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Sunday , 22 July 2018
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United airlines CEO

United we fall – betting on the stock going down the pan.

United Airlines has managed that most egregious of things. Treat your paying passengers appallingly. Then have top management close ranks to blame the passenger.

Has no-one in the airline been trained in customer care? It’s surprising they didn’t taser the poor passenger. Such is the blase notion that they are purely travel fodder. The airline simply wants to dump them at a destination under duress of the paying public.

United Airlines under pressure.

Is this Oscar Munoz’s Gerald Ratner moment? Investors on Tuesday are starting to get nervous. They are washing their hands of United’s stock faster than you can man-handle pasengers off the plane.

There’s a school of thought that considers this type of incident to be relatively commonplace nowadays. The default position is that you’re unlikely to be well treated by your carrier. So, get used to it! However, there comes a point where people won’t take any more abuse, and will vote with their feet.

If your leadship values don’t permit you to treat your customers with diginity in a servcie industry, your not the right person for the job.

This incident is unlkely to go away quietly. It’s unlikley to go away quickly. The pasenger in question will almost certainly bring a lawsuit against the United. The further publicity alone will prove damaging.

Passengers in general will re-evaluate who they travel with american and southwest will pick up business.

Which way the betting outcome?

The smart betting will be on a steady decline in United’s stock price and the possibe hemorraging of operational profitability. Finally, perhaps the only sure bet to stem the tide will be for Munoz to go.

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