Tipsters – a punters best friend or worst enemy?

Last updated: 13 Oct 11:03

Have you ever wondered how to choose a profitable sports betting tipster? Surely, there are many punters around the world, wondering how to choose the right tipster without being scammed and build a sustainable betting portfolio.

There are more and more blogs around the web popping up with people showing off how successful they are following some tipsters. Well, let me tell you something - it is not that easy to find reliable tipster. I have been approached on various occasions and asked by punters how to share my experience with them. This is why I have decided to write an article that puts some frames to follow when choosing a tipster! I sincerely hope will help many people to make better choices and find the tipsters that is a perfect fit for their needs!

A rather smart question you have to ask yourself - why do you have to listen to my advice? Well, my name is Martin Grozev, and I am a co-founder of I have over 6 years of experience betting on sports and have utilised various betting strategies such as arbitrage, matched and value betting, following tipsters, building own betting models and pretty much anything else you can think of in terms of sports betting.

I have proved that it is possible to make money by following tipsters, but it is nowhere close to easy. It requires a lot of patience, discipline, and it does take more time then what you expect. In this article, you will find explanations of how the tipsters work, why you can rely on their services, and how to avoid missteps while you are following tipsters. In addition, if you are interested in becoming a tipster, we explained how you can achieve it in our platform.

Who Are The Tipsters, And How They Work?

When placing a bet, every player aims for the win. For punters who want to become professional gamblers, the high winning percentage is a must, and they should always search for ways to optimize their betting strategies and gain valuable information and data about their bets. This is where the tipsters come in hand. These professionals help punters optimize their betting strategies, give them confidence in a certain outcome of an event and most importantly – provide them with experienced advice and tips, based on various factors such as experience, quant models deep and niche knowledge.

The tipster is a professional punter that has a deep understanding, backed up with data and statistics, in various sports fields and provides casual sports bettors with predictions and betting advice. Unlike some pro gamblers, the tipster has chosen to distribute his predictions to the community, where in most cases he will provide his tips to a limited amount of people. Punters can find various tipsters that differ according to the sport, division and work ethics – some of them provide their tips for free trough Twitter where others will require a fee for every tip they give to the player via emails and third which will be super expensive will offer their service to a hand full amount of people.

Why Tipsters Are Valuable For The Punter?

Of course, a professional punter has enough experience and data, as well as a working betting strategy, not to need the services of a tipster. However, semi-pros and people that are new to betting may be interested in following a couple of tipsters and diversifying the risk of losing their betting banks. Tipsters are especially helpful for novice players. They have all the data analysed, have a detailed overview of the particular sport or division, and will help beginner punters build their strategy and start winning from the bets they placed.

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