Michigan Wolverines at Ohio State Buckeyes NCAAF Odds and Predictions for November 26, 2022

The Michigan Wolverines will take on the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday for the best college football game of the week.

Arguably the best college football game of the year will take place on Saturday as the Michigan Wolverines will travel to Ohio and take on the Ohio State Buckeyes. On top of this being one of the most storied rivalries in college football history, these teams are the #2 and #3 ranked teams in America, and whoever wins is likely going to find themselves in the college football playoffs. A loss here will hurt those chances, as the committee doesn’t seem likely to put in a one-loss Big Ten team.

Let’s break down our Ohio State vs. Michigan prediction and find the edge in this game of the week.

Michigan Wolverines Overview

Michigan comes into this one playing some interesting football throughout the year. Although they currently sit at 11-0, this team hasn’t necessarily dominated too many teams throughout the year. However, the disrespect that they’ve gotten from some college football fans isn’t nearly warranted. They’ve beaten teams like Penn State, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Illinois all within the last few weeks. The Michigan Wolverines are an elite team, and saying otherwise at this point would truly be a disservice to them. There’s a reason why this team is the #3 ranked team in America and will look to dominate against an Ohio State team that can beat anybody in the country at any given moment.

The one thing to watch out for in this game is if Michigan is going to be able to do enough on the offensive side of the football. Their offense showed for four weeks prior to their most recent game that they can do anything against some of the top defenses in the country, but then came out and scored only 19 points against Illinois. If they come out and score 19 points against Ohio State, there’s a 0% chance that they’re going to win this game.

Ohio State Buckeyes Overview

Ohio State has continuously shown throughout the past few years that they can be the best program in all of college football. That isn’t going to change anytime soon, as head coach Ryan Day has done an incredible job with the program. Because of some of their players, such as CJ Stroud and Marvin Harrison, this team can score against any team in the entire nation. Their offense is arguably the best in all of college football, and there’s a good chance that they might even score 40 points against a Michigan team that’s proven to be one of the best defensive teams in America this season.

Ohio State also has impressive wins on the year against Michigan State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Penn State, Indiana, Notre Dame, and some other tough opponents. They’ve shown everybody what they can do at a high level throughout the entire season, and it would make sense if they find a way to continue doing that on Saturday. There’s a reason why this team is currently in the position that they’re in, and if they can come out and execute on the offensive side of the football, they’re going to find themselves in a good spot.

Michigan at Ohio State Prediction

The odds coming into this game are going to see Ohio State as a 7.5-point favorite. Although it does somewhat make sense considering that this game is going to be played at Ohio State, and there should be no debating at this point that they’ve been the better team, a 7.5-point spread between these two teams just doesn’t seem right. 

Because of that, we’re going to take the Michigan Wolverines at + 7.5. I do have my worries about what Michigan is going to be able to do on the offensive side of the football against a defense like Ohio State, but I think this is a good opportunity for them to show everybody that they compete with some of the best teams in the country. They’ve already proven that, and they shouldn’t need any more validation, but the committee is looking for that this Saturday. If they want any chance of making the college football playoffs, even with the loss, this has to be a close, high-scoring game for them.

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