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The betting sector is a place where the opportunities are endless. If you are motivated enough, you can take advantage of the dozens of features, tools, and knowledge, which would maximise your betting winnings. The most important question is how to know which of the listed above is valuable for you? The answer is - trust only those "betting helpers'' that have proven themselves in time to be useful and worthwhile. By putting betting punters at the heart of everything we do, we are developing beneficial free tools and support you with an immensely large amount of useful betting content. We are constantly doing that because we would like to add as much as possible value to all of your betting activities for the sake of our primary goal - your betting success. The same goes true for the new and completely free Canadian bet calculator. It will optimise your time and will help you to make more informed betting decisions, while you are placing Canadian bets. As same as each of our bet calculators, the Canadian bet calculator is useful for every betting punter who wishes to place Canadian bets, no matter how experienced he/she is.

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How to use’ Canadian bet calculator?

The Canadian bet calculator was created with one main idea - to be a useful feature to everyone. It is fully automated, meaning that all of the calculations, which it makes are protected from any human errors. Using the Canadian bet calculator is like a piece of a cake, and the quick results that it brings allow you to place the wished bet quickly. The Canadian bet calculator shows all possible profits and returns once you enter the data of your selections. All you need in order to work with the Canadian bet calculator are the odds for the events taken from your bookmaker, the possible outcomes, and the stake that you want to invest into the Canadian bet. Our Canadian bet calculator will make all the needed calculations, and it will save you the burden of this task.

Here are the few steps, which you have to fill in order to take advantage of the Canadian bet calculator

  • In the left fields, you have to add the odds that you are using, or you will use for your Canadian bet. We advise you in order to maximise your winnings from the bet, always to use the highest bookmakers' odds.
  • In the right drop-down menu select the outcomes of each selection
  • The last step that is up to you is to fill the stake that you are ready to invest into the bet.
  • After just a second, our Canadian bet calculator will display the profits and returns that you may receive.

We are sure that you've noticed that our Canadian bet calculator is easy for using, and anyone could benefit from it. At the same time, it is detailed enough and brings comprehensive information about your Canadian bet's profits and returns.

What is a Canadian bet?

Many punters think that the Canadian bet is complicated and they can't handle it. In fact, this is not exactly the case, and a big number of bettors and tipsters are taking advantage of this potentially lucrative bet style on a daily basis. Of course, each start is a challenge, but you can always help yourself with additional content and suitable Canadian bet calculator, which will manage your computations.

In its nature, the Canadian bet is a system that consists of 26 separate bets from 5 selections in different events. The bet includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds, and a five-fold accumulator. In order to generate a return, at least 2 of the chosen selections must be winning. Keep in mind that the more winning selections there are in your Canadian bet, more excellent profits you can enjoy.

The Canadian bet could be used for all sports, but it is most typical for horse racing. The big challenge for the punters might be the costs. Because of the fact that the Canadian bet includes 26 different bets, its stake is multiplied by 26. In simple words, if you wish to place a Canadian bet with £1 per bet, your total stake would be £26.

That's why most of the bookmakers are willing to provide a big number of bonuses and promotions that include Canadian bet type. Some of the offers could cover you if one or two of your selections lose, while others can boost your profit with an additional 10% or 20% if all of your selections win. Keep in mind that everything depends on the bookie that you are using, and the offers vary. Note that the Canadian bet is popular as a Super Yankee among some of the online bookmakers, so don't worry if you see that name instead of Canadian bet – basically it is the same.

Canadian bet example

If you decide to start using Canadian bet, you will not go wrong. It is a lucrative option and could generate a significant profit if you have more than 2 winning selections. However, as always, we aim to make sure that you have all the needed information on the topic, and we want to give you a simple example of how Canadian bet works. Bear in mind that, our Canadian bet calculator made all of the example calculations. It helped with its fast and precise automated estimations of how much both profits and returns from the bet there would be.

Let's imagine that we wish to place a horse racing bet, with a stake of £1 per bet, or a total stake of £26

Our selections are

  • Dream to win the 15:50, at odds of 3.00
  • Desire to win the 16:30, at odds of 4.00
  • Magic to win the 17:10, at odds of 4.50
  • Destiny to win the 18:50, at odds of 2.50
  • Runaway to win the 19:30, at odds of 2.80

We will cover only a few scenarios of how much the profits and returns could be

  • If all of our selections lose or there is only one winning selection (Dream), we will have a £0 return, and a total profit of -£26.
  • If two of our selections win (Dream and Desire), we will have a £12 return, and a total profit of -£14
  • If three of our selections win (Dream, Desire, and Magic), we will have a return of £97.50, and a total profit of £71.50.
  • If four of our selections win (Dream, Desire, Magic, and Destiny, we will have a return of £370, and the bet will generate a total profit of £344.
  • If all of our selections win - the returns will be £1445.20, and the total profit of the bet will be £1419.20.

We are sure that you already noticed the fact that with the initial investment of £26 we could make an excellent profit if all selections win through the Canadian bet. Even if 3 or 4 selections win, we will could enjoy a great amount.

Why is it beneficial to use a Canadian bet calculator?

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for us. That's why we are always working hard to make each punter happy and delighted with our features. Our Canadian bet calculator is a good addition for anyone who enjoys Canadian bets or considers start placing them.

The major advantages of' Canadian bet calculator are

  • It is free for everyone. No matter if you are' customer or not, you can take advantage of our Canadian bet calculator.
  • It is fully automated, replaces the manual calculations, thus making punters' life much easier.
  • It works on any device that the punter uses (PC, tablet, mobile).
  • It makes quick calculations, and you will know how much your bet can bring you back within a second.
  • It is effortless for using and it doesn’t require any additional knowledge.

Don't worry if you are not feeling comfortable to start with Canadian bets. You can always explore another type of bets because there are so many around. However, if you decide to place Canadian bet, we are sure that you will like it, and with the help of our Canadian bet calculator, you can make your betting experience more pleasant.