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Sunday , 22 July 2018
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May betting election

May betting – can she July on an August result in June

or will she March into the Brexit abyss?

Is Theresa May betting too much on the current polls? She certainly feels she needs a bigger majority to implement her vision of Brexit. And now she has called a general election for the 8th June. But perhaps she misses a point, that Brexit in and of itself will be the undoing of any government.

We are reverting to type. The Church of England was once considered to be the Tory party at prayer. Now the pious vicar’s daughter is Prime Minister the old adage rings true. Will the electorate tolerate this piety and preaching tone? Will they vote for it?

Rather like the recent Grand National the betting may be more open than the polls suggest. It is in little doubt that the Tories will have the largest number of seats, but the evidence isn’t there that the labour party will collapse. There’s every chance traditional labour voters will consider wider issues than that of the leadership.

Mrs May’s Easter message implied that the country is comig together over Brexit and that it’s only Westminster that remains divided. I don’t know where she gets that from. There is still a very raw feeling among Remainers that the last June referendum was railroaded and that leaving the EU is wrong.

The large majority of under 30s young people feel disenfranchised by that referendum result. If the Liberal Democrats can mobilise them in their cause we will see a big resurgence in Lib Dem MPs.

As for the SNP we should be able to rely on Nicola Sturgeon to play her hand well. Indyref2 will look more certain than ever.

Could we even consider that Sinn Fein will dramtically increase their Westminster parliamentary representation? Would they then take their seats? Could they insist on a Border poll?

May betting … and the winner is …

Quite possibly the narrow party political interests of the Conservatives. It’s unlikely to be the country.

Is Mrs May betting on certain success, or is she cutting and running? Look to favourable odds for a hung parliament.

There is every scope for Mrs May to be in the same place as she finds herself now on June 8th - good bets a plenty and super value to be had.

Rely on that other old adage - “where there’s muck there’s brass”, and there’s no shortage of political muck.

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