Bet Journal - week 3 result update

Last updated: 10 Jun 09:30

The third week of our betting journey brings some good news.

My name is Anthony and as already you may know I have quite a few years of experience in the iGaming sector. My ultimate goal for this journey is to help other people to make a profit from betting in the long term. As you know I use platform to choose my tipsters , track, analyse and report my results. My portfolio is worth £9k and my ultimate goal is to double the size within 12 months.

My goal is long term profit and weeks like previous with small loss is not something special in the betting industry. After the slow start now is the perfect time for profit.

My betting portfolio currently consists of 5 tipsters but only 4 of them were active this week. In week 3 I have placed 117 bets. I have generated a weekly profit of £53. The total turnover was £1050 driving my weekly portfolio balance at a positive ROI of 5%. My current betting portfolio balance is £9,861.

I will now briefly observe the performance of each tipster individually.

Last week I mentioned that one of our tipsters is not active right now. Maybe Alcuni is in summer break until the start of the major European divisions that he prefers. I will replace him and I will add another tipster to my betting portfolio. I will now follow gerry5 , who is a tipster that produces tips for horse racing, football and tennis. I am quite bullish on gerry5 as the results so far have been quite stable.

KaluGuru continued being very active during the third week. He advised 62 tips, 49 of which have won. He made a profit of £20 with a positive ROI of 3.3%. With average guided odds of around 1.40 since the beginning of my journey, I feel comfortable to follow KaluGuru tips. So far I have been extremely careful with my betting bank and used the capital inefficiently. I have decided it is time to make the most of the funds I have dedicated to sports betting and therefore increase the stakes for KaluGuru.

KaluGuru performance:

Week 3 KaluGuru tipster perforamnce grpah

Park-Life-Tips suggested 40 bets this week. This is less than usual but I can see that he prefers football and like you know, now is the summer break in the major football leagues. I won 23 bets and he made a weekly profit of £4 with a positive ROI of 1%. His average odds, mostly over 2.50 suggest that he is continuously looking for value bets. Next week like KaluGuru, Park-Life-Tips will be with increased stakes as so far I have had extremely risk averse approach to my betting portfolio.

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