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Thursday, June 29, 2017
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United we fall – betting on the stock going down the pan.

United airlines CEO

United Airlines has managed that most egregious of things. Treat your paying passengers appallingly. Then have top management close ranks to blame the passenger. Has no-one in the airline been trained in customer care? It’s surprising they didn’t taser the poor passenger. Such is the blase notion that they are purely travel fodder. The airline simply wants to dump them ...

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Collapse – happens everywhere.

market collapse

I too was near collapse for a moment. I was driving home on Friday 30th Decemebr after a Christms day-trip and turned on radio 4 in the car. “The financial  markets collapsed today, with the FTSE falling from a near record high.” the same was happening in New York apparently. My co-passengers were nattering away and I irritably shushed them ...

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David Cameron’s bet on Brussels deal ‘triumphant’

Brexit Bet

A Brexit takes a step further back this evening as the British Prime Minister bet on broad success in his negotiaitons with the UK’s European partners. The Vote Leave campaign will be quickly out of the traps. Expect a vociferous rejection of the deal. On the other side those with ‘staying power’ - the Britain Better in Europe campaign will ...

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