way to go. It’s an all-round strong smartphone in other areas such as performance and graphical capabilities. But the device really does excel when it comes to touch screen responsiveness. For some, the lag between the touch and the action can be a serious cause of annoyance and if you’re one of those people, the HTC 10 may just be the smartphone for you.

Conclusion - The Best Smartphones

When it comes to most things Android, gaming included, Samsung set the benchmark. They really do provide people with handsets that tick every box. There are also plenty of options in their ranges too. Gaming for many smartphone users these days is an everyday occurrence and the Samsung S8 and the S7 really come up trumps in this area.

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