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Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Today’s general election

UK general election betting

The UK’s General Election is today. “The polls have moved a great deal over the past two weeks. When people ask me for a prediction, I have to say I know that I don’t know.” So Sir David Butler, the granddaddy of all psephologists tweeted three days ago. Robert Peston replied to the effect he was glad he was in ...

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French Presidential Election- get on Melenchon?

french presidential election melechon

They’re under orders for the French Presidential election - what’s the betting? Little noticed in the British press, there is a French Presidential election going on across the Channel. And it could cause major upheaval not only in France but end the EU and make even more Global turmoil. Ironically given Brexit and all that, the first round polls are ...

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The Russians are coming – Russian interference in elections

Russian interference

Russian interference in US elections is becoming clearer and clearer. The attack on Syria by American missiles has detracted attention from “Russiagate”. But one of the most striking articles I have read is this in Politico: At the Senate hearing, both FBI Director Comyn and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers stressed they expected Russia to be back. They ...

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Are modern tomahawk missiles pretty useless weapons?

tomahawk missiles

So we have had the spectacle of 59 Tomahawk missiles fired at a Syrian air base. Cost? A cool $90m. Let’s forget President Trump has shares in Raytheon who makes these things. what the betting how effective were they? Well the obliterated air base was flying sorties the next day. So the answer is that they are pretty useless at ...

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war, war, war, war and war betting. Just how deep is Trump getting in?

war betting missles

After promising America he was against foreign armed intervention, President Trump is not keeping his word. The Syrian bombing has captured all the headlines. What is less prominent is the considerable ramp up of American special forces on the ground in Syria. Reports are suggesting they are likely to spearhead the taking of ISIS'”capital” of Raqqa. War betting anyone? Militry ...

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Betting on Trump

betting on trump

Should we be betting on Trump? So how long will Donald Trump last as the 45th President of United States of America? The backdrop. In normal circumstances the answer is either 4 or 8 years depending on whether he is re-elected in 2020 but these are highly abnormal circumstances as this betdata chart shows. (c) Trump is beset by ...

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